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  • I have also blogged on this presentation here: http://philmorle.com/index.php/hells-kitchen-tips-for-startup-growing-pains/
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  • I'll try to add an audio stream to the slides but in th emeantime you can download the PPT and see the notes which add more context.... 'Presentation Zen' doesn't work too well on SLideshare heh? :-)
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  • Any chance this could be converted into a slidecast by adding audio and synching it... that would add the context as well
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  • Loving it!!! Well done. Bit of cross over with me, but nicely I think.

    Text on slide 6 & 16 is hard to read. Bigger.
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  • @rantalot - your no wannabe - you teach me stuff every day. :-)
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  • Hi I am Phil Morle. Co-Founder of Start-up Management Firm - Pollenizer Hell’s kitchen is what it feels like (sometimes) to make a dream into a reality. You’ve made something cool ... Now you are a few months or years into executing on a technology business. Things get tough in the middle Releases take too long Can’t depend on the schedule – everyone disappointed – tech team feel like failures Cost 4 x what it did when you started Conflicts between business development and engineering Its hard getting users The application won’t scale First Hell’s Kitchen: I was Kazaa CTO for 4 years – 5 million users at the same time, very complex customer relationships, international teams in Estonia, Sweden, Israel and Sydney. Business development in Los Angeles. We needed to design systems to cope. When I was at Kazaa, I thought that we were the only company in the world that struggled... But I now know it is common.


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    • v = d - 1
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    • simple is difficult