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  • This is the Choluteca bridge in HondurasThis is a metaphor for the NHS – what it was once designed for perhaps no longer what it has to contend with – unprecedented change and demands on the systemPerhaps therefore the time for partnership working has never been greater
  • Midlands and East Regional Industry Group - Richard Price

    1. 1. Midlands and EastRegional Industry GroupRichard Price, Regional Director for the West Midlands and Wales | Pfizer,Chair | ABPI Regional Industry Group Midlands & East
    2. 2. Our aim today...Share progress of the RIG sincelaunch and outline the futuredirectionRole of background of ABPIEngage with some colleaguesfrom the NHS – theirexpectations from joint working?Participate in a workshop aimedat exploring innovativeapproaches to joint workingFurther readinghttp://www.abpi.org.uk/our-work/news/2012/Pages/140512.aspx
    3. 3. IHW - Accelerating adoption and diffusion in the NHS• Innovation, Health andWealth report waspublished on 5thDecember 2011• ABPI warmly welcomedthe report as asignificant step forwardto support adoption anddiffusion of innovativemedicines across theNHS“..simply doing more of what we have alwaysdone is no longer an option. We need to dothings differently. We need to radicallytransform the way we deliver services.” SirDavid Nicholson, Chief Executive of theNHS in England. (p4)“We need to create a system forinnovation that continuallyscans for new ideas, and takesthem through to widespreaduse. In order to do this we mustwork with industry, academia,staff and patients, to set anagenda for change anddelivery.”
    4. 4. Choluteca Bridge
    5. 5. Both the NHS and pharma have their challenges….• The famously quoted “Nicholson challenge” actually dates back to a McKinsey reportin 2009 that explored the efficiency savings possible if the NHS budget had zerogrowth. So as e.g. life expectancy increases, we have more frail elderly, we use moretechnology – the spend would be expected to increase ~5%/ annum, as in previousyears. But this is no longer the case – hence the £20bn figure - and £50bn in futureyears http://tinyurl.com/cajfc83• Care scandals – Mid Staffs, Winterbourne and many others – Don Bewick, the nationalquality „tsar‟ calling this “the normalisation of deviance”. So quality needs todramatically improve while budgets shrink – and we have just had an NHSreorganisation that‟s “so big, you can see it from space”• As for pharma – are the days of blockbusters over? R&D is getting harder, developmentis often through acquisition and industry is a global business. Other issues includepatent expiry, changing business models, biotech companies – we work in a rapidlyshifting environment
    6. 6. Other national policy drivers• Academic Health Science Networks• Formularies Good Practice Guide• The changing role of NICE• Medicines optimisation guidance• Changes to the standard national contract• CCG legal duty to innovate• NHS Mandate• NHS Constitution....... A ‘perfect storm’
    7. 7. Regional Industry Groups• Summer 2012, we wrote to all member company GMs, asking for nominations to siton our Regional Industry Groups = RIGs• Individuals had to have at least 5+ years of market access experience at a seniorlevel, and be prepared to take an industry perspective• The ABPI funds these groups – they are not ‘pay to play’• Each region was allocated 12 – 15 places and the first meeting took place in theSouth in November 2012• We elected a Chair – Richard Price, Pfizer – and a deputy Chair – Charlotte Clarke,GSK• The ABPI Regional Manager organises all the meetings and provides secretariat
    8. 8. It’s good to work together….to invest a £23B NHS budget wiselyPopn 15,649,000
    9. 9. Progress so far...Foundation• Agreed terms ofreference andestablished RIG as anindustry referencegroup• Explored expectationsand concerns• Respecting the needsof all organisations• Common aimEngagement• Project prioritisationtemplate• Comms andEngagement Strategy• Establishing goodlinks with the threeMidlands and EastAHSNs• Proposals for jointworking reviewedusing the 7 step toolPrioritisation• CCG mapping with areal drive to build aconnection with hardto reach organisations• Events in place withNHS to identify jointworking opportunities
    10. 10. Task and Finish Groups•CCG Workshops•Adherence to antipsychotics in severe mental illness•West Midlands regional asthma strategy•NOACs uptake pilot•Support for diabetes networks•Strategy for innovation health and wealth