Games For Change Sydney


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A workshop (2 x 1 hr) sessions using games to think about a possible collaborative project to create a game for change. Think of each element as about 10 minutes brainstorming.

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Games For Change Sydney

  1. 1. Games for Change Meet Up Sydney, September 2011Thursday, 22 September 11
  2. 2. Opening Questions What kinds of things do we want to explore? What are the biggest problem areas? Strength - Stamina - Intellect - FortitudeThursday, 22 September 11
  3. 3. Affinity StormThursday, 22 September 11
  4. 4. Level 1 - Idea generation “What will it take to reach our vision” - creating a game for change, which has a positive impact on the world. Use - just sign in. Generate 5 different ideas (on your own) in 10 minutes. When you are done, paste your answers into todaysmeet.Thursday, 22 September 11
  5. 5. Level 2 - Sorting As a group, sort all the ideas into columns (or clusters) based on relationships. You can either use paper or post it notes. Use TodaysMeet as reference. Create a sticky note called ‘dumpster’ close to ideas that don’t appear to fall into a natural category. Don’t discard any! At the top of the column, or near a cluster - come up with categories for the ideas.Thursday, 22 September 11
  6. 6. Level 3 - Thinking again Take a photo of the Affinity Diagram and share it! Reshuffle the sticky notes and recombine the ideas based on affinities that you didn’t notice the first time around. (10 mins)Thursday, 22 September 11
  7. 7. Level 4 - Reshuffling ideas Now we have a group of ideas sorted into categories, now lets sort them into possible game-types. Let’s keep it simple and use single-player, multi- player, massive multiplayer and “something else” Take your categories ... and organise them as clusters underneath these four headings.Thursday, 22 September 11
  8. 8. Something Else MMO Single Multi-playerThursday, 22 September 11
  9. 9. Level 5 - Prioratise! Game Ideas Which 5 ideas seem to work best? Draw up a dot vote board ... VOTE!Thursday, 22 September 11
  10. 10. Level 6 - Pre-Mortem Form a party of 4/5 people. Pick one of the game ideas. What were the goals? What was the plan? Why did it die? Use TodaysMeet to propose reasons the This is an RPG game project died!Thursday, 22 September 11
  11. 11. Episode 2 - We are awesumThursday, 22 September 11
  12. 12. Are we on track? Is this helping us where we want to go? Is this a useful discussion thread? What should we leave on the table now - and what should we put on a list of things to talk about later? Should we make any adjustments already?Thursday, 22 September 11
  13. 13. Examining the possible What is a game for change made of? How do they work? What examples can we give right now? What do they look like? Can you describe it in terms of real life scenario?Thursday, 22 September 11
  14. 14. What else could we experiment with What else works like this? What are we missing? If this was a animal (or plant or machine etc.) What animal would it be, and why? What if all the barriers were removed? How handle this is we were a game-developer? What if we are wrong?Thursday, 22 September 11
  15. 15. Closing the loop To sell the idea - people want to know: Where is the artifact? What is the innovation? What comes next? If we put a game out tomorrow, what would it look like? Create an elevator pitch for a game based on one idea generated so far ...Thursday, 22 September 11
  16. 16. Getting stuff done Which game pitch seemed ambitious? Which game pitch seemed feasible? What can we do in the next two weeks, next two months? if we were to try and attempt these? Who is going to do what?Thursday, 22 September 11
  17. 17. Can we? Should we?Thursday, 22 September 11
  18. 18. Is there a game plan?Thursday, 22 September 11