Prevailing winds spring 2013


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Spring 2013 issue of "Prevailing Winds," Jacksonville University's NROTC newsletter.

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Prevailing winds spring 2013

  1. 1. Jacksonville University NROTC MIDN 2/C SuterPrevailing WindsA semester recap of the JUNROTC unitSpring 2013Mission of JU NROTCOur mission is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally, and physicallyand to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty inorder to commission college graduates as officers. They must possess a basicprofessional background, be motivated towards a career in the naval serviceand have a potential for future development in mind and character so as toassume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, andgovernment. NROTC accomplishes its mission through a system of trainingand instructions in essential naval subjects at civil educational institutions,which qualify students for appointments as Ensign in the Navy and SecondLieutenants in the Marine Corps.On 23 September 1971, the first NROTC Unit in the state of Florida was formallydedicated during ceremonies at Jacksonville University. Jacksonville University is oneof the four Florida universities amongst the sixty-three colleges and universities in theUnited States, which offer NROTC training.1JU NROTC Description
  2. 2. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds2JU NROTC Teams/Clubs/SocietiesMIDN CaldwellWhen you walk down thecorridor of the Unit you caneasily find numerous trophiesand awards that the pistol teamhas won. But over the years thePistol Team has fell in a moreinactive state. It is my goal as thenew Commander to bring theteam back to its former glory. Myplan of action consists ofscheduling practices twice aweek, getting a lot of range time,spending a good amount of timein the classroom correctingPistol Teammistakes, focusing on the basics, andharvesting the immense amount oftalent that we have hidden in the Unit.I have been to the neighboring indoorrange, BULLSEYE Gun and Pawn,and I was informed by the rangemaster and the owner of some fallingouts between them and the Unit a fewyears back. I am currently avidlyworking on reestablishing a firm andstrong relationship with them and weare currently in the negotiation stage tosee what sort of deals can be workedout. The unit has recently received aletter of approval to shoot the airpistols out back. This has given ussome much need breathing roomand we will be responsibly andrespectfully taking fulladvantage of this opportunity.The only event that thepistol team did was theCaptain’s Cup in the fall. Theevent was successful and allwent according to plan. Thereason the team did notcompete in any actual shootingcompletions was because therewas some confusion in thechain of command and Iwould receive emails aboutregistering for events after theregistration date. We have donepractices with the air pistolsand we have found a shootingrange that is willing to host usfor our practices at a reasonablecost. The next thing I amworking on is an actual pistolqualification. This pistolqualification would be goodboth in the unit and in the fleet.My goal for that is to get asmany people as possible qualifiedwith the 9mm pistol. Also as a teamwe are looking into getting a rifleteam started. We realized that mostof the freshman that are coming inshot rifles in high school so in orderto make for a more cohesive unit weare currently looking into thelikelihood of a rifle team with a riflequalification as well.I plan on taking fulladvantage of all the resourcesand opportunities that arepresented to me, and I am readyto make JU NROTC Pistol Teamone of the fiercest pistol teamsAim Small, Miss Small!
  3. 3. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds3SWO SocietyOC SundaRecruitment - Mandatory forSeniors SWO options. Open toall options and encourageoptions that are Aviators (whowish to be ship based aircraft),Intel, Oceanography, or ECTthat will work with SWOs.Weekly Meetings -Short meeting immediatelyfollowing Drill everyThursday if we need tocommunicate something thatwe cant do by email.Monthly Meetings - Tentative,based on members input willbe Friday afternoons. Firsttentative will be the 19thOCT.Speakers - First will be theCO. Followed by speakersfrom the SWO communityfrom surrounding areas.Tours - Ship tours in Mayport,Tours of SWO shore dutybillets at NAS JAX and NSMayport.Learning - First Wednesday ofevery month at 0800-1000Signal Flag and Morse Codetraining at NS Mayport withATG (Not mandatory,volunteer basis depending onschedule). Training with NSI.Cookouts and Dining.T-Shirts - Need a volunteer tocome up with design to vote onand organize. (I will get withother team commanders to getinformation about their shirts).GET SWOTIVATED!!!!SPECWARMIDN WalkerThe JU NROTC Spec-Warteam is designed to help allthose interested in NavalSpecial Warfare (SEALs) andNaval Special Operations(EOD), learn about and preparefor training within thosecommunities upon graduationfrom the NROTC program.This past semester the Spec-Warteam was busy trying to rebuild itsnumbers and bring more interest tothe team, we are still small but thelevel of interest is growing and wehave seen physical improvementsacross the board from all of ourmembers. At the end of April threeof our team members will beheading down toDaytona Florida to compete in the7thAnnual Battle for the Beach,where we will compete againstother Spec –War clubs as well asother Spec-War candidates. Thenext day, two of our members willbe competing in the DaytonaFrogman Triathlon to help raisemoney and awareness for the NavySEAL Foundation. The JUNROTC Spec-War team is open toanyone in the unit and especiallyanyone interested in Naval SpecialWarfare/Operations all we ask ofour members is to be dedicated tothe team and give a 100% duringevery workout. “The Only EasyDay Was Yesterday”Colorguard TeamSgt HalesThe Dolphin Battalion Color Guard is a groupcomposed of active duty Marines, Sailors andMidshipmen. The color guard is actively involved inactivities all over the city. Most recently they participatedin the opening ceremonies for two local runs: TheWounded Warrior Project 8k Run and Travis Manion9/11 Run. There are also several other events on thecalendar for the rest of the semester ranging from paradesto memorials. Being a part of the color guard is a greatway to reach out to the community and demonstrate yourpatriotism. The color guard also offers the opportunity torefine your skills in drill. This is also a great way tofamiliarize you with courtesies, customs, and traditionsregarding our Nation and unit’s flags.
  4. 4. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds4Aviation ClubMIDN SuterThroughout the semesterthe aviation club had manymovie nights with guest speakersfrom the Jacksonville Universityaviation department, retiredaviators, as well as currentmilitary pilots. At each movienight, food was provided, eventswere planned, and it was madesure that everyone was on trackin their aviation requirementssuch as taking the ASTB,keeping up their grades, andexcelling in PT.Also in the Fallsemester, the aviation clubrepresented the JU NROTCunit, as well as the club, at theWings N Wheels Event at Craigairfield where we helped theFlight instructors organize planerides, brief the passengers for theflights, and helped collect ticketsfor the rides. This was overall avery successful event and theaviation club will plan to do it inthe future as well.The aviation clubbrought the academic year to aclose with a banquet at RedLobster. The top five mostactive members of the club wereawarded $20 toward their meal.10 unit members attended aswell as CAPT Hadley LTMcDonner.Sailing TeamMIDN WestbrookOur mission with theJUNROTC Sailing Team is toestablish a bondand comradeship betweenindividuals within our unit whoshare a common interest, "beingon the water." This years sailteam will use the resourcesprovided to form an educationaland recreational program, givingmembers of the battalion achance to grow together. Wewill strive to compete in a fewsailing regattas, and quitepossibly host our very own inthe early spring semester.As a team, we wouldlike to participate in a long sail,possibly a cruise, and activelynetwork with members of thelocal NAS Jacksonville YachtClub/other local organizations.Some members of the team haveexpressed an interest ingathering together some of theunit alumni, involved in thesport of sailing, and holding anevent. There are lots ofwonderful ideas floating around,currently, and lots of fun timesthat are sure to come. With theproper instruction anddedication, I am fully confidentthat we will have a phenomenalprogram this year.Trident SocietyMIDN DigiannuroThe Trident Society is made upof individuals who see theNavy’s Nuclear Power Programas a possible career option. Thesociety has formal meetingsevery semester and providestours of a submarine at thenearby NSB King’s Bay, GAwhenever possible. MembersJU NROTC UNITPICNIC ATMAYPORT NASI was the OIC for the Springpicnic on April 13. Wegrilled/prepared food from thecommissary, and we usedexisting and free equipment forentertainment. This reduced theamount of BN funds we neededto spend on catering, pool use,etc. The door prize budget wascapped at $500, and the eventprice tag was approximately$1300. The event exists to allowMIDN, active duty students,and unit staff to gather in amore relaxed environmentaway from the usual encounterat the unit building. Thefeedback that Ive received isthat the picnic was overall a lotof fun.
  5. 5. are involved with studying andpreparing for their technical andadmiral interviews inWashington, DC during theirsenior year by the nuclearpower coordinator andmembers of the unit who havepreviously attended aninterview. The Trident Societyis a group of highly determinedand intelligent individuals whowish to dedicate themselves tothe nuclear propulsion side ofthe Navy.Nursing SocietyMIDN CrouchThe Nursing Society wasestablished at the end of springsemester 2012, and started fallof 2012. This society ismandatory for all nursingscholarship student. However,any midshipmen can participatein any of the activities that theNursing Society hosts. The goalof this society is to bring MIDNtogether to help out in thecommunity and help teach thevalues of being a nurse in andThe Nursing Society hashad breakfast’s meetingsand community service atfood banks. There havebeen a total of six nursingofficers from NAS Jax thathave come to speak withthe nursing students at twodifferent drill periods.MIDN were allowed toask as many questions asthey would like to find outwhat the fleet was like.The two big events thatthe Nursing Society hasdone this semester are theblood drive and theOfficers Symposium. TheOfficers Symposiumoffered an all-day event atthe Naval Air StationJacksonville Officers Club.This event allowed theMIDN to network andhave questions answeredabout what it was like as anurse in the fleet. We didhave just nursing studentsattend; there were non-nursing MIDN as well.As for the rest of thesemester, the unit will beparticipating in a blooddrive that is being hostedthrough the NursingSociety. This event is forthe CAPT Cup. Also,before the end of thesemester there will be afarewell meeting forseniors. The date of thisevent is still TBA.Monster Jam atEverBank StadiumOIC OC RubleMonster Jam was held on February 23rd.During the event OCs and IDN weretasked with positioning throughout thestadium as ushers and attendants. Asushers, we were in control of individualsections and maintaining order. Asattendants the volunteers were utilizedto man elevators and gates. The eventbegan at 1600 and ended around 2300.The unit has worked the Monster Jamevent for several years. This fundraiserhas been used to raise funds in the pastas it was this year. The unit requires asubstantial budget to continue unitactivities and clubs. This event provideda large percentage towards filling theannual budget.
  6. 6. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds6Area 12 DrillCompetitionOIC MIDN NewsomeOn Saturday, 2, March, the DolphinBattalion volunteered to assist with thelocal Navy JROTC with their annualArea 12 Drill Competition. This washeld at the Coast Guard hangar on theformer Naval Air Station Cecil Field. Atotal of 2 Marines and 20 MIDNparticipated in the event. The Marineswere the judges for Armed andUnarmed Basic Drill, 3 MIDN were rilljudges, one MIDN was the head ColorGuard Judge, and 16 MIDN werejudges for the physical fitness portion ofthe meet. The battalion volunteered todo this event because it is important tosupport the local community and assistan organization that several of ourmembers are a product of. We lookforward to our continued support of thelocal community and the Navy JROTC.
  7. 7. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds7BNCOMIDN JohnstonThe Battalion Commander position has been a very rewarding billet. I’ve learned a lot about howthe battalion works and how to work with others to get goals accomplished on time. Things havegone fairly smoothly for me this semester, and I owe most of that to my staff. I would probablysay that the hardest thing about being the Battalion Commander is find the balance of knowingwhen and what tasks to delegate and what to take care of myself. I’m taking away a lot ofvaluable knowledge from my experience this semester and what I’ve learned about leadership willcarry over to my career in the Fleet.BNXOMIDN NavasBeing BN XO has been an experience that I hope to take to the fleet. I have had the pleasure of working with agreat BN CO, one who has been helpful yet respectful of what my job is. From that, I have taken one lesson, yourCO can make your life easier, or harder. With this billet I have had to supervise an entire staff as they try to getwhat needs to be done. This billet has caused me a lot of stress and consumed a good portion of my time howeverit is always rewarding when a task gets completed. The mentorship program has been my main concern thissemester, it was the BNCOs goal to get that implemented this semester and it has. This program will either be agreat thing or a bad thing depending on how the students decide to act.
  8. 8. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds8MIDN Johnston: During my time at the JU NROTC Unit I’ve met some great people that willbecome lifelong friends. Some of my favorite memories during my time here come from my freshman yearbonding with my classmates during Delta Company. One that especially sticks out is MIDN Bosankorunning and jumping into the St. Johns River for our Delta Company video. I’ve been able to learn a lotabout leadership and what it means to be an effective and ethical military leader-especially during Skipper’sclass. The key advice I have to leave would be to expect to get out of the ROTC experience exactly what youput in. If you make good use of your time and put forth the effort to succeed, you will learn much more thanyou would otherwise. After commissioning I’ll be entering the Aviation community and heading off to flightschool in Pensacola. I’m very excited to finally enter the Fleet and take the next step in my Naval career, butI’m very thankful for my time at the JU NROTC Unit and I’ll never forget my time here. Hometown:Acworth, Georgia.MIDN Sellars: I attended Jacksonville University my four years here. I am going into the Navy as aSWO and most enjoyed my summer cruises. I am from Century, FL. My best memory was our DeltaCompany video. Something this unit needs to improve on is prior enlisted and MIDN relations. We canlearn so much from them.MIDN Bosanko: Hometown: Crystal River Florida, Home of the Manatees !!!! Community:Aviation. Enjoyed about the program: The aspect of the program I enjoyed the most was the people that Ihave met. Some of these guys will be lifelong friends. Best Memory: When I received the scholarship.Improvements: Don’t change due datesMIDN DiGiannurio: My time at JU has served me well. I have better learned how to fill the role as afollower, and then as a leader. I have learned various skills which will soon be put to good use throughoutmy naval career. During the next few months, I will be beginning my career into the submarine communityin the Navy. Jacksonville University, Submarine community, Hometown-I am from Boca Raton, FL. O&Iwas my best memory at the unit. The unit can improve on the lines of communication.MIDN Brilhante: Name: Renee Capogna Brilhante, School: Jacksonville University, High Schoolwas Sequim High School, Community: Aviation, Hometown: Sequim, WA. Enjoyed: The team, I enjoyknowing my family size has increased by a few hundred people since being in ROTC. Also enjoyed all of thelife lessons Ive learned. Best Memories: One of my best still goes back to freshmen year (plebe semester)when all of us would take a caravan of vehicles just to go out to eat. Also karaoke at this familyowned Filipino restaurant. Advice: Do your best and do what’s right even when no one’s looking.Understand that you’re not always right, but you can always learn (reading publications helps with this).Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Nothing’s impossible. Finally, Do what youlove, and Love what you do. Improve: Our expressed attitudes, I know I can for myself. I have no doubt weall enjoy serving or cant wait to serve, but I think we all could present ourselves a little less negatively ormore positively. Sounds really hippy, but personality has a lot to do with approach-ability, which isimportant as a leader. Also, we need to use our time more effectively. During that hour and a half at drilland PT can cover a lot and create a lot of teamwork. We need to strive to have as much involvement duringthat time as possible. I know I wasnt the best at accomplishing this, but every step we can make the better.Finally, we need people to get use to reading publications."The Navy has both a tradition and a future--and welook with pride and confidence in both directions."Admiral George Anderson, CNO, 1 August 1961Graduating Seniors
  9. 9. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds9MIDN White, Brittney: Jacksonville University, SWO Community. Hometown: Evansville, IN(southern tip of IN). My best memory was during delta company. The entire semester though hard changeme in a good way to be more open, accept challenging situations head on no matter how scary the task, andcamaraderie amongst my fellow senior MIDN. Well communication is always going to be a challenge thatwe all have to work on in the unit. But more social events could bring the unit closer together. Like a JUNROTC ball or nice dinner where we can dress nice and not in uniform.MIDN Gibbs: Jacksonville University, Aviation. Hometown: Crawfordville, FL. Best memory is ofall the random things we had to go through at O&I which ended up making our class closer as a whole. Wecan improve on unit cohesion; which if there is good effort put into this mentor program I believe that it willget better.GySgt Allen: University of North Florida, Marine Ground. Hometown: St. Louis, Mo. Graduatingfrom OCS was my best memory at the unit. The unit can improve by having coffee and donuts availableduring the first drill period of every month.MIDN Alvarez: JU, Marine Aviation, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Graduating and leaving OCS was mybest memory. In order to improve the unit my suggestion would be to give Marines and Marine optionMIDN with a certain PFT score no PT on a set day.MIDN Malonzo: Jacksonville University, Nurse Corps. Hometown-Jacksonville, FLOC Lopez: . UNF, Supply Corps. Hometown-San Bernardino, CA. Best memory at unit: Picnics.The unit can improve on communication.MIDN Bradley: Jacksonville University, Surface Warfare Community. Hometown-Middleburg, FL.Best Memory: Captains Cup Challenge/ Commissioning. The amount of communication this year has beenworse than previous years. It needs improving.OC Gutenberger: Jacksonville University, Aviation community. Hometown-Citrus Heights, CA.Best Memory: 0530 PT sessions! The unit can improve on emphasizing camaraderie.MIDN Hensley: JU, Nurse corps. Hometown-Clovis, California. Best memory: Meeting lifetimefriends. The unit can improve on having more morale/unit-cohesion activities/events.MIDN Thomas White: University of North Florida, Marine Corps. Hometown- Ripley, WV. Bestmemory: graduating from OCS and being able to meet the friends I did. Improve battalion PT Program byputting in a schedule from the beginning of the semester and sticking to it. Also, ensure proper warm up andformation procedures are used.MIDN Clayton: I attended Jacksonville University. I will be going into the SWO community. Imfrom Nashville, TN (Best city in the world). My favorite memory would have to be my freshman O&I...andthen partaking in the later O&Is. I really dont know what the unit can do to improve....more parties andsocial events? Better communication/passing of word?MIDN LaRoche: Jacksonville University, Aviation: Pilot. Hometown-Young Harris, Georgia. Myfondest memories of my time at this unit were from my time in Delta Company. I can remember whenMIDN Grim, our Company CO, was at the top of the hill we normally run up for PT at the commuterparking lot waving the company flag and yelling “Charge the hill Delta Company!!” And I remember doingpull ups until I reached failure, and MIDN Smith said, “If you guys put out half as hard as LaRoche, wewouldn’t have to PT so hard.” It really meant a lot to me.The unit does everything it possibly can to facilitateour time here in college. They are available at all times should we ever have a problem. They support us andwill aid in our studies, physical fitness, and even give advice with personal problems. If anything, the issueswe have are more in the fact that our members either choose not to utilize all of the services provided by theunit, or they are intimidated by the gap between officers and MIDN. I think it’d be great if the unit would
  10. 10. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds10reinforce its commitment to helping the members of the battalion by emphasizing a non-attributionalatmosphere in regards to visiting the unit. Perhaps it’s left over trauma from Delta Company that makespeople scared to go to the unit, but it’s unnecessary.MIDN Ayres: JU, Marine Corps Aviation. Hometown-Snow Hill Maryland. Best memory:Switching to Marine Option. The unit can improve on having monthly Military-related FieldTrips(ex.bases,training stations,etc).MIDN Bennett: Jacksonville University, Marine Corps. Hometown-Bradenton, FL. The Marinemess nights are my favorite memories from the unit. I would put more of an emphasis on watch standing atthe unit. Make everyone pass the watch standing qualification tests before moving on to the next level ofwatch stander.OC Ruble: Jacksonville University, Nuke Submarine. Hometown- Mableton Georgia. Best memory:The picnics. The unit can improve on having better watch standing training.OC Duncan: UNF , Nurse Corps. Hometown-Mt. Olive, AL. The best and most painful time in theunit was when I served as the OpsO after just having a daughter and trying for As in nursing school. I madeit. Despite a lot of complaining within the BN, I think it actually runs pretty smoothly. The communicationcould be better, but that varies from student to student who fills the billet. The unit staff is a great fit for thisunit.MIDN Morris: Jacksonville University, Nurse Corps. Home-South Africa. Best memory: Makingfriends. The unit does not need to improve on anything.Senior Mess Night
  11. 11. Jacksonville University NROTC Prevailing Winds11