Role of abpi regional industry group and the nhs partnerships team


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  • ABPIS managing issues where companies can’tA lot of which facilitates what goes on in the previous slidesCreates an environment which ensures the previous channels are openIssues that matter to comapnies and how ABPICompanies can’t address the issues in the same way as ABPI....
  • Role of abpi regional industry group and the nhs partnerships team

    1. 1. Role of ABPI Regional Industry Group and the NHS Partnerships Team Harriet Lewis, Regional Partnership Manager, North Heidi Lucchi, Business Director | GlaxoSmithKline, Representative | ABPI Regional Industry Group North
    2. 2. This is just some of what we do: • We are the trusted single powerful voice of the research-based pharmaceutical industry in the UK – and we are listened to • We are the advocates for our industry with governments, health departments, the Treasury. No 10 and BIS – and we have made important gains • We negotiate the PPRS, consulting with our members • We bring industry closer to patient organisations, health care professionals and their representative bodies – and we are changing our relationship to partnership • We hold the industry reputation safety net, the ABPI Code of Practice • Members include devices, biotech and diagnostic associations ABPI Who are we and what do we do
    3. 3. Real world data and e-health ABPI landscape and policy map Innovation, Health and Wealth value based pricing PPRS Commissioning Reputation UK Competitiveness NHS Partnerships Discovery Development Approval Fair Price Access Uptake Patients Supply Chain Partnerships for research Animal research EU Influence Clinical research Regulatory framework and MHRA Manufacturing and the environment Schools, higher education and skills Intellectual property and patent Pharmacovigilance Patient Group Forum Medicines Optimisation HTA
    4. 4. Our vision NHS Partnerships Team established in 2012, led by Carol Blount, our director: – Kevin Blakemore, National Manager – Regional Managers: – Di Vegh (South) – Harriet Lewis (North) – Andy Riley (Mids and East) – Karen Thomas (London) – Mike Ringe, Therapy Group Manager – Terry Harrison, consultant – Industry secondee currently Farid Bidgoli from AZ Industry as an integral part of the NHS’s solution to the delivery of better patient outcomes
    5. 5. Our partnerships for delivery • We have an MOU with the NHS Confederation, ABHI and Medilinks to support the implementation of Innovation, Health and Wealth innovation-project.aspx • This strategic agreement aims to increase the adoption and diffusion of proven technologies in areas of high clinical need to deliver high quality patient outcome and efficiency gains • It includes showcasing best practice for joint working, judged by an independent panel – our first launch event was in February • We work on policy at a national level with a range of organisations, including the DH, NHS England, NICE, Royal Colleges and others
    6. 6. NHS Partnership team priorities We are: - Identifying and sharing local NHS issues, organisational and policy changes with member companies - Taking the lead on themes from the Innovation, Health and Wealth and other key priorities, e.g. medicines optimisation - Demonstrating the value of medicines as an opportunity to improve outcomes rather than as a cost pressure to commissioners and providers - Supporting companies in the development of Joint Working projects We aren’t: - Promoting a particular company/ therapy area or product - Trying to improve your market share - Replicating or „competing‟ with member company field teams - The only way that the NHS can engage with pharma
    7. 7. ABPI and our Regional Industry Groups Heidi Lucchi – on behalf of the North Regional Industry Group
    8. 8. Regional Industry Group - RIG • Summer 2012 , ABPI wrote to all member company GMs, asking for nominations • Each region was allocated 12 – 15 places – 5+ years of market access experience at a senior level, – Prepared to take an industry perspective • Our first meeting took place in January 2013 • The ABPI funds these groups – meet monthly at Brighouse • The ABPI RPM organises all the meetings and provides secretariat. • We elected a Chair – Lee Gittings (Pfizer) , deputy - Farid Bidgoli (AZ)
    9. 9. The North RIG Team : Abbot Laboratories (Abbvie) Almirall AstraZeneca BMS Boehringer Ingleheim Daiichi Sankyo Lilly Grunenthal GSK Lundbeck MSD Napp Pfizer Sanofi
    10. 10. RIG Functions: • Discuss the translation of national policies and the challenges around local implementation. • Identify local barriers to both access and uptake of medicines, and work with our RPM to develop a joint plan to improve to improve the environment for industry working. • Review projects identified by either members of the group or the RPM. • Can act as a industry group for local NHS organisations seeking cross industry partners for joint working. • Provide input to help shape regional NHS stakeholder plans. • Forum for learning and debate with an external speaker programme.
    11. 11. How we work together: • Explored expectations and concerns of partners. • Terms of reference and established RIG as an industry reference group. • Aligned to Anti - competitive legislation. • Developed -RIG guiding principles for engagement. • Agreed RIG performance indicators based on common goals • Contacted a common voice approach. • Contracted how we would prioritise project selection 1. Medicines optimisation. 2. Pathway Development. 3. Clinical. 4. Raising awareness of the value industry. 5. Other commercial opportunities. 6. Capability / Competencies exchange
    12. 12. What have we done so far: • SWOT (SHA) across Northern Region – Key issues. • Segment the regions CCG‟s and Trusts accounts- Will to collaborate with industry. • Targeted RPM activities to priority accounts • challenging accounts - ‘opened doors’ • Quick wins- developing RIG propositions • Accelerated our understanding of evolving NHS • Interactive customer sessions at RIG meetings • Shared local/regional insights (in line with anti-competitive requirements) • Joint customer meetings with ABPI RPM • Currently – Industry audit evaluating the local approach for medicines optimisation focussing on NICE technology Appraisals at an account level – to identify: • Outliers. • Best practice. • Where a RIG approach may reduce variation.
    13. 13. What is the value of the RIG • Snr Leadership team locally representing the industry with a common vision to transforming the industry‟s relationship with our partners. • Our leadership can cast a more collaborative shadow between industry partners locally. • Appreciate the diversity of different organisations‟ approach to partnership. • Share challenges – new space for Pharma. • Shared voice “refreshing approach to collaborative working” • Networking, personal development, developing a collaborative capability.
    14. 14. Successes so far (too many to list to here’s a flavour)… AHSN engagement - AHSN NICE TA (NWC) & AHSN NOAC (Y&H) C&M CSU - communications framework & APC review GM CSU/GMMMG Pharma engagement strategy CPPE – inhaler technique/consultation skills Yorkshire & Humber – procurement chief- pharmacists North East Lincs Local Authority & CCG – how to improve integration North East Lincs APCs review of processes for managing decision- making NHS England - North regional MD & GM area team Changing hearts and minds to engage with industry for the first time Pharmacy leadership and medicines optimisation skills development
    15. 15. RIG activities 2013 : • Identify activities to build reputation and trust. • Value of medicines within a patient pathway. • Embed understanding about difference between sponsorship and joint working . • opportunities to co-create project of shared value . • Increase the adoption and diffusion of proven technologies and ways of working. • Deeper understanding of the causes of variation
    16. 16. Thank you