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The note game


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The note game

  1. 1. Act: Invite teachers to role play what how they would support the student and attempt to help them. Be defensive: The aim is to frustrate teacher questioning by responding with minimal information. Lot of maybe, if you say so, I don’t know, I’m not sure - typical evasive language. When they get frustrated (and they do) throw them a bone to one question, give them a small nuggest, like suggesting you do have a friend with that initial or something to lead them down a garden path to a dead end. They’ll be dissapointed and probably stop asking questions (giving up). Throw them a small bone and see if they bite, allow them to establish a new line of enquiry. The end scenario is this: Jane lives her mother, who’s a recovering alcholic. He dad left years ago and she doesn’t rememebr him. She takes care of her mum, who is often unable to take care of herself. It isn’t abusive relationship and at times mum does work in a call centre. Jane has learned to take care of herself and her mum, but recently, her mum has been finding it harder to get work, andThe note game introduces teachers to the hitting the bottle harder than ever. Jane lovesstudent frustration of not having enough her mum deeply and has hidden the booze andinformation to solve a problem, and how they the cash-card and been staying we her friendexhaust their prior knowledge and quickly pick for a few nights. She doesn’t like talking aboutup on social cues from others. mum at all, not even to her friends.How to play. The aim of the scenarioThe game is played with an actor playing the To give teachers the student experience ofrole of Jane, a middle school student in their not having enough information, or to wait forclass. The aim is for Jane to offer neither too more information to be offered. They will, beingmuch nor too little information to the teachers teachers, want to ‘solve’ the problem completelywho frantically - and frustrating attempt to find and will at the end want to discuss what theyout what is going on behind the note that they would do to console the student. Allow them tofind in the classroom. do it for a while, then shut it down.The backstory Explain that this scenario is how students feelShe’s a quiet student who until recently was doing when first starting PBL, and so do teachers. Thatwell on her grades, although her attendance at there isn’t sufficient information, experienceschool has been average and she seems to be a and internal schemas on hand for them tocapable student with many friends. Jane is the understand the enquiry.only student with that name in the class, andbriefly give them the backstory. This leads to further discussion about the PBL process, and how it works to provide a frameworkWhat to do: for students to follow in order to solve problemsA teacher plays the role of Jane while other using enquiry.teachers role play what they would do if theyfound this note in class.