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Digital Natives in Web2.0
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Digital Natives in Web2.0


Published on

After 1 year of living without Microsoft Office, this is a presentation TO the students in recognition of their achivements. Compares old to new classrooms.

After 1 year of living without Microsoft Office, this is a presentation TO the students in recognition of their achivements. Compares old to new classrooms.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Digital Natives
    • In 2007, one class of year 9 Information Software Technology students embarked on a journey to mash the syllabus with Web2.0 tools.
    • This is what they can be proud of achieving!
  • 2. Jargon
    • Teachers call what you have been using this year Web2.0 (we like labels)
    • You just call it ‘the internet’
  • 3. In a few minutes ...
    • Create a website in seconds and post information, images, video, hyperlinks and sound
    • Create a video and share it with the world
    • Follow friends and share information
    • Work together online
  • 4. Live and learn without Microsoft Office
  • 5. What we didn’t do
    • Produce Word documents for written assessments
    • Cut and paste things you ripped off Wikipedia into a Leaflet or Poster
    • Cut and paste things you ripped off into a Power Point presentation
  • 6. Digital Natives
    • You can blog! and your blogs have been viewed and read by thousands of people.
    • Your work is UNIQUE in Australia. You are the first class to complete an entire year using technology that most teachers don’t know exist.
  • 7. You stopped searching
    • You have stopped ‘searching’ and started using the internet to CREATE information
    • You have added to the internet and are PUBLISHERS and creators, not just users
    • You can use tools that SHOWCASE your learning in ways an exam or poster never can. You have a DIGITAL PORTFOLIO.
  • 8. You can/have
    • Created ways others can communicate with you digitally.
    • Create online resources for ANYTHING
    • Built web-applications THAT WORK and do USEFUL things
    • Take information and MANIPULATE it to produce NEW things
  • 9. You remix the web
    • You take things, change things, add things and publish new things - YOU are REMIXING information to suit your own goals.
  • 10. You are connected
    • You can make videos
    • You can post them to the world
    • You can connect the syllabus to REAL solutions using online technology
    • You use EMAIL effectively to communicate ideas, solutions as well as messages
  • 11. You are virtual
    • You are creating the worlds biggest (and most talked about) 3D world for students in Skoolaborate
    • You know and work with students from around the world
    • You have made new friends with people who you may never have KNOWN
  • 12. You are special
    • You can show you ‘know’ in ways that teachers often have no understanding
    • You can create text, images, sound, video, in 2 and 3 dimensions.
    • You are NOT limited to working using basic tools such as a poster or leaflet
  • 13. You can manipulate
    • Images - you can create, remix and manipulate visual information to suit a new purpose
    • Video/Audio - you can remix, edit, publish and manipulate digital video and images to create new information.
  • 14. What did you do to show your learning in other subjects in 07?
  • 15. Word Document
  • 16. Publisher (Poster)
  • 17. Publisher (Leaflets)
  • 18. Power Points
  • 19. Speeches
  • 20. Exams
  • 21. You can do MORE in LESS time, BETTER.
  • 22. Fast Company
    • You achieved syllabus milestone faster than any other year I have taught the subject
    • You got better results than any other year I have taught the subject
    • From ‘hello world’ to your last post - you SHOW what you have learned
  • 23. Student 2.0
    • You do things that are beyond the understanding of many adults - easily
    • You critically select the best tools to solve problems (higher order thinking)
    • You use the internet to accomplish more than ‘searching’.
  • 24. Showing Off
    • Your work is showcased in Second Life as exemplary. - the largest edu space outside of the USA
    • Your work attracted the interest of Alan Lavine - Director of Learning, NMC in the USA - ( ) - a digital eduction research company in the USA.
  • 25. Showing Off
    • The University of Sydney will use your work as part of it’s research in to ‘digital identity’ ...
  • 26. Showing Off
    • Your work was showcased in Learnscope, Australia’s major EduTech project - and your work stood up to that of students who are at TAFE!
    • Your work is seen as a ‘model’ for online learners
    • Your work was nominated as part of the EduBlog Awards held in London.
  • 27. What next?
    • What are the best tools you can choose next year to SHOW teachers your work?
    • Why can’t you blog a project or homework in any subject?
    • What tools can you choose?
  • 28. Classroom 1.0 tools
    • Textbook
    • Worksheets - fill in blanks, find-a-words
    • Copying off the board
    • Office documents
    • Writing Books
  • 29. You can use MORE
  • 30. Classroom 2.0 tools
    • Wordpress
    • FlickR
    • Photobucket
    • Google
    • Wikis
    • Wufo
    • Zoho
    • PBwiki
    • Wikispaces
    • Twitter
    • VoiceThread
    • YouTube
    • Sketch Up
    • Second Life
    • Zamzar
    • Blogger
    • Slideshare
  • 31.