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APRA: Everyone's a Media Company
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APRA: Everyone's a Media Company


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Some provocations for a music industry think tank.

Some provocations for a music industry think tank.

Published in: Business, Technology
  • And I still can't see my photo on this slideshare thing. And it keeps taking my focus when I change slides to that I have to switch to another tab and then come back again before I can post a comment. I would have thought this site was early-adopter (=firefox) friendly and saw comments as the heart of its social networking juice... weird, or perhaps it is just me.
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  • Sounds good. I agree the opportunity is exceptional - with people consuming more and more media, the 'size of the pie' might be a whole lot bigger into the future, however, I fear for most of your audience in the think tank, their share, and return on investment, are going to diminish - I tend to agree with Arrington's contention about the tendency to zero in recorded music - but if someone gave me a job that involved touring instead of business travel, meeting lots of cool people instead of doing meetings, and making money by selling very high margin t-shirts with my name/brand/philosophy on them, I'd happily take it...
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  • Geoff - thanks for all those brain cycles.

    Intent is to move away from current models.... square pegs in round holes that don't match the new landscape... but also recognising that there is a great opportunity.
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  • Phil,

    Going to assume you're talking to the Australasian Performing Right Association and not a the Banking oversight people. ;-)

    Idea 1 will get attention; the question is really the provision of a platform which reaches people where they consume - as opposed to downloading - media. We've been consulting recently to a body who has an interest in podcasting listenership - downloading is measurable, but whether you actually listen to the podcast requires involvement that users may regard as spying...

    Does AdSense for music has to have some contextual relevance for the music to be well monetisable? Perhaps you could equate listening to KD Lang or Missy Higgins with the Bank Hotel on a Wednesday, but are other advertisers going to be able to do this as easily, and particularly in a multi-actor CPC environment as opposed to clear sponsorship (which Telstra has demonstrated fairly successfully with their backing of the Tamworth Country Music festival, or Pepsi with a bunch of celeb endorsements that don't seem to do them any good in AU, but which seem pretty successful in the US).

    Not sure what you mean about the first point in Idea 2. Are you advocating some sort of music tax (ie monopoly?) As for the 'everyone is a media company, they have the same problem as artists', I'd argue the 'problem' is not being able to earn residual passive income from royalties on transactions - new media content filling YouTube isn't really about remuneration for a lot of the people who contribute, and never will be... in a twisted kind of way it is really about the art - or naked attention seeking exhibitionism - rather than getting paid.

    Idea 3 - I'd rename that the 'guilt assuage idea' if I'm reading into the three dot points right - creating a place for Performing artists, in recorded format, to have their fans thank them financially for the utility of the product they are consuming. Would probably work pretty well if transaction costs were low and smooth, and the record companies in the middle didn't get the shits with 'pirate' users being able to thank the artists directly, a la a donation like so many open source projects suggest/request. Or perhaps I'm reading into the 3 dot points wrong (is CC creative commons or credit card?)

    The one thing I wasn't sure of from reading the slides was the intention of the presentation. It is to educate? To shock/scare to create a change of state/thinking? To encourage discussion in a workshop format?

    While I don't really know the audience or purpose, I thought throwing the three ideas of monetisation of their industry in a new media environment where any kid with a cell phone is a potential entertainment competitor with the tools and platforms available to have their voice heard were good ones.

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  • The formatting is borked but you get the idea. :-)
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Everyone is a Media Company Phil Morle
    • 2. 5 Forces
    • 3. Force [1]
      • Media is almost free to distribute once created. Users know it .
    • 4. Force [2]
      • New content can be swarmed to millions of people, anywhere in the world, in minutes. Users know it.
    • 5. Force [3]
      • Perfect copies can be made by anyone. Users know it.
    • 6. Force [4]
      • Everyone and everything will be connected and the cost will be ‘invisible’.
    • 7. Force [5]
      • The web is increasingly distributed across devices and URLs. Destination sites descending. User URNs ascending.
    • 8. Users
      • At once:
        • Creator
        • Consumer
        • Distributor
        • Marketer
        • Service Provider
    • 9. Today’s Ecosystem
      • Awesome:
        • Fast transfers
        • Increasingly immediate/real time
        • Collaborative
        • Bottom Up
        • Effortless word-of-mouth (powerful)
        • Easy to pay
        • Easy to monitor
        • Any device
    • 10. Ecosystem
      • Frustrating
        • Hard to get attention (for anyone though... So could be a benefit)
        • Hard to stop the flow
    • 11. Today’s Ecosystem
      • So:
        • Easy to account for activity
        • Easy to make money
        • Easy ways to get buyers to help with promotion and distribution
        • No storage costs
        • More content
    • 12. Ideas & Provocations
    • 13. Idea [1]
      • Selling music through Google?
        • Made $5.19 billion Q1 this year
        • Largest search category = entertainment?
        • Ad-sense for music?
    • 14. Ideas [2]
      • Rights: the unsolved problem
        • Opportunity to take a pro-consumer position that supports a monopoly
        • If everyone is a media company, they have the same problem as artists
        • Dataportability
    • 15. Ideas [3]
      • “ APRA Labs”
        • Micro-format and API for buying music
        • Recording a transaction
        • CC Interface API to bring clarity
    • 16. End
      • Phil Morle
      • Web:
      • Blog:
      • [email_address]
      • Twitter: philmorle
      • Skype: pmorle