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Intro to Glogster EDU
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Intro to Glogster EDU


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An introduction to Glogster EDU

An introduction to Glogster EDU

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. February
  • 2. What Are The Challenges Facing Educators Today?• Teachers are challenged to excite and motivate their students.• Students are “digital natives” who live and breathe technology.• Many teaching and learning methods continue to adhere to traditional paper/poster/textbook models.• Students using traditional methods are not engaged in the learning process. The solution: Provide an interactive online learning platform for teachers to engage their students. Introducing Glogster EDU!
  • 3. Glogster 101 Glogster was inspired by the worldwide poster culture of teenagers. The idea was to recreate their physical bedroom walls in digital format with multimedia resources. This digital poster is called a GLOG. GlogGirl‘s room
  • 4. What is a Glog? A Glog is an interactive digital poster containing: Glog creation tool
  • 5. Glogster EDU for teachers The simplicity and ease of creating a Glog was attractive to the educational community in the US. It was as easy for teachers to prepare a lesson with a Glog as it was for teenagers to put together posters of pop stars.But educators’ demands for a secure and advertisement-free environment for their students required a new, separate platform. Hence: Glogster EDU. A simple teacher management system was implemented:  Classroom set up  Student portfolio creation  Project creation  Presentation tools  Grading and commenting on student Glogs
  • 6. How can a teacher use Glogster EDU? Projects Homework Creating lesson plans Classroom demonstration tool Resource sharing Professional development Assign tasksThoroughly explain the topicAttach additional information for students Give a due date
  • 7. Benefits for Teachers Teachers can transform tradition curriculum into CREATIVE and FUN lessons Creating Glogs is ENGAGING, MOTIVATING and INSPIRING and enhances students’ digital literacy Glogs can be saved in the database and viewed and/or UPDATED anytime, saving teachers time Glog storage is PERMANENT and retrieval is INSTANTANEOUS Glogster EDU provides a SECURE environment tailored to students and educators Teachers have FULL CONTROL over student profiles 24/7 help support
  • 8. Glog Projects Glogs are the perfect end product for any lesson or project assignment. Glog projects require students to:  search the internet to find relevant data (text, images, video, audio)  recognize and process only reliable and up-to-date information  give structure and composition to the information in order to create a visually appealing end product
  • 9. Teacher & Student Interaction It does not end with Glog creation:  Students enjoy presenting their work to the class / audience Students learn to defend their work and answer related questions Glogs can be shared with classmates, teachers, and parents
  • 10. Student Benefits Students find learning FUN, FUN, FUN Great for PROJECT-BASED LEARNING (independent research, data assessment, Glog creation, presentation of their work) STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY improves students’ IT skills Utilize CREATIVITY as well as LOGIC Excellent for students with SPECIAL NEEDS Permanent Glog PORTFOLIO Effective DISTANCE LEARNING tool PRIVATE and SAFE environment
  • 11. Where Are We Now? Over 8,475,000 652,000 teachers registered users 7,823,000 students worldwide60% users in the USA 11% of US teachers use Glogster EDU
  • 12. Glogster EDU Highlights Easy and fun to use Lessons are never boring; exciting for teachers and students Scalable for students of all ages Inspires motivation and curiosity Engages both logic and creativity Encourages verbal skills Instills feelings of achievement and pride Glogs are permanent and can be updated anytime Constant improvements to platform Eco friendly
  • 13. Can Glogster EDU make a difference in your classroom? Glogster EDU is Yours!