CEO Learnscope Conference Presentation


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8 Slide short presentation to demonstrate the key reflective findings of making a commitment to deliver Web2.0 in VET and other classrooms. Contains some example of student work and key points for teachers to consider

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CEO Learnscope Conference Presentation

  1. 1. My Classroom 2.0 upgrade Term 2 2007 to now - a reflection from the ceo learnscope project for vet in schools dean groom, head of information technology parramatta marist high school read my blog and see the work @ second life : slammed aabye ligger of jokaydia sim
  2. 2. starting point “90% or more of PMHS students have published online and are living at least a part of their lives digitally” “take the skills and methods they select as most relevant to them, and use them to add relevance to their learning”
  3. 3. classroom upgrade • you can live without Office ... find new ways of doing fun tasks and move away from proprietary software! • Web2.0 promotes creativity and literacy as key facets. Tell students I value these things in their work • Facilitates continuous assessment and feedback • Encourages self-directed learning
  4. 4. classroom upgrade • Demand lesson on lesson journaling. Make writing a consistent normal habit. • Use email/comments as a primary communication tool for 1-to-1 relationship building via BLOGS • Tell students where we are going. Offer them Web2.0 shortcuts to success. • Find the fastest route to gratification
  5. 5. Year 11 VET Work Placement Blog
  6. 6. Year 9 Reflective Blogging personal - live - feedback
  7. 7. classroom 2.0 toolkit • Wordpress - journaling and reflection • Photobucket - photos, videos • Slideshare - presentations • Zoho - writing/application development • Wufoo - form building • Bloglines - Aggregator • YouTube/Teacher Tube - video host • Vodpod / Delicious - bookmarkin
  8. 8. what i learned • Ask questions that they can’t Google • Fast track HSC content - spend less time learning skills and allow more time to learn core syllabus theory. • Cover deeper content faster with increased literacy and creativity • Removing ‘boring tasks’ removes classroom behavior problems like magic!
  9. 9. what i learned • Your peers are probably not in your school. Colleagues are suspicious of change - maybe I can hold out to retirement the old way! • students are the best advocates for change • the system and curriculum is not designed for Web2.0, you have to change the methods of learning and assessment. Chalk and talk is ineffective. Discovery Learning engages students more effectively.
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