Ch. 5 Learning Activity 4 7


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Learning Activities 4 – 7: Pitts & Stotlar, p. 160, Learning Activities 1 and 2; and
p. 170, Learning Activities 1 and 2
* p 177

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Ch. 5 Learning Activity 4 7

  1. 1. Learning Activities 4 – 7: Pitts & Stotlar, p. 160, Learning Activities 1 and 2; and p. 170 (177), Learning Activities 1 and 2 Paul Mattey ATH 530 Marketing in Athletic Administration Nova Southeastern University October 3, 2009
  2. 2. 1. Since I am no longer teaching in the classroom I took advantage of a teacher friend and utilized his class of 28, 31, and 30 at Cocoa High School, in Cocoa, FL. Coach Dexter Deese was kind enough to allow me to distribute a survey. The survey asked them • What types of sporting activities they participated in growing up and are currently involved in. • Where they travel to locally to buy sporting goods and clothing • What types of sports coverage they pay attention to, internet, newspapers, watching in person I learned the following: 53 of the 88 students participated in sports of some kind while growing up in Cocoa, FL or a city/town they moved from. Soccer, baseball, basketball and football were the most popular of sports with this group. 60 of the 88 students have purchased cleats of some kind as well as athletic uniforms. 80 of the 88 students said they purchased sports items at Wal-Mart and local sporting goods store AL’s trophy shop, a retail outlet that almost has a monopoly on team uniforms and equipment in the city of Cocoa, FL. 2. I have recently purchased two sets of shoes, cross training and running shoes from a local retail outlet called “The Athletic Department” in Titusville, FL. The main reason I went to this retail location was because of its location and the lack of sporting good stores in Titusville, FL (2). I originally had planned on only buying one pair of shoes but they had a special promotion which was if you purchase one pair of shoes you can get the second pair for 50% discount. The main reason I purchased the brand New Balance was due to the fact that I dated an athletic trainer who was very educated on the production and research and development that companies put into shoes. She shared with me New Balance and the brand Socony put the most money into research and development of athletic shoes. In addition I have a wider foot than most and am heavier than most people weighing in at 275lbs and New Balance fits my feet the best as well as serve my spine. My Buy Didn’t Buy New Balance Cross Trainers Reebok Cross Trainers New Balance Running shoes Nike Running shoes Learning Activities pp. 177 1. My favorite sport is football. I fit into the highest demographic in gender, race and age but unfortunately not in the income area. The average income for this area is $55,000. Being that I played NAIA collegiate football and have a special appreciation for football players contributes also. This assignment makes me think how the newly formed professional football league the United Football League will do in local area of Orlando. Being that I have seen a handful of professional football teams come and go in Orlando, it should prove to be
  3. 3. interesting as the Florida Tuskers of the UFL will have a new business plan which includes a very shorter season and the home field in two cites, Orlando and St. Petersburg. The league will also be playing during the NFL on Thursdays and Saturdays. 2. The local fitness club that I am a member of is unique as it is an extension of Parrish Hospital and is named Parrish Fitness Center. It is my impression that they ask for and require more than the average World’s Gym or Gold’s Gym franchises I have visited. Parrish fitness center will not allow members to utilize the facility until they have had an evaluation which includes an interview about the person’s health history of which they can cross check with hospital records if necessary. They also do a body fat, weight, blood pressure and injury assessment prior to the member being activated. An education and advocacy of their rehabilitation program is also shared with the new client in order to educate them on special medical rehabilitation services they offer.