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Biltmore quarter project rising pitch



Our pitch proposal for Project Rising. It was a great exercise in building a business plan. We asked for too much, so on to the next project.

Our pitch proposal for Project Rising. It was a great exercise in building a business plan. We asked for too much, so on to the next project.



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Biltmore quarter project rising pitch Biltmore quarter project rising pitch Presentation Transcript

  • BILTMORE QUARTERSears + Roades Center Retrofit
  • CSBA Investigation  Existing Conditions  Competitive Creative Economic Urban Areas  Phoenix  Dallas  Denver  Comparative Upscale Markets  Biltmore District  Park Cities  Cherry Creek In the shopping malls, Conform or be cast out - Neal Peart
  • Establishing Market Presence 37.6 Acre tract opened in 1961 4th Phoenix mall 246,600 leasable Sq. Ft. 1963, 2-level, 126,300 Sq. Ft. Rhodes Brothers (Tacoma) store added expansion leasable space up to 372,900 Sq. Ft. Westcor acquires center, name changed to Colonnade Mall Rhodes become Joskes (San Antonio) Mall is enclosed 1980s, A 80,000 square foot Mervyns was added.
  • Decline & Bankruptcy 1988, Squaw Peak Parkway bisected the site. 1990s, demalled into big box strip mall. Sears sub-divided into retail spaces. 52,700 sf section of the mall demolished A parking garage was built Joskes sub-divided into a 2nd floor leased office space and a retail ground floor. 59,800 sf Frys added Additional out buildings added. Now CAMELBACK COLONNADE 2009, Mervyns bankruptcy.
  • Competitive Creative Economic Urban Areas  Existing Conditions  Competitive Creative Economic Urban Areas  Phoenix  Dallas  Denver  Comparative Upscale Markets  Biltmore District  Park Cities  Cherry Creek It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. -Charles Darwin
  • Phoenix, ArizonaMetro CityPop: 4.2 mil Pop: 1.4 milDensity: 252.9/sq mi. Density: 3,072/sq mi.Area: 16,573 sq. mi. Area: 518 sq. mi
  • Phoenix Creative Assessment 20 miles of Light Rail 1 State University 1 Airport 4 Art Museums Biltmore District 8 Performing Arts Facilities 700,000 SF Convention Center Tallest Builgin: 483 ft.
  • Dallas, TexasMetro CityPop: 6.7 mil Pop: 1.2 milDensity: 634/sq mi. Density: 3,518/sq mi.Area: 9,286 sq. mi. Area: 385.8 sq. mi.
  • Dallas Creative Assessment 2 Airports 72 miles Light & 35 miles of Commuter Rail; 3.6 miles of streetcar 6 Art Museums 3 State & 3 Private Universities 4 Performing Arts Facilities Park Cities 950,000 SF Convention Center Tallest Building: 921 ft.
  • Denver, ColoradoMetro CityPop: 2.6 mil Pop: 0.6 milDensity: 303.3/sq mi. Density: 3,874/sq mi.Area: 8,414 sq. mi. Area: 154.9 sq. mi.
  • Denver Creative Assessment 1 Major Airport 2 Major Art Museums 2 State & 1 Private University 3 Performing Arts Facilities Cherry Creek 584,000 SF Convention Center Tallest Building: 714 ft
  • Retrofit Strategies  Co-Working  Gangplank  Workhaus  Creative Density  TOD  Valley Metro  Mockingbird Station  City Center, Englewood, Colorado  Town Center  Scottsdale Quarter  West Villages  Belmar
  • Retrofit Strategies  Co-Working  Gangplank  Workhaus  Creative DensityImagination is the living power and prime agent of all human perception -Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Co-Working – Coworking is the social gathering of people, who work independently, but share values, and are interested in the synergy that can occur when working with talented people of differing fields in the same space. Attractive to telecommuters, independent contractors, and travelers. The coworking model is a social collaborative, that allows for the cross pollenization of ideas with a strong focus on community. Coworking communities are formed by organizing Casual Coworking events in public places such as cafes, galleries or multi- functional spaces.
  • Gangplank Gangplank is a group of individuals creating an economy of innovation and creativity in the Valley. They envision a new economic engine comprised of collaboration and community, where industries come together to transform our culture. A place for creators, where diverse backgrounds and ideas collide, providing the necessary fuel to innovate. Gangplank believes that the creative class focuses on collaboration over competition, and that ideas should be shared freely. Offers one-on-one meetings with mentors specializing in marketing, financial management and business planning. Weekly brownbag presentations by local business leaders. Member-lead workshops. The youth arm of Gangplank, Gangplank Junior, seeks to augment a struggling education system, through after-school programming focused on hands-on learning and encouraging creativity, preparing future generations to operate in a world beyond what their schools prepare them for.
  • Workhaus, Dallas Workhaus Co-Working Lodge is a better, more efficient, green, mobile, and connected worklife in Dallas, TX. A simple concept where independent professionals work together for the purpose of collaboration and the ability to focus on their work in inspiring spaces. Membership-based co- working also provides a professional environment to meet clients, receive mail, socialize and talk shop with other professionals. We provide rental opportunities for a desk space, private workspace, and amenities businesses need to run efficiently. We create a dynamic culture of mentorship, incubation, leadership, networking and most importantly creating.
  • Creative Density, Denver A shared workspace in Denver for mobile professionals, to assemble to work, create, and collaborate in fun and productive environment. Open, Functional, Flexible. Work and create in an open workspace Focus the quiet room Meet with clients in the conference room Take a private call in the phone room Recharge in the lounge. Coffee and generated energy by coworkers. Ideas and skills colloid.
  • FROEBEL ATELIER relating to a system of education to develop the importance of free play a workshop or studio, especially of an artisan or designer. 1830–40;: literally, pile of chips What a shame to not think like an 11 year old. -John Lautner
  • Membership has its privilegesTo Subscribe to the Atlier simply contact us. BUT, a subscriptiondoes not mean you get to work in a collaborative and creativespace, you must become a part of the community of freelancers,mobile workers, and start-ups. And you think I am being disruptive? But no, Im running home, Im running, Cause Im trying to put the atom back together. -Dar Williams
  • Bringing Mobile Workers TogetherCoworking Communities provide a space for mobile professionals to work together. Coworking isproving that independent professionals do better together in a community rather working alone. Thephysical density of people and lack of barriers creates a collaborative environment where people canfocus on their work independently but also share experiences and work together.What if you could blend the benefits of working from home, the coffee house, and the corporateoffice?  Flexible workspace, with Open concept offices so you can feed off the energy and build relationships  Community of brainstorming buddies  Organized events to learn about design and techniques, business trends, and the next ‘big idea’  Amazing coffee, printing, and other essential business requirements  – besides awesome people to be around.According to a the Global Coworking Survey:  42% of coworkers reported an increase in revenue, only 5% saw a decline  85% were more motivated  88% have better interaction with people  60% said they are more relaxed at home now  57% work more teams for projects
  • PhilosophyWe aim to connect individuals and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity.We envision a new economic engine comprised of collaboration and community, in contrast to thesilos and stodgy dependence on the next tourism and land development boom. Our ideas are basedon the Creative Economy work of Economist Richard Florida and the (re)New(ed) Urbanism work onRetrofitting Suburbia by Ellen Dunham-Jones and June Williamson. We studied their work to discovermethods for Phoenix to live up to its nom du plume.We have the talent in this Valley to create an economy to compete with the Atlantas, Denvers,Houstons, Austins, and Dallases, we just need to work together to create it. Different environmentsneed to overlap, connect and interact in order to transform our community to be economically andenvironmentally sustainable. The community we seek to create is based on the idea of the 4 Es: 1. Equity 2. Economy 3. Environment 4. AestheticsThis new economy cannot thrive without engaging the larger business, creative, entrepreneurial,governmental, and technical communities together.We believe that innovation breeds intension. We will transform our culture into one supportive of theentrepreneurial spirit, of risk taking, of pioneering into the unknown territories as the founders of ourmunicipalities once did. This requires education, entrepreneurship and creative workspaces.
  • Likely Subscribers Game designers  Day Traders Graphic Designers  Internet Sales Sole Practitioners  Web Production Architects  Web Publishers Engineers  Start-Ups Web Designers  Authors Independent Insurance Agents  Technical Writers Real Estate Agents  Digital Artists Digital Artists  …and more! Freelance Programmers Financial Planners Hobbyists
  • Subscription: PREMIUM No long-term contract, subscriptions are month to month, and includes Listing in our member directory. Professional Reception services for subscribers deliveries and customer calls to your dedicated LAN line and voicemail: Personalized answering, greeting, and arranging (handsets available, or we can “wire” your number to your cell). Professional Executive Secretarial services available to assist subscribers with editing and proposal/presentation preparation. Open, cubicle and private studio offices; “Phone Booth”; & Comfortable, open seating, with patio seating, in the Lounge area. Fully equipped Conference Center for teleconferencing, pitching, ideation, client meetings, and community events. WiFi/Internet, coffee, Print/Fax/Copy services (discounts on large reproduction runs), mailboxes, and 24-hour access, are included for monthly subscribers. Work tables, mobile white boards, flip charts, software license seat library (pricing may vary) , webinar, on line organizational platforms A room dedicated for long phone calls or webinars. A fully equipped Café with flavored coffee, refrigerator, microwaves, snack/soda machines, plates, silverware, dishwasher, available for breaks, networking and catering.
  • Subscription: FRINGE All Inclusive access to Salon Talks, Lounges, and networking. Special Discounts to local Conferences and Professional Society events. Extra Perks like arranging Speaking at events. All Amenities & Included Services are available to monthly subscribers, regardless of level. Walking, biking and a short transit distance to numerous restaurants and bars for client entertaining, with a conference kitchen available for catering. Located in a community of business, with easy access to retail and networks. Affordable housing close by. Professional mentoring and counseling seminars and discounts on private sessons for you and your business. Professional magazine, periodicals, newsletters and newspapers Reference Center, available both in on line and in the lounge area. ALL subscriptions included in dues, with selection made by subscribers to the space. Discounts on events and CDU courses. Members can cowork around the world for free with the coworking visa. Quarterly Innovation Charettes to encourage collaboration and new ideas for puzzling problems.
  • Subscriber MentoringSeeing opportunities in unlikely places, maximizing profitability through planning and detail efficiencyis the intrinsic value of good maturation of business incubation. The ability to marry economicsensitivity with design accountability while navigating the myriad challenges and constraintsubiquitous to development is a skill set unique to Alloy. Budgets Cash Flow Models Concept Ideation Consultant Team Financial Market Analysis Marketing Programs Legal Pro Formas Boiler Plate Template Documents Sources & Uses Statement With self-directed and community developed programs to benefit subscribers and a 2 mile neighborhood radius
  • Subscriber plansMobile Membership ($98 per month)For the developing business that needs a professionalworkspace, but not an office. Access to any open desk Discounts on CDU Classes Ability to Stay LateDweller Membership ($395 per month) Set desk All services listed aboveResident Subscription ($900- $750) Great for office startups or small business teams. Full access to the coworking floor, conference room, kitchen
  • Decanter plansLounge Pass (FREE) Conference Room Rentals.For those needing a quick stop to check email. You don’t have to be a member. Members get the conference room for free or 50% off. Access to any seat in the lounge  Half Day – $75 Free WiFi  Full Day – $100 Coffee is 50 cents. Printing and other services additionalTransit Pass ($25 per day)For the interloper who works from home, is visiting thearea, or developing a side business Access to any open desk Additional cost to use conference spaces and Professional Services.Day Pass ($25 per day)For the interloper who works from home, is visiting thearea, or developing a side business Access to any open desk Additional cost to use conference spaces and Professional Services.
  • Proposal Our development team’s involvement and spending percentages. Preliminary Design Operations & Design Schemactic Design Construction Construction Management Development Document Asset Definition 70% 10% 10% 10% Highest & Best Use 30% 30% 30% 10% Analysis Project Visioning 10% 50% 40% Entitlement Assistance/ 30% 30% 30% 10% Permit Review Design Review 20% 30% 40% 10% Finance Placement 30% 30% 30% 10% Owner’s Representation 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% $5 million for full retrofit.
  • Proposal from today budget No. of Jobs Cost Days to complete Concept Renderings $ & Stacking Plans 20% 5 90 20,000.00 IPD Consultant & Contracting Team via $ RFP 20% 5 90 20,000.00 $ Market Analysis 20% 5 90 20,000.00 Physical Facility Assessment & Zoning $ Analysis 20% 5 90 20,000.00 Real Estate Legal & $ Marketing Consultants 20% 5 90 20,000.00 $ 100% 25 90 100,000.00 ask = $100,000