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One shots of my portfolio based on project type.

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My Portfolio

  1. Office BuildingsDeer Valley Medical Center, Cawley RMJM, LLC, Cawley Architects, Vision Financial Group, CawleyArchitects, Phoenix, AZ, 2009 Phoenix, AZ, 2006 Architects, Mesa, AZ, 2006 Banco Agricola Corporate Headquarters University of New Orleans, Navy Competition, The Mathes Group, San Building #3, The Mathes Group, New Salvador, El Salvador, 1999 Orleans, LA, 2002Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  2. Research & TechnologyUniversity of Texas, Biological Keith-Wiess Geological Laboratories MD Anderson Biological LaboratoriesSciences Wet Lab, Watkins Hamilton 3rd Floor Renovation, Rice University, Partial 3rd Floor Renovation, RiceRoss Architects, Austin, TX, 2004 Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects, University, Watkins Hamilton Ross Houston, TX, 2002 Architects, Houston, TX, 2002The Monsanto Center at the Missouri Human Genetics Center, University Alkek Institute 4th Floor Building,Botanical Gardens, Christner Inc, St. of Texas, Watkins Hamilton Ross Texas A&M University, WatkinsLouis, MO, 1998 Architects, Houston, TX, 2001 Hamilton Ross Architects, Houston, TX, 2002Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  3. Education & CivicCentreat, Central Presbyterian St. Louis County Government Our Savior Lutheran Church &Church, Christner Inc, Town & Center, Christner Inc, Clayton, MO, School, Christner Inc, Fenton, MO,Country, MO, 1998 1996 1999Cantwell Elementary, North Francois Clayton High School Commons, De La Salle High School, TheCounty School, Christner Inc, Bonne Christner Inc, Clayton, MO, 1999 Mathes Group, New Orleans, LA,Terre, MO, 1997 2000Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  4. ResidentialR + R Residence, Rob Paulus 49 N Country Club, LuPe Design, Dr. Crews Residence, FranklinArchtiect, Catalina Foothills, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, 2012 Architects, Dayton, TN, 1993unbuiltNewton Residence, Tucson, AZ, Maine Residence, Luchini AD, 50 W Mariposa, Herb Hacker,2004 Maine, 1996 Phoenix, AZ, 2010 Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  5. ResidentialIce House Lofts, Rob Paulus University & 3rd Apartments, Rob Four Elements, Proteus West,Architect, Tucson, AZ, 2005 Paulus Architect, Tucson, AZ, 2003 Tempe, AZ, unbuiltBarrio Metalico, Rob Paulus Hooker Residence, Olde NewArchitect, Tucson, AZ, 2005 Orleans Design Group, Harvey, LA, 1999Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  6. Retail Centers Duck Creek Center Refresh, Jacobs, Garland, TX, 2008 Cave Creek Plaza, Cawley New River Lot 7, Cawley Architects, Architects, Phoenix, AZ, unbuilt Peoria, AZ, 2007Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  7. InteriorsSalvation Army Headquarters Thompson Coburn Office Protein Technologies, RalstonRelocation, Christner Inc, St. Louis, Consolidation, Christner Inc, St. Purina, Christner Inc, St. Louis, MO,MO, 1998 Louis, MO, 1997 1997CNG Office Reconfiguration, The The Racquet Club – Ladue University & 3rd Avenues ApartmentMathes Group, New Orleans, LA, Renovation, Christner Inc, Ladue, Renovation, Rob Paulus Architect,1999 MO, 1998 Tucson, AZ, 2003Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  8. Retail Roll OutCVS/pharmacy, Golden West & Fresh & Easy, 83rd Avenue & CVS/pharmacy, Peoria & 35thMcFadden, Carter & Burgess, Camelback Road, Jacobs, Phoenix, Avenues, Carter & Burgess, Phoenix,Huntington Beach, CA, 2009 AZ, 2009 AZ, 2009US Cellular, Carter & Burgess, IL, IN Office Max, Ellsworth & Southern CVS/pharmacy, Sky Plaza, Carter && WI, 2008 Roads, Jacobs, Mesa, AZ, unbuilt Burgess, Las Vegas, NV, 2007Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  9. Retail Roll OutHorizon Irrigation, Cawley Architects, Ewing Irrigation, Cawley Architects, Goodwill Industries of CentralCasa Grande, AZ, 2005 Surprise, AZ, 2006 Arizona, Happy Valley, Cawley Architects, Phoenix, AZ, 2007CVS/pharmacy, Los Altos & Sparks CVS/pharmacy, Durfee & Peck CVS/pharmacy, Coors & EllisonBoulevards, Jacobs Carter Burgess, Roads, Jacobs Carter Burgess, Boulevards, Jacobs, Albuquerque,Sparks, NV2008 South El Monte, CA, 2009 NM, 2009Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  10. Industrial & WarehouseCactus Stone, Cawley Architects, Hampton Mesa, Cawley Architects, Kustom Koachworks, CawleyPhoenix, AZ, 2008 Mesa, AZ, 2007 Architects, Mesa, AZ, 2008Stronfield Trimco, Cawley Architects, Tube Specialties, Cawley Select Air, Cawley Architects,Mesa, AZ, 2006 Architects,Tempe, AZ, 2006 Chandler, AZ, 2006Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  11. GraphicsHobby Performing Arts Center evite, AIA Louisiana Intern Interactive CANstruction 99, AIA New Orleans,AIA Houston Intern Committee, 2001 Registration Form, 1999 1999Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  12. GraphicsAIA New Orleans Meeting Notice, AIA New Orleans Newsletter, 1999- AIA Guide to New Orleans, 20001999-2000 2000Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  13. Facilities Assessment & Forensic Investigation Joint Base San Antonio, Fort Sam Private Residence at 49 Phoenix Joint Base San Antonio, Camp Bullis, Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects, Country Club, LuPe Design, Phoenix, Jacobs, San Antonio, TX, 2009 Houston, Jacobs, San Antonio, TX, AZ, 2011 2009 Joint Base Charleston Naval CVS/pharmacy, Carter & Burgess, Historic Residence at 50 West Weapons Station, Jacobs, Brenham, TX, 2007 Mariposa, Herb Hacker, Phoenix, AZ, Charleston, SC, 2009 2010 Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  14. Facilities Assessment & Forensic Investigation Creative Lighting, Christner Inc, St. Temperate House Masonry Banner Iron Buildings, Christner Inc, Louis, MO, 1996 Investigation, Missouri Botanical St. Louis, MO, 1997 Garden, Christner Inc, St. Louis, MO, 1997 Harry’s ACE Hardware, Magazine CVS/pharmacy, Snyder Plaza, CVS/pharmacy, Careter & Burgess, Street, The Mathes Group, New Jacobs Carter Burgess, University Severn Avenue, Metairie, LA, 2007 Orleans, LA, 1999 Park, TX, 2008 Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  15. Master PlansArrowhead Ranch Industrial Park, Avondale Coldwater, Cawley Dysart Industrial Park, CawleyCawley Architects, Peoria, AZ, 2006 Architects, Avondale, AZ, unbuilt Architects, Surprise, AZ, unbuiltScottsdale Ridge 2, Cawley Reems Office Condos, Cawley Pinnacle & Miller, Cawley Architects,Architects, Scottsdale, AZ, design Architects, Surprise, AZ, 2006 Scottsdale, AZ, unbuilt2005Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA
  16. Master PlansSouthwest Investors, Cawley Barrio Metalico, Rob Paulus Ice House Lofts, Rob PaulusArchitects, Phoenix, AZ, design 2006 Architect, Tucson, AZ, 2004 Architect, Tucson, AZ, 2005Camp Lowell Office Condos, Rob Banco Agricola, The Mathes Group,Paulus Architect, Tucson, AZ, 2004 San Salvador, El Salvador, 1999Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, AIT, CSBA