PMP Exam Sample Questions Set 7


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PMP Exam Sample Questions Set 7

  1. 1. PMI, PMP, CAPM, PgMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP and PMBOK are trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. PMI has not endorsed and did notparticipate in the development of this publication. PMI does not sponsor this publication and makes no warranty, guarantee or representation, expressed orimplied as to the accuracy or content. Every attempt has been made by OSP International LLC to ensure that the information presented in this publication isaccurate and can serve as preparation for the PMP certification exam. However, OSP International LLC accepts no legal responsibility for the content herein. Thisdocument should be used only as a reference and not as a replacement for officially published material. Using the information from this document does notguarantee that the reader will pass the PMP certification exam. No such guarantees or warranties are implied or expressed by OSP International LLC.PMP® SampleQuestions
  2. 2. This presentation will showcase freesample PMP® questions that will helpand guide you in studying for yourPMP® examFind more free samplequestions when you
  3. 3. Your pharmaceutical drug manufacturing project is running late and you havedeadlines to meet on your project. You want to replace some of the inefficienthuman resources with more talented human resources to finish the project ontime. What risk response strategy is being followed in this context?a.Shareb.Acceptc.Transferd.MitigateSample PMP® Exam QuestionHINT: You are trying to reduce thelikelihood of the risk occurrence.
  4. 4. The correct answer is DThis is an example of Risk Mitigation. Byreplacing the human resources you arereducing the probability of the riskAnswer and Explanation
  5. 5. You are working at a steel manufacturing company as a project manager. There isa department called Welding and Fabrication in your company. You are gettingready to put together your project team and you want to see a hierarchicalrepresentation of how many welders are working for your company in the Weldingand Fabrication Department. Which of the following illustrates this information?a.Work Breakdown Structureb.Organizational Breakdown Structurec.RACI Chartd.Resource Breakdown StructureSample PMP® Exam QuestionHINT: A welder is a resource. The project manager wantsto see all welding resources in a hierarchical format.
  6. 6. The correct answer is DA Resource Breakdown Structure is ahierarchical structure of resources brokendown by resource category and resource type.Answer and Explanation
  7. 7. You are the project manager for a large telecommunications project in Kenya,which has an unstable economy. You cannot use common financial techniquesto predict the future costs of materials but you are required to provide anestimate for each work package now so that the budget can be developed andapproved. What technique you can rely on to help you in this situation?a.Expert Judgmentb.Reserve Analysisc.Parametric Estimatingd.Analogous EstimatingSample PMP® Exam QuestionHINT: You have not executed any projects in Kenyaand you have no idea what future project costs may be.
  8. 8. The correct answer is BExpert Judgment, Parametric Estimating, andAnalogous Estimating will not help you in thissituation of high uncertainty. To accommodatethe risk created by uncertainty, you must buildreserves into your estimates using ReserveAnalysis.Answer and Explanation
  9. 9. You are currently planning your project and identifying various project risks.One of the project tasks is new and unique. Neither you nor your company hasever carried out such a task. Which of the following information gatheringtechnique is suitable for conclusively identifying risks associated with this newtask?a.Delphi Techniqueb.Brainstormingc.Expert Judgmentd.InterviewingSample PMP® Exam QuestionHINT: Neither you nor your company have any sort ofexperience in carrying out similar activities. Consider choices Aand C since they involve subject matter experts. However, onlyone is the best answer.
  10. 10. The correct answer is AYou can consider both Delphi Technique and ExpertJudgment as a good answer for this question.However, the Delphi Technique is the better optionbecause the question asked you to conclusivelyidentify the risks. Expert Judgment will only give youa list or risks as identified by one or more expertswithout discussion. On the other hand, the DelphiTechnique is designed to result in a peer reviewedlist, which indicates a consensus among theexperts.Answer and Explanation
  11. 11. Which of the following estimating techniques is generally less costlyand less time-consuming?a.Parametric Estimatingb.Analogous Estimatingc.Reserve Analysisd.Bottom-Up EstimatingSample PMP® Exam QuestionHINT: Which technique will you rely on fordeveloping a quick but rough estimate?
  12. 12. The correct answer is BAnalogous Estimating is generally less costly andless time-consuming than other techniques but it isalso generally less accurate. Analogous durationestimates can be applied to a total project or tosegments of a project and may be used inconjunction with other estimating methods.Analogous Estimating is most reliable when theprevious activities are similar in fact and not just inappearance, and the project team memberspreparing the estimates have the necessary expertjudgment.Answer and Explanation