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The PM PrepCast™ is a Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Exa...
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Jeffrey W Negus
I signed up the PM PrepCast in late April and...
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Testimonial for PM PrepCast


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Testimonial for PM PrepCast

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Testimonial for PM PrepCast

  1. 1. Visit for Exam Resources P a g e | 1 The PM PrepCast™ is a Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Exam Prep Video Workshop that you download and watch on your tablet or smart phone. This is a complete PMP® exam study approach that increases your chance of passing the PMP® Exam. It will shorten your study time because it keeps you focused. Here’s what our customers have to say about The PM PrepCast: Alexandre Gonçalves Portugal The PM PrepCast is by far the best method of earning your PMP credentials, online and offline. For the price and quality you will not find any better, even more expensive learning courses will not give you a better learning experience. And of course, give you the necessary PDU´s for the PMP exam. I actually learn a lot with this PM PrepCast and I always recommended it to future PMP students. The PrepCast alone isn’t the magic formula to pass the exam. But if you watch to each chapter while reading the PMBOK and another good PMP book, like Rita Mulcahy, you will pass for sure. Pratap Gone United States I passed my PMP exam today (December 30, 2013) in my first attempt. Thank you to the PM PrepCast for the material and simulated exams. I have followed video classes after completed study of PMBOK Guide. Especially the simulated exams helped me very well in my preparation. First I studied PMBOK guide, watched PM PrepCast video classes and then again studied the PMBOK guide. In last one month I took PM PrepCast quiz by knowledge area and then completed PMP PrepCast exams. In first three exams i got only 70% score. After completing the each exam I review the wrong answers and corrected my understanding. Then in the last four exams I got more than 80% score and my confidence levels increased. I took ITTO exams also and got 80% score. Finally I passed the exam in my first trial. Cornelius and his team are doing a good job. A PM PrepCast preparation course is very useful when you are preparing alone for the PMP exam. Thanks!
  2. 2. Visit for Exam Resources P a g e | 2 Jeffrey W Negus USA I signed up the PM PrepCast in late April and began listening to the PrepCast every chance I got. Even now, I feel lost without listening to my Cornelius when I am traveling somewhere, for work or pleasure. The PM PrepCast was very well organized, extremely helpful, and definitely heavily contributed to my success on the PMP Exam. I especially liked the detailed treatment of the Earned Value formulas, as my PMP Exam had numerous questions in this area. I highly recommend the PM PrepCast to anyone getting ready to take the exam. Personally, I would wait until your exam application is accepted, as I didn't, got audited, and so had no fixed date to take my exam other than before the exam change on July 31, 2013. Once the exam changed to 5th Edition, The PM PrepCast folks allowed me access to the 5th addition PrepCast for free, which I have used as preps for ongoing job interviews. Hari Velugoti USA I am glad to share with you my experience in taking the PMP Exam. I was able to make it thru on my first attempt and I want to credit this result largely to the quality of tools I used while preparing for the exam. The primary tools I used are 'PM PrepCast' and 'PM Exam Simulator'. I couldn't say enough good things about the knowledge I gained from both the PrepCast and the Simulator exams. Specifically the Simulator Exams are of high quality which enables you to apply knowledge learnt from the PrepCast. I noticed that the degree of difficulty of the real PMP exam is very comparable to that of this PMP Exam Simulator. I would highly recommend both these tools for exam seekers. Apart from the PMBOK guide I am pleased to report that these are the only two tools I have used to successfully pass the exam. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Cornelius Fichtner for putting together a quality program such as this to help the PM knowledge seekers. The Best! Have the freedom of studying for the PMP exam wherever and whenever you want! Order the PM PrepCast™ NOW!