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Twitter 101 5 23-2012
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Twitter 101 5 23-2012


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Intro to Twitter presentation prepare for the Master Builders Association of WPA.

Intro to Twitter presentation prepare for the Master Builders Association of WPA.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business

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  • Don’t worry if you see this. Sometimes twitter needs a break too.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Twitter 101for the Construction Industry
    • 2. Presenters:Patty Swisher, Ron Kubitz,Director of Marketing & PR Recruiting ManagerIKM Incorporated Architects Brayman Construction@pmswish @ikminc @ronbray @braymanjobs Special Thanks to Karlye Rowles, Marketing Manager of Schneider Downs @Karlye Rowles @Schneider_Downs @MBAofWPA
    • 3. Agenda1. What is Twitter2. How to use Twitter3. Resources 3
    • 4. What is Twitter? @MBAofWPA
    • 5. What is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables users to broadcast and read short (140 character), text-based messages called tweets. These updates can be submitted by a variety of means including text messages, instant messaging or a third- party application. 5
    • 6.
    • 7. Twitter is Everywhere Twitter has more than 465 million accounts generating more than 175 million tweets/day. Widely adopted by celebrities and companies. ◦ Ashton Kutcher was first Twitter user to have 1 million followers (2009) ◦ Examples: brands-2011-winners-announced/ 9
    • 8. B2B marketers can use Twittereffectively in 3 key ways: By listening to what is being said about the company By engaging with clients and the public By contributing and sharing their expertise and thought leadership. Read more at: ultimate-b2b-guide?_opt_r=TWITTER&_opt_rdid=6058
    • 9. Twitter for Business Goals Metrics • Reach (followers + RT * RT’s followers) Increase Brand Awareness • Followers • Branded Drive Traffic • Visits Generate Leads • Leads Nurture Leads • Visits and returning leads • Twitter conversations Improve customer service • Positive mentions • Changes in customer satisfaction polls • Number of Twitter conversations • Number of DM Use as help channel • Number of mentions of your help # • Change in visits to help section on your websiteRead more at:
    • 10. Twitter is a CommunicationTool Your personal brand Projects, products and updates Ask questions, seek advice Provide resources to your followers Breaking news Trends 12
    • 11. Should You Be on Twitter? Opportunity to share insightful ideas with like-minded professionals Creating a “space” for your knowledge Ability to research ideas and topics that are relevant to you Breaking news Relationship management 13
    • 12. How to Use Twitter? @MBAofWPA
    • 13. Setting up Twitter AccountGo to a username. 15
    • 14. Setting up Twitter Account• Upload a photo of yourself.• Add location• Include a short profile – 160 characters.
    • 15. Start TweetingFrom
    • 16. Get Started Find people to follow. ◦ Who to follow – Twitter suggestions ◦ Search Twitter for people you know ◦ Search Twitter to find people with similar interests ◦ Tool: Listen to conversations 18
    • 17. We Follow
    • 18. What should I tweet? RTs things you find of interest Articles from Trade Journals Ask questions Current events/news items Links to blog posts Photos
    • 19. Tweets and Messages◦ @Replies and Mentions◦ RT (retweet)  Reposting of someone else’s Tweets  Without comment  With comment  Copy the content of the tweet you’d like to share. Add RT to show it’s a retweet and the Tweet’s original author’s name. Add your comments. 21
    • 20. Tweets and Messages Send a private message to a follower ◦ DM (Direct Message) ◦ Limited to 140 characters ◦ Something you don’t want to share or spread. ◦ Send to followers. ◦ Can’t send to people who do not follow you.
    • 21. Interactions Tab ◦ See what’s happening on Twitter in relation to you.  Favorited tweets  Latest retweets  @replies and mentions
    • 22. Activity Tab ◦ Discover Page ◦ Stats on the people you follow  Favorites, retweets and follows
    • 23. Hashtag The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Create a hashtag by prefixing a word with the hash symbol: #mbaofwpa or #AIA or #SMPS Click on a hash-tagged word in any message show you all other tweets in that category
    • 24. Search 26
    • 25. Advanced Search!/search-advanced Article: Mashable Social Media: HOW TO: Use Twitters Advanced Search Features 27
    • 26. URL Shortener Minimizes URL so you have more characters to express yourself. ◦ Twitter will shorten for you  naming convention ◦ External Service  
    • 27. Twitter Rules of Thumb1. Don’t spam.2. Update consistently.3. Find the latest buzz and contribute or create the latest buzz.4. Set up searches. ◦ Search for yourself so you can reply to people who @ you. ◦ Search for your interests – Surfing, Pittsburgh, Sports5. Take it slow. ◦ Don’t worry if you have 2 followers and follow 100 people. ◦ You will gain followers as you get involved in the conversation and post interesting content.6. You cannot edit a tweet after you post it. You can only delete it.7. Some things are better left unsaid. ◦ Use discretion. ◦ Tweets are archived digitally by the Library of Congress 29
    • 28. Twitter Etiquette Be Authentic Followers ◦ Don’t be obliged to follow everyone Share ◦ RT with comments or without Reciprocate ◦ Say Thank You for RTs and mentions Take it Offline
    • 29. Twitter Resources @MBAofWPA
    • 30. Twitter Resources 10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners ◦ Twitter Help Center ◦ 32
    • 31. Use 3rd Party App to Manage
    • 32. Buffer App
    • 33. Buffer App
    • 34. TweetChat
    • 35. @MBAofWPA
    • 36. Fail Whale 38
    • 37. Thank You! @MBAofWPA