Social Media & Experienced-based Business Models


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The following presentation slides were used in a guest lecture for a MBA course at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. The topic was on the growth of social media and its influence on organizational business models. Additionally, the presentation highlights the many by-products caused by social media (e.g., Flickr mapping cities with GPS coordinates, the convergence of digital identities, and crowdsourcing idea platforms, among others).

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  • [twitter] Networked individualism provides us with the ability to explore our individual interests online absent individuals in our physical world with similar interests [/twitter]Image Source:
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  • [twitter] Byproduct of Social Media = Information Overload and Loss of Control over “Conversation” [/twitter]
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  • Social Media & Experienced-based Business Models

    1. 1. Social Media& Experienced-based Business Models Paul M. Di Gangi, Ph.D. --------------------------------------- #InfoSysProfessor #LoyolaMaryland
    2. 2. I am a product of my... n e t w o r k
    3. 3. My experiences have taught me to…
    4. 4. Always Startw/ Questions
    5. 5. QuestionWhat is social media really?
    6. 6. To truly understand it... You need to go back to the beginning... to the group that was trying to share... what interested them!
    7. 7. They started with this.
    8. 8. And look what they did?Connecting the dots broadened our experiences.
    9. 9. And as these dotsbecame connected People started to want to speak up!
    10. 10. Circa 2006
    11. 11. Culture Power Distance Individualism Masculinity Uncertainty Avoidance Long-Term Orientation
    12. 12. Participatory Culture
    13. 13. No longer bound by physical boundaries Wellman’s Networked Individualism
    14. 14. We can choose our own paths… Social Affordances2/10/2012
    15. 15. “Social” Participatory Culture
    16. 16. Technology that enhancesexperiences and adds depth to the relationships formed amongindividuals and/or organizations… which is driven by users… contributing content.
    17. 17. Social Media ValueProprietary Content & Ubiquitous Infrastructure
    18. 18. CoolSo what?
    19. 19. By-products Social of Participatory Culture
    20. 20. <1>
    21. 21. The Business Model is Disrupted The conceptual foundation that determines how an organization creates and captures value. Develops the boundaries of an organizationJohnson, Christensen, and Kagermann (2008)
    22. 22. It must evolve in order tosurvive... 2/10/2012
    23. 23. Closed ModelOrganizations internalize resources for value creation; restrict access to knowledge, and protect intellectual property.
    24. 24. Open Model Organizations leverage both internal and external resources for value creation; strategically interact with its environment
    25. 25. Co-created ModelFocus is on the crafting of a unique, positiveuser experience in order to generate mutual benefits for both organizations and users.
    26. 26. <2>
    27. 27. Something is always left behind...
    28. 28. Convergence of our Identities IWho Am ? | How Am I Seen?
    29. 29. Digital WorldReal World  Sorry Jamey  They Merge!
    30. 30. I’m Hooked How can Ileverage #SM?
    31. 31. IT depends
    32. 32. #SM is designed to be flexible...
    33. 33. But here is what I’ve learned so far...
    34. 34. Don’t Make the Simple Mistake More is NOT always better!
    35. 35. Don’t Forget to See What’s Next!
    36. 36. Thanks for Listening Connect Recommend