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Get jar digital now! preso


Trends, marketing and data in the mobile app ecosystem. presentation by Patrick Mork, CMO of GetJar, at Digital Now! 2011

Trends, marketing and data in the mobile app ecosystem. presentation by Patrick Mork, CMO of GetJar, at Digital Now! 2011

Published in Technology
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  • App usage higher per session then Asia (30%) or EU (22%)Top categories varied with Asians being heavier users of Games then AmericansAmericans also used Sports apps (20%) more heavily then Europeans (12%)Consumers will eventually embrace mobile even more then Web  particularly in AsiaConsumers will use apps across devices  tablets, phones, cars, TV’s
  • 47M iphones sold last year and 55M Android phones vs. over 1 billion Internet enabled nowABI estimates 3.8 billion will be internet enabled by 2015Web is cheaper, provides reach, works across handsets, easier to maintain and easier to distributeFacebook has done over 110M downloads on GetJar of the shortcut to it’s mobile siteNOT SO MUCH ABOUT PLATFORM VS WHAT THE PHONE CAN DO
  • Currently App, Android, WEB all given particularly in US. wever, Windows Mobile closing on on BB in terms of developer interest according to Appcelerator survey (32%). Symbian still applicable in non US marketsWeb still provides best reach cross OS, countries, handsets
  • India – adding 10M subs to mobile market each month (= Verizon every 8 months)EM suffer from lower Internet / Broadband penetration so mobile is even more importantContent differs locally - -> Azan app in UK and Muslim worldDictionary apps in India / EMCricket Apps in India
  • Ebuddy – over 80M on GetJar alone  IM, Chat, VOIP appShazam  over 75M users, allows you to identify, tag and buy songsShopkick offer rewards and bonuses just for walking into stores like Best Buy, Macy’s, Target. Earn kickbucks also for scanning products, signing up friendsFoursquare – check in geo location app. Aprox 8 million users
  • Over 130 million downloads to date – last version did 10 million downloads in 10 daysActive users now outnumber FarmvilleAngry Birds, Season Hall, Season xmas, Season St. Patricks DayIpad, android, ipad…..more soon (console / facebook)Tie in with Fox on movieBecoming truly global brand
  • Apple still leads market due to seamless CC ability and IABGoogle moving now more decisively with IAB announced a few weeks agoAmazon still unknown but has massive CC base as well for US market  more focus on paid apps / retail price settingBB and Ovi will suffer from quality / depth of content offering given stagnancy of platforms - Ovi to move to Windows Mobile - BB moving to Android on Playbook. Possibly phones?TREND IN FREE TO DOWNLOAD / PLAY FOLLOWED BY IAB FOR MONETIZATIONIN APP ADS ALSO CRITICAL TO MONETIZATION BUT WITH AVERAGE CPM’S BEING LOW REMAINS A CHALLENGE WITHOUT RICH MEDIARICH MEDIA MIGHT COMMAND 5-6X REVENUES ON ADS VS. STATIC BANNERSEM COUNTRIES PROVE TO PRE-PAY SO WILL BE MORE AD FOCUSED OR ALSO RETAIL / CARD FOCUSED
  • This was exactly the same as the carrier model except that publishers set their own price and revenue shares are higher
  • Free to download In app ads: easy to implement, multiple vendors, now allows rich media and video on certain platforms. Challenge is around CPM’s which range from $1-6 on rich mediaFree to use In app billing: bills within the app and allows for micro transactions. Challenge is around global billing and carrier revenue share which can vary from as little as 30%-70%Last model is around subscription: similar to in app billing, once the user has used the app an event prompts the consumer to pay for something for a full month / year. ideal around Security or news appsThings that need to happen though: Carrier revenue shares must come down; app stores must roll out global solutions; different markets require different approaches
  • Spending by digital retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Groupon and Living Social48% of discovery now happening online. 15% between social networks and friends
  • Industry increasingly moving from measuring impressions and clicks to downloads and installs
  • Contracts require time, legal review and costsOver 1-2 dozen ad networks out there each with slightly different way to functionEach ad network has a slightly different Software Development Kit that must be installed in the app resulting in multiple versions needed per vendorEach network works differently and must be managed to optimize campaigns Campaigns need to be individually optimized, optimized by network and optimized by deviceReporting varies from vendor to vendor and must be comparedEventually will lead to demand side platform that enable bulk buying across multiple inventory sources to ease all this
  • CC = credit card (for iOS this includes IAB)Android = Google Checkout, Carrier Billing (limited to US only with AT&T / Tmobile)
  • SV : Please screen shot this again as it has the scroll over showing in a yellow box.Otherwise the imave looks great.MW. Can’t do that as this has been taken from an html email that I don’t have
  • Everyone will go mobile! Don’t miss the boat!Keep in mind though US market still only about 1/3 smartphones – lots of other users out thereStay on top of changing landscape – use NPD, IDC, Comscore and other data sources to see where platforms are headingPlatforms only as strong as their content base  keep on top of which platforms have momentum


  • 1.
  • 2. Mobile Apps
    Trends, Marketing and Value Creation
    Patrick Mork - CMO
  • 3. GetJar – who we are
    Largest open app store (’05)
    1.8 billion downloads
    144,000 apps
    190 countries, 2,500 handsets
    Distribution / AppVertising™
    $42M funding / Accel / TGM
    Silicon Valley, London, Vilnius
  • 4. Some of our clients…
  • 5. App usage is becoming universal
    Over 8 billion apps were downloaded in 2010
    The global industry will be worth over $30 billion by 2015*
    56% of users are male
    Largest age demo is 25-34 year olds
    Followed by 34-44 year olds and 18-24
    Over 600,000 apps across the known apps stores
    More then 3,500 apps are being downloaded every second
    *Juniper research Q4 2010
    ** GetJar consumer poll of 2,500 consumers in Q1 2011
  • 6. How do consumers engage with apps?
    63% download apps once / week
    35% using apps more then 1 hour / day
    Top categories SN, Games, News, Weather, Music
    74% using apps more then once per day
    30% claim to use mobile web more then Web
    GJ AppMeter Survey, March 2011
    2,500 users
  • 7. Platforms: All about Android vs. iOS?
    100M devices vs. well over 1.8 billion web enabled
    Consumers don’t always distinguish
    Web has innate advantages
    Smart brands already leverage web
  • 8. Cross platform with a touch of WEB
  • 9. Geography – Apps going global
    GetJar’s top market is India
    Content consumption varies by market
    Local content starting to be seen
    Pull of apps in EM even stronger then US / DM
    Phones as status symbols
  • 10. Brands – Emergence of the first mobile only brands
  • 11. About those Angry Birds
  • 12. Money – show me the $....
    2010 = $2.1 bln in app store revenue
    Apple alone 1.7
    25% est. games
    47% of games IAB
    Percent share of app store revenues 2010: IHS Screendigest
  • 13. Business models – why pay-before-you play doesn’t work
    Race to the bottom
    Devalues brands
    Only for DM’s
    Lacks trial
    Higher risk then in application billing
    Increased cost of advertising
  • 14. Monetization trend: 3 possible models
  • 15. Marketing: Significant trend in marketing spend on mobile
    Mobile ad spend in US to reach $1.1 bln in 2011 according to emarketer
    Set to grow by $19 billion from 2010 – 2015 according to Gartner
    84% of consumers have downloaded apps with ads
    21% purchase something after clicking a banner
  • 16. Marketing: Translating into increased spend on apps
    Key verticals include: Search, games, productivity, entertainment, retail, automotive
    Realization that distribution alone no longer enough  only 25% of apps discovered are found in app stores*
    However, performance metrics are changing from CPM / CPC to CPD and CPI
    Spend now including Android apps as natural next “big” category after iPhone – particularly in the US
  • 17. …and metrics must change to reflect performance
    Ad Network
    Cost Per Click
    Cost Per Download
    Pay only when download starts
  • 18. Quest for performance will fuel consolidation, liquidation and aggregation
    Optimization across multiple networks
    Optimizing across devices
    Multiple installations (SDK’s)
    Reporting across multiple vendors
    Multiple contracts
  • 19. Marketing: Distribution trends
    Ecosystem fragmented with over 160 app stores
    Different stores have different merchandising / placement policies
    Visibility has a massive affect on downloads  up to 10x or even 100x difference
    Rankings by store differ  on Apple marketing can influence rankings on Android Market it can’t
    Different stores have different levers of marketing
    App stores must and will consolidate over next 24 months
  • 20. 20
    Fragmentation is inherent
  • 21. Brand challenges
    Brands renown gives them natural advantage
    54% of our consumers have downloaded branded apps
    However, expectations are higher of brands
    80% said quality of app affects brands trustworthiness
    Consumers also expect a similar experience across devices / OS’s
    Mobile is often isolated from rest of marketing
    To succeed apps must be part of marketing mix
  • 22. Salvation Army: Reach, Inform, educate and galvanize young audience
    Dynamic RSS feed with content fed in real-time from blog
    Form to volunteer and participate at the community and international level
    Video, copy, images and other content
    Easy to use
    branded interactive menu
    Viral functionality encourages sharing content and mobile app among networks
    Donate options including Call-in, Mail-in, Online and special “Donate $10” now button
  • 23. TSA: Marketing and results
    • Aggressive press campaign with mentions in USA Today and other key publications
    • 24. Viral marketing campaign to TSA base via Twitter and Facebook
    • 25. CRM / email campaign to TSA consumer base and regional agencies
    • 26. Premium placement, PR and CRM from App store Partner GetJar use App it! Direct response link for cross platform distribution
    Success Metrics to Date
    • Over 211,000 downloads to date; 150,000 in first month alone
    • 27. 6.2% click through to “Donate $10 Now”
    • 28. 4.1% submissions to volunteer form
  • Zynga / GetJar game launches
    Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker launches in Dec 2010
    Integrated marketing campaign including:
    CPM mobile campaigns
    Online cross promotion
    Email blasts
    Social media (Twitter / FB)
    Feature placement on GetJar
    Mafia Wars 900,000 dl’s in 6 weeks
    Zynga Poker 100,000 (Android only)
  • 29. Everyone’s got a phone! What should you do?
    • Identify precisely your user and what they expect of your mobile service
    • 30. Determine brand vs. performance
    • 31. Select the platforms that best suit your strategy
    • 32. Integrate mobile fully in your overall marketing plans
    • 33. Dive in, collect data, analyze and start over!