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Jacksonville University School of Nursing DOLPHINURSE Spring 2013 newsletter

Jacksonville University School of Nursing DOLPHINURSE Spring 2013 newsletter






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    Jacksonville University School of Nursing DOLPHINURSE Spring 2013 newsletter Jacksonville University School of Nursing DOLPHINURSE Spring 2013 newsletter Document Transcript

    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013 I’m Dr. Gloria McKee-Lopez, the new Associate Dean at JU School of Nursing. I joined the JU SON approximately 6 months ago, since relocating from El Paso, Texas, where I served CALENDAR EVENTS as an Associate Professor, Nursing Faculty and director of the Interdisciplinary Health APRIL Sciences Ph.D. Program at the University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing and College 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring Induction of Health Sciences. Since my arrival at the JU School of Nursing, I’ve been very impressed with the leadership demonstrated by Dean Judith Erickson, as well as the directors of the MAY Undergraduate, RN to BSN and Graduate programs. I’ve also been very impressed with 3 Spring Pinning Ceremony the quality of the nursing faculty and students, and I’m very happy to have joined such 4 Graduation an outstanding School of Nursing. 13 Summer Term BeginsThis Spring semester is an especially exciting time for celebrating the many achievements of the faculty and studentsat the JU School of Nursing. In this issue of DOLPHINURSE you’ll find information about some of the outstanding Have any great news or information for the DolphiNurse?achievements by students, faculty and different programs at the JU SON. E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.eduOne of the very outstanding achievements for the Undergraduate Nursing Program was obtaining a 98.65% overallpass rate on the NCLEX-RN for first time candidates for the calendar year 2012. This truly affirms the quality of ourfaculty, students, and the rigor of the curriculum. We share our pride and excitement with family, friends, mentorsand future employers of our students.Outstanding achievements for SON Graduate programs included the graduation of 20 graduates of the Baptist Healthcohort who finished their MSN programs in December 2012. We are also delighted to announce the expansion of ourDoctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) program, with the addition of a second cognate focusing on Leadership. This newcognate will offer an additional choice to potential students seeking to complete their DNP. The Excutive Leadershipcognate will prepare nurses for leadership positions in multiple domains of health care.In this issue, we would also like to congratulate several JU SON faculty who excelled in their accomplishmentsin Scholarship by publishing manuscripts in peer reviewed nursing journals, and having abstracts accepted forpresentation at national conferences. These faculty truly exemplify their commitment to excellence, which istransmitted to their students.Our nursing students have been involved in several exciting endeavors in conjunction with their nursing professors,including presenting at the opening of the new Mayo Clinic Simulation Center, and working with families of refugeesfrom the World Relief Organization.Other important news includes the preparation by the JU SON for the re-accreditation of the Undergraduate andDNP programs by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The reaccreditation visit is scheduled forNovember 2013.The progress of the new College of Health Sciences continues with the approval of the Communication Science andDisorders program, which will be joining the School of Nursing and the Exercise Science program. The fundraisingcampaign to build a new CHS building is actively underway. The site of the new CHS building has been determined,and construction is planned to begin during Summer 2013.Many other wonderful things are happening at the School that you can be a part of by contributing to our100x100x10 campaign, launched last year to ensure that our many talented students receive the best nursingeducation we can offer. Faculty, students, and SON alumni have committed to the campaign. To learn how youcan participate, click here. We need your support!Sincerely,Gloria McKee-Lopez, Ph.D., M.S.N., R.N.Associate Dean © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013Student News: Undergraduate CALENDAR EVENTSBy Dr. Cheryl Bergman APRILThe Florida Board of Nursing (FBON) released the NCLEX-RN first time candidate results for the 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring Inductioncalendar year 2012 and Jacksonville University School of Nursing had a 98.65% overall pass rate. MAYThis ranks as one of the best in NE Florida as well as the entire state. In addition, the national 3 Spring Pinning Ceremonyaverage for all baccalaureate programs equated to a pass rate of 92.07% further emphasizing 4 Graduation 13 Summer Term Beginsthe significance of this achievement. Have any great news or information for the DolphiNurse?Reaching a pass rate of 98.65% speaks to the quality and rigor of the JU SON BSN program. The goal E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.eduof all JU SON undergraduate BSN students upon graduation is to pass the NCLEX-RN and begin theircareers as professional nurses. The faculty, staff, and administration in the SON devote themselvesto supporting this goal. Expertise among the faculty and staff in addition to a genuine dedication tosupport and nurture students while maintaining a high performance standard contributes to thisaccomplishment. Students, faculty, administration, and staff are to be congratulated.Faculty just completed interviewing approximately 220 highly qualified candidates for the 56 seatsin the May 2nd degree/Transfer cohort. Admittance is increasingly more competitive as applicationsto the 2nd degree nursing track have continued to rise every year. We will begin the interviewingprocess for our Fall transfer and traditional terms in a few short weeks. Jacksonville University nursing students Christina Lohr and Ashley Davidson had the grand opportunity to present with Professor Bobbi Logsdon at the opening of the new Mayo Clinic Simulation Center. They explained how the use of simulation exercises can greatly enhance the nursing program by providing the hands on skills and scenarios necessary to take care of patients. The center was named the Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver Simulation Center as the Weavers were the one of the main supportersPicture above: Prof. Bobbi Logsdon, Ashley Davidson and Christina Lohrof this center in hopes to providing simulated educational experiences to the community. The9,600-square-foot center in Florida can link with Mayo’s 10,000-square-foot simulation center inMinnesota and the 3,200-square-foot center in Arizona to include teams on all three campuses.This center will be a great additional learning center for our nursing students to utilize. © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013World Relief CALENDAR EVENTSJacksonville University Community Health Nursing Students have been working with families of APRILrefugees from the World Relief Organization in hopes to helping them acclimate to their new home 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring Inductionin the United States. Many of these refugees have been in refugee camps for many years, either MAYfrom being exiled from their country by their government for assistance with helping the United 3 Spring Pinning CeremonyStates or from avoiding personal cultural persecution. The students have found this experience to 4 Graduationbe very rewarding and even met a new family arriving from Burma at the airport. Our nursing 13 Summer Term Beginsprogram will continue to help and support these refugees by utilizing this site as opportunity forour nursing students to identify with cultural community needs. Have any great news or information for the DolphiNurse? E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.eduSimulation and Skills LabThe Brookes Simulation and Skills Lab staff are passionate in ensuring that students experience asmooth transition from classroom to practice as well as confidence and competence in the clinicalsetting. To achieve this, “Sim Dayz” and mandatory skills scenarios are offered in the Fall andSpring semesters. 110 mandatory skills scenarios were completed by undergraduate students. Anadditional 12 students participated in med-surg simulations outside of class, applying classroomknowledge to clinical scenarios just to challenge themselves! Many thanks to the community andstudent volunteers who work hard to make this possible!While skills acquisition is the core of the lab, the use of simulation to bolster realism and helpstudents apply skills in a patient-based scenario is popular with our JU nursing students. DirectorLinda Shubert recently obtained national certification in simulation and hopes to use this to bringsimulation to a new level in the JU SON. Miller Brookes and the students in the “Aging with Grace” elective enjoyed a class visit with guest panelists Dr. Fran Kinne and Dr. Joan Carver. The esteemed guests have a long history with JU and were instrumental in the development of the School of Nursing. They shared with the students not only the importance of geriatric-specific care but tips on how to modify care for this population. The panelists shared their secret to successful aging -- staying active physically and mentally.Picture above: (Sitting L to R) Dr. Joan Carver, Dr. Fran Kinne; Standing and kneeling: Students in the “Aging with Grace” Elective. © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013Student News: Graduate CALENDAR EVENTSBy Dr. Michelle Edmonds APRILThe JU School of Nursing wishes to congratulate the 20 graduates of the Baptist Health cohort who 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring Inductionfinished their MSN programs in December 2012. These students were part of a JU site-based cohort MAYoffered at Baptist Medical Center-Downtown and completed their MSN in the specialty cognates 3 Spring Pinning Ceremonyof either Nursing Administration or Nursing Education. They are all Registered Nurses at one of the 4 Graduation 13 Summer Term BeginsBaptist Health System facilities and plan on maintaining their current positions or expanding intonew nursing roles within the organization. Have any great news or information for the DolphiNurse?We are taking applications for the Family Nurse Practitioner and Emergency Nurse Practitioner E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.eduprograms for the Fall 2013 semester. Our FNP graduates from May 2012 passed the ANCC or AANPcertification exams with a success rate above 95 percent, continuing the excellent trend of theirpredecessors. FNP graduates are gaining successful employment in the Jacksonville metropolitanarea in both inpatient and outpatient settings. In addition, four of the May 2012 FNP/EmergencyNurse Practitioner sub-specialization graduates are currently employed in local emergencydepartments.Our DNP program is growing! The School of Nursing is delighted to announce the expansionof our Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Currently, our DNP program is designedfor Advanced Practice Nurses; however, beginning in Fall 2013, we will offer an additional tractfor nurses looking to advance in leadership and administrative roles. The cognate is ExecutiveLeadership and will focus on nursing from an organizational and systems perspective.Please check the School of Nursing website for more information or contact Dr. Hilary Morganat hmorgan@ju.edu. The application deadline for Fall enrollment for the Advanced Practice andLeadership cognates is July 15.Student News: RN-BSNBy Dr. Andra OpalinskiHospital CohortsWe have three hospital cohorts that continue with active study: Mayo, Baptist Medical Center-Downtown and Flagler. We are excited to have 22 students in the Mayo cohort in their last course,Application of Professional Nursing Concepts. These students will be completing their capstoneprojects in this course and are on target for May 2013 graduation. © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013Student News: RN-BSN (Cont.) CALENDAR EVENTSBy Dr. Andra Opalinski APRILOnline RN-BSN 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring InductionWe are excited to award our most recent JU Online RN-BSN Honor Scholarship to Daniel Davis MAYof Thompson, MO. All applications for the scholarship were competitive, but Daniel’s creative essay 3 Spring Pinning Ceremony 4 Graduationis the factor that allowed him to stand out from other applicants. The directions of the essay are: 13 Summer Term BeginsYou are at the end of your career and you are writing your autobiography. Please describe howearning a BSN degree made a difference for you. We are pleased to share with you Daniel’s creative Have any great news orapproach to the essay. information for the DolphiNurse? E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.edu“Just keep going—just keep going!” I encouraged myself as I strained upward through a tangledmess of underbrush on the narrow jungle path. Streams of sweat ran freely down my forehead,burning my eyes, and soaking my clothing. I had been following my Palawano guide for two anda half hours on a near-vertical, mud-greased, tortuous mountain trails. After completing my BSN at Jacksonville University, I went on to study and train as a Family NursePractitioner specializing in global health and emergency medicine in remote areas. The bachelor’sprogram prepared me to take on the role of a clinical leader and an effective health educator. Igained the practical knowledge and the training that I needed to provide targeted, yet holisticeducation to under-served populations. I opened my first outreach clinic here in the jungles of Palawan, Philippines. The indigenous peoplehere are destitute and usually own only the clothing they wear, but their financial poverty is oflittle consequence compared to their poverty in health education and resources. In 2006, 3 out ofevery 5 children born in this tribe died before reaching the age of twelve—a 60% mortality rate.Some of the major causes included endemic faliparum malaria, lack of neonatal healthcare, andcomplications from untreated minor illnesses and injuries. So ultimately, the preparation that I gained through the BSN program was a gateway to effectively meeting the healthcare needs of under- served villages in North America and Southeast Asia. The people that I was enabled to reach were then likewise enabled to go and teach their families and other villages further beyond. Every day we are given an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others. Whether at home or abroad, it is my hope that others will also strive to seize that opportunity—and just keep going. We congratulate Daniel and wish him luck in his BSN studies and in utilizing his degree through a global health focus. © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013Staff and Faculty Spotlight CALENDAR EVENTS Nancy Robinson is a certified nurse midwife who has practiced primarily APRIL in community health settings. Her interests include adolescent family 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring Induction planning and sexuality education. She is a 1984 graduate of Earlham MAY College. She received her nursing education at Emory University earning 3 Spring Pinning Ceremony a BSN in 1986, and then MN Nurse-Midwifery and MPH degrees in 4 Graduation 1991. She began midwifery practice in Jacksonville at University Medical 13 Summer Term Begins Center’s (now Shands Jacksonville) nurse-midwifery service and has practiced women’s health at Planned Parenthood of NE Florida and Have any great news or Duval County Health Department. She has taught in the UF Nurse- information for the DolphiNurse? Midwifery program and for the last 9 years has been the nurse educator/ E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.edunurse practitioner for the PACE Center for Girls Jacksonville. Recently she has enjoyed being the providerfor the adolescent STI clinic at JASMYN. She has travelled to participate in healthcare service programsin Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Jamaica. Nancy is married with threedaughters, 21, 18 and 11. Donna Rowand has been married to her childhood sweetheart Tom, for 40 years. She says Tom is a saint of a man who has been very supportive of her nursing career and always encourages her pursuit of interests, which include never-ending nursing school! They have a son, Tom Jr., and a daughter-in-law, Christian; a daughter, Brittany; and three grandsons, Caleb, 13, Christopher 12, and Bryce, 9. Her favorite hobbies include spending time with the family whether it is water sports such as sailing, jet-skiing, going to the beach, visiting theme parks, or just sitting on the porch talking. Her nursing career began in 1991 and includes working infection control and mental health at St. Vincent’s Medical Center,home health care – mostly at Baptist Home Health, and nursing home care. Most recently, Donna workedfor Medicare, writing local coverage determinations and investigating fraudulent billing patterns. She willproudly sport the JU colors when she graduates from the MSN/EDU program at JU in December. Futureplans include continuing her graduate learning at JU. Donna shares that she considers herself blessedwith her current position as the clinical lab instructor and particularly enjoys working with the amazingpeople at JU including the lab assistants, nursing professors, nursing staff, and the nursing students. Marie Peoples joined the School of Nursing in July 2012. She is the Graduate advisor for the campus-based MSN programs. Marie brings to her position 16 years of in higher education experience. She began her tenure in education as a career counselor at the University of North Florida and has worked in many student-related positions since then. Marie has focused her Master’s degree in counseling towards helping students, and believes that higher education is her niche. Above all, she is family-oriented and loves spending time with her husband and two boys. © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013Faculty Accomplishments CALENDAR EVENTSPerrin, A., Bergman, C., & Hart, L. ( In Press) A 30-year-old industrial worker with upper back pain. APRILAdvanced Emergency Nursing Journal. 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring Induction MAYBergman, C. & Shubert, L. (2013, April) ATI National Nurse Education Summit. Las Vegas, Nev. Poster 3 Spring Pinning Ceremonypresentation titled “Stacking the Deck for a Winning Hand: Providing Tools for a Successful Transition 4 Graduationinto Practice.” 13 Summer Term BeginsTeri Chenot. Two abstract proposals that have been selected for a podium presentation and a poster Have any great news orpresentation at the 2013 QSEN Forum in Atlanta on May 30-31: 1. Building an Academic/Clinical information for the DolphiNurse?Partnership in Patient Safety to Improve Health Outcomes (Podium Presentation); 2. The Use of a E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.eduValidated Survey Instrument (HPPSACS) to Assess Patient Safety Awareness Among Pre-LicensureNursing Students (Poster Presentation)Dr. Michelle Edmonds. Presented an oral abstract at the AACN Master’s Education Conferencein Orlando in February 2013 on the topic of Integrating the QSEN Graduate Competencies into aPracticum Course for Family Nurse Practitioner Students.Student Accomplishments Christina Darling, JU senior, was chosen from many qualified candidates to receive a $2,500 scholarship from Nemours Children’s Clinic. This is the first year that the Joni Lawlor Scholarship Award has been offered. Christina attended a reception where she was awarded the scholarship. Joni Lawlor’s family also was in attendance.Alex Baker was chosen through a rigorous selection processfrom students across the United States to receive the 2012APNA (American Psychiatric Nurses Association) JanssenStudent Scholarship. This scholarship allowed Alex to attend,all expenses paid, the APNA 26th annual Conference inPittsburgh, P., Nov. 7-12. She was recognized as a Janssenscholar throughout the conference, which was exciting tosee. Dr. Pam Rillstone, who has served on the board for theFlorida Chapter of APNA for several years, was honored toaccompany her at this conference. In addition to attending Picture above: (L to R) Professor Pam Rillstone, Alex Bakerseminars, gleaning many innovative ideas and sharing information, they were treated to several socialactivities including a tailgate reception at Heinz Field. Alex told Dr. Rillstone she is passionate aboutmental health nursing and intends to specialize in this field after graduation. © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013Tracie Mitchem-Green and Janette Dunlap were the first recipients of the Riverside Foundation CALENDAR EVENTSDNP scholarship. Both students will receive the equivalent of 21 semester hours of tuition credit APRILwhile pursuing their DNP studies. Tracie’s DNP project will focus on victims of childhood sexual abuse 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring Inductionin a rural county and Janette is looking at improving treatment compliance of teens with STDs usingmobile technology. MAY 3 Spring Pinning Ceremony 4 Graduation 13 Summer Term Begins Have any great news or information for the DolphiNurse? E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.edu Picture above: (L to R) Tracie Mitchem-Green and Janette DunlapThe Jacksonville University Student Nurses Association sponsored a clothing drive to supportHubbard House, a passionate organization devoted to supporting women and children who arein domestic violence situations.(Photo from L to R) (bottom row) – Nathan Cook, Ashlee Hutcheson, Victoria Waltrip; L to R (back row)– Katelyn Tedder, Lashlee Morris, Kearston Thomas, Jaylee Pearce Health Care Hero Ebony Hills: ‘JU Believed In Me’ Registered nurse Ebony Hills says she’s no hero, but the Jacksonville Business Journal and Hills’ manager at Baptist Health’s Wolfson Children’s Hospital say otherwise. A 2006 JU nursing graduate who is pursuing a master of science in nursing through the JU-Baptist Medical Center cohort program, Hills was honored at a breakfast ceremony Thursday, Nov. 1 as a Jacksonville Business Journal “Health Care Hero.” – Click Here to read more © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013Congratulations to the following students who were placed on the President’s and Dean’s List for: CALENDAR EVENTSFall 2012 President’s List: APRIL 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring InductionStefanie Adelman Marina Follick Jayna PatelLaura Alvarez Elizabeth Gatch Tiffany Perkins MAYLindsey Armstrong Kristina Grenville Allison Portnoy 3 Spring Pinning CeremonyAlexandra Baker Amber Gutenberger Kyal Rector 4 Graduation 13 Summer Term BeginsArielle Bass Rachel Hannon Nancy RobayoShannan Binley Katharine Hardee Mayra RodriguezLisa Bruscato Elisabeth Harris Kimberly Ross Have any great news orSavannah Bryan Casie Hemingway Allison Schmitz information for the DolphiNurse? E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.eduAmy Burdette Lisa Hensley Pamela SkeelsLindsay Carter Amanda Johnson Jodi SquireKatherine Catches Stephanie Karalus Hannah StegemanMicah Coleman Kayla Kelley Melissa TempletonElizabeth Coster Carla Medford P. Tyler WallaceEmily Culbreth Nora Meyer Maciej WartakShelia Drane Brett Ogden Lance WashingtonVictoria Feaster Brenda Paine Tineasha WoodsFall 2012 Dean’s List:Kelly Adams Kimberly Burke Caroline DicksonKatie Aguilera Melisha Burns Jennifer DillardDanielle Anderson Kristen Campbell Paige DyjackLauren Andry Rodney Carrier Lauren FisherMichael Armstrong Kaley Carroll Anthony FisherRita Azzo Erkan Caygoz Carissa FosterRochelle Bailey Ashley Ceithaml Anja FrazierMeghan Bartel Cheryl Champine Samuel GeddingsLaura Barthman Amy Christopher Samara GeneralsRose Bates Roberta Cichocki Karen GenzelSilvana Batista Alyssa Clark Richard GhiottoLeia Beaubouef Ashley Colon Brian GilesBrienna Benaquista Jenna Colonel Ashley GleasonKelly Benton Nathan Cook Melesia GoolsbyKristen Bernard Mary Ellen Cook Kacee GouinRobert Bigley Annamarie Daley Denise GrayMeghan Blackman Christina Darling Alexandra GreenTaylor Blade Justin Darling Chelsey GregoryNicholas Boigenzahn Ashley Davidson Shane GrindleSue Ellen Bowes Lindsay Dehr Sybil HamiltonStacey Bradford Clint Demetiez Kimber Heard © 2013 Jacksonville University
    • ILLE UNIV NV E O RS KS IT JAC Y SC G IN O H OL RS OF NUSCHOOL OF NURSING NEWSLETTER SPRING 2013Dean’s List Spring 2013 Graduates (Cont.) CALENDAR EVENTSLisbet Heredero Tammy Negron Mollie Trout APRILKelsey Hicks Terisa Nelson Jolene Udell 22 Sigma Theta Tau Spring InductionLucinda Holcomb Melissa Newman Emily Verone MAYJenna Holt Uyen Nguyen Victoria Waltrip 3 Spring Pinning CeremonyChristopher Howard Tonya Ochoa Sarah Waters 4 GraduationSabrina Howard Tara Ormsby Lauren Weiland 13 Summer Term BeginsKayla Howell Erica Owens Kaela WesleyMichal Hurwitz Emily Paiz Allison Wilkins Have any great news orAshlee Hutcheson Marrion Ray Paraiso Charity Willis information for the DolphiNurse?Tiffinie Isreal Katie Pawlowski Tawnee Wisdom E-mail: DolphiNurse@ju.eduJustyne Itterly Jordan Pearce Meredith WriceTracy Johnson Jasmin Polk Tamara YanceyJulius Jones Itzel RamosBrianne Kanehl Robert RattermanCecilia Kasbohm Patrick RegisKylie Kerins Jennifer RogersKimberly Kinter Katrina RomanowMichael Kunkel Lauren RooneySteven Lafond Nataliya RowleyJane Lai Paul SanchezOlivia Landon Melissa SchlachterKelsey Leary Chelsea SchumacherKatherine Lekas Alexandra ShamiWesley Limberg Amanda ShiellChristina Lohr Katherine SiciliaJana Looby Jennifer SirlsJessica Lopez Amelia SmallAna Lopez-Gottlieb Latisha SmithSamantha Maldonado Ashley SmyersCharlene Malonzo Karen SnyderRachel Mangune Holli SpencerJenna Marino Jenna StoerErin Masterson Christina StricklandMegan McClain Kelly-Ann StultzTosia McCready Kaylie SutterAmanda McDonald Bethany SuttonCatlin McFeeley Nicole SweeneyAndrea McLaughlin Saundra TalbertAvery Messina Alexis TaylorWilliam Michal Katelyn TedderKaitlyn Morris Kearston ThomasLashlee Morris Lynn Tran © 2013 Jacksonville University