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SLCB Brochure

  1. 1. INTERNAL STUDENT LEADERSHIP DAY (ISLD) Ignite the minds of youth to build the nation STUDENT LEADERSHIP COMPETENCY BUILDING (SLCB) An Initiative to transform today’s students to tomorrow’s Leaders….
  2. 2. Prologue Project Management Institute, USA ( is a non-profit organization engaged in advocacy of project management profession. It is more than forty year old institute and the Project Management standards of PMI are globally renowned. Project Management Institute (PMI) has presence in more than 180 countries with 250 chapters across the world. In India there are seven chapters and PMI Pearl City Chapter (, Hyderabad is one of the vibrant chapters in India, and also a recipient of “2006 Community Advancement through Project Management Award” and “2010 Recognition of Excellence Award” in PMI Component Category. Apart from the advocacy of PM knowledge, PMIPCC has embarked on various activities for Academia and Civic Society development. One such developmental activity is named as “Student Leadership Competency Building (SLCB)”. This is a unique initiative enabling the students of 12-22 years age to acquire leadership competencies and enable them to be Industry Ready and Nation Ready leaders by the time they complete their academics. This document details the background of the initiative, what we intend to do, and how Volunteers and Industry can be part of this journey for the benefit of the students of the partnering institutions. The Thought Leaders SLCB initiative is conceived and designed by V. Srinivasa Rao (VSR) in the year 2005, who was then a member of Board for PMI Pearl City Chapter, and was unveiled during Asia Pacific Conference - Gyan Lahari. This program was inaugurated by Prof. M. R. Rao, Dean, Indian School of Business (ISB). The details about this program were shared with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the then Honorable President of India. The expectations set by the then President of India for PMIPCC is to implement this program prominently in the rural areas of India. Leaders are Born or Made? We as Indian citizens dream to see our country India, among one of the developed nations of the world. Several factors play a significant role in contributing to the growth of a nation, and a few imperative factors being: Making Project Management Indispensable for Business Results
  3. 3.  Quality of education  Quality of citizen life  Business growth The future of the nation rests in hands of our young generation. It is time for India to invest in the development of its young generation so that it is ready to take up the future challenges. There is a compelling need to groom our young generation in academic institutions to produce „Nation Ready‟ and „Industry Ready‟ leaders, who can contribute in the development of the nation and industry. PMIPCC believes that leaders are not only born but can also be made. A movement is required to develop the young students into leaders. Project Management Institute, Pearl City Chapter (PMIPCC) has taken up this challenge and conceptualized this initiative. Nation Ready Leader: The political stability of the nation is an important factor in determining the economic growth and quality of citizen life. The prosperity of the nation is assured when visionary governance systems and policies are put in place. The Nation Ready Leaders will bring innovation in the governance methods within short span of time. The Nation Ready leaders coming out of the academic institutions can bring political stability and visionary leadership. These dynamic leaders can introduce timely and innovative citizen services, create the right environment for global business and develop innovative governance models and so on. Industry Ready Leader: Sustainable and Continuous growth of industry is a vital factor in determining the economic growth of the nation. The Industry Ready leaders coming out of the Academia will have the ability to introduce timely new products/new services, bringing distinctive competencies and developing innovative business models and so on to address the global business demands. To fulfill the dream of securing a place among top developed nations, India must produce leaders out of the students not just from premier institutes like IITs/IIMs but also from even the ordinary academic institutes Making Project Management Indispensable for Business Results
  4. 4. Leadership competency building exercise is one of the great tools required to mould the minds of young Indians to take up future Industry and Nation related challenges and risks effectively. It is essential to plant the seeds of leadership in the mind of students of age groups of 12 – 22. Following are some of the key characteristics of leadership:  Bring in Difference –The ability and attitude to challenge the existing processes, systems, policies for continuous improvements and innovation.  Work for Common Goal –The ability and attitude to define and realize the vision, values and objectives. Leaders can motivate ordinary individuals to work for common vision/goals.  Empower Individuals –The ability and attitude to mentor and coach others and give them the tools, techniques and methods to solve the problems. Gain the confidence of peers and others.  Lead by Example - The ability and attitude to solve problems without dependency, think like entrepreneur, take the risks and stand for the teams especially in instances of failures.  Continuous Learning – The ability and attitude to honestly assess and understand the self, assess their knowledge, problem solving, and to continuously strive to improve their subject matter expertise. The Journey It is a long but interesting journey, and we are confident to achieve this goal with passionate volunteers of the chapter and partners who have similar objectives with passion and commitment. Form Core Team from industry to act as Advisory Committee to drive the initiative Create Training material, Rewards and recognition system, plan Identify partners and sponsors and execute the plan Select Model institutions Create awareness on importance of building leadership skills of Students in the age group 12-22 Years Form Student Leadership Advisory Councils (SLAC) at school/college. Institutionalize SLCB in adopted institutions, colleges, universities in the rural and urban areas of the nation Making Project Management Indispensable for Business Results
  5. 5. Facilitate the Student Advisory Councils to conduct International Student Leadership Day Create Body of Knowledge for building leadership competencies at academic institutes (SLCB BOK) Provide SLCB BOK to the economically challenged academic institutes in India at no or nominal price Monitor the trends and release new standards/guidelines, mentor Students, Nation, Industry start getting the results. Compelling need from the Academic Institutions.. As strongly felt by the industry, it is a compelling need and expectation from the academic institutions that the students be made ready with required soft skills in addition to academic excellence. While it is important for students to excel in their studies, it is equally crucial that the institutions provide opportunity for students to gain Leadership skills and in a way make them ready for the nation and the industry. Leadership Center of Excellence (LCE): PMIPCC also has setup Leadership Center of Excellence at the chapter with group of enthusiastic and passionate leaders from the industry, who are ready to provide the required guidance and groom the leaders of tomorrow. Student Leadership Advisory Council (SLAC): PMI Pearl City Chapter provides the required guidance for the academic institutions to setup “SLAC” comprising Teachers, Parents, Alumni and Students. PMIPCC enables the SLAC at the institution to be able to conduct several programs and create mentoring pool, and act as first level contact for the students. Modus Operandi PMIPCC collaborates with the institution and help the institution setting up Student Leadership Advisory Council (SLAC), a local body at the institution for facilitation of the “Student Leadership Competency Building” Program:  PMIPCC – LCE and the institutions‟ SLAC, together plan a profiling of the program suitable for the students of the institution.  PMIPCC Initially conducts few training programs, on some of the knowledge areas through its industry experts. Making Project Management Indispensable for Business Results
  6. 6.  PMIPCC conducts the sessions, in the same pattern, for different Knowledge areas in Leadership Foundation, Leadership Transformation and Leadership Sustenance Phases as follow up sessions.  PMIPCC facilitates setup up a full-fledged SLAC to conduct the training programs, enhance mentoring people, collaborate with alumni, PMIPCC-LCE, and help students in building Leadership skills.  Logistics like Lunch, hall, projector to be provided by the institution.  The students reap the benefits of the program and  Nation & Industry reaps the benefits of the SLCB Program, WITH TOMORROW‟S LEADERS. What is in it for Students? As part of the journey of SLCB, the students will traverse through three phases. Leadership Foundation -> Leadership Transformation -> Leadership Sustenance In each phase, there are different Leadership Knowledge Areas identified, and students will experience and master different leadership traits, and imbibe them to apply in their life. The students will get the knowledge of the expectations from the industry and the nation, and the trainings provided by the industry experts will help transforming themselves as „Leaders of Tomorrow‟. Key takeaways for students Project Management Institute (USA) is a world renowned organization defining Project Management Standards. PMI Pearl City Chapter is a pioneer in creating interesting activities with the help of industry leaders. SLCB is a path-breaking initiative from the chapter. As part of SLCB, a well-defined training framework is created by experienced professionals from the industry, who are working in Multinational Companies, and reputed corporate companies, with exposure to world-class practices, having better understand industry and nation‟s expectations. Making Project Management Indispensable for Business Results
  7. 7. The Awareness sessions include concepts of Leadership Knowledge Areas (Leadership Traits) in three phases – Leadership Foundation, Leadership Transformation and Leadership Sustenance. The training includes blend of concepts by industry leaders and very interactive activities, and it will surely be enriching experience for the students. Additionally,  Students will be given a certificate for their participation in “Leadership Awareness sessions”  Industry Leaders at chapter‟s Leadership Center of Excellence are available to help and coordinate the queries of the students on an ongoing basis.  A local body, Student Leadership Advisory Council (SLAC) with Teachers, parents, students, and Alumni will be setup at the institution, who can be constantly be in touch with students and the PMI Chapter for efficient collaboration. Come and Join !!! Be part of journey to build future leaders of India!!! Executive Sponsor PMI Pearl City Chapter Visit Primary Contact Srinivasu Chowta Director – SLCB Alternate Contact If your institution is interested to participate in the program, please provide the filled in feedback form, to our volunteer or write to with subject as SLCB. We want to participate in the SLCB Program, and help our students to transform as Leaders!!! Making Project Management Indispensable for Business Results
  8. 8. Name of the institution, Address, Contact Phone Details Email id Are you interested in participating in this program What trainings are conducted presently for the students, other than academic programs? Contact person and contact number, for more detailed follow-up discussions What are the courses/classes offered by the institutions? (High school, Intermediate, Graduation, Post Graduation, Professional Trainings). Do you have required infrastructure? Projector, a room to conduct training sessions, etc, Do you have Alumni , if so, please provide the contact details of Alumni representative body. If your institution is interested to participate in the program, please provide the filled in feedback form, to our volunteer or write to office@pmi- with subject as SLCB. Visit Making Project Management Indispensable for Business Results