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Getting started career pages

  1. 1. Recruiting SolutionsGetting Started with LinkedIn Career PagesSetting Up Your PageLinkedIn Career Pages (LCPs) are a great way to reachthe millions of professionals who use LinkedIn toresearch and discover career opportunities. CareerPages allow you to easily:• Showcase your employment brand and put yourbest foot forward to potential candidates• Create a personalized candidate experience withtargeted recommendations and content• Help candidates connect with your company byfollowing, applying, or finding more informationThis guide will walk you through:• Setting Up Your Page• Page Features• Targeted Audiences (Gold and Platinum pages)• Helpful Tips• Detailed SpecsFor additional questions, email LinkedIn EnterpriseSupport at’ll be providing a great candidate experience in notime. Let’s get started!Creating A New PageTo create a new page:1. Go to your company page on LinkedIn:a. Find your page via LinkedIn search, or enter aURL of the form<companyName>/careers directly inyour browser.b. If you don’t have a company page, go to, click “Adda company,” and follow instructions.2. Once on your Company page, click on the“Careers” tab.3. Click ”Edit” to add or change your LinkedIn CareerPage content.4. When you’ve reviewed all your changes, click“Publish.” Congratulations! Your LCP is now live,and can be seen by anyone on LinkedIn.Once you’ve created your page, you can come backand edit the content as often as you like.People at the Company Recommended JobsWhere EmployeesCome From1. Banner (with optional link)2. Tagline & Subheading3. About the Company4. Employee Spotlight5. Additional InformationCompany Status Updates
  2. 2. Page FeaturesEditing and AdministrationYou can designate up to 25 administrators who canedit your LinkedIn Career Page. The “Administrator”role includes editing rights on all parts of yourcompany’s LinkedIn Company Page, including“Company Overview” and “Products & Services.”To view the list of administrators or designate newones, go to the Company Overview tab, click “AdminTools,” select “Edit” from the dropdown, and find thesection titled “Company Pages Admins.”This section contains a summary of the featuresavailable for Silver, Gold, & Platinum Career Pages.See the end of document for detailed specificationsincluding character limits and image dimensions.Customizable ModulesThe following modules enable you to deliver apersonalized message to your target audience.1. Banner ImageUse this large, front-and-center image to capture theattention of your audience and showcase youremployment brand.Editing: In the Edit view, click “Edit Image” and“Upload Photo.” Make adjustments by dragging andresizing the yellow rectangle. When you’re satisfied,click “Save Photo.” (Optional: specify a URL to makeimage clickable and link to other assets)2. Tagline and SubheadingCommunicate the heart of your branding messageclearly with a succinct and prominent headline.Tip: Aim to make an impression with a memorable andto-the-point tagline3. About the CompanyCreate custom content to reinforce your brandingmessage through text, a video or image, andhelpful links.4. Employee SpotlightEmployees can be powerful advocates for yourcompany. This section allows you to share up to twoemployee testimonials.Tip: Select employees who have a LinkedIn profilepicture to make a stronger impression5. Additional InformationUse a second custom module (identical in layout to“About the Company”) to tell candidates what makesyour company unique. Many customers use thismodule to provide additional differentiation—forexample, to highlight company culture, employeebenefits, or information specific to a member’slocation or job function.Tip: For Gold and Platinum pages, choose content foreach version that will really resonate with thespecified audienceLinkedIn-Generated ModulesThe following modules are automatically generated byLinkedIn and help to provide a personalizedexperience for visitors to your page. These modulesdo not require action on your part and are grayed-outin the edit view.• Jobs: Displays personalized job recommendations toeach member, based on his or her profile and otherfactors. Our data shows that jobs are the top area ofinterest for visitors to LinkedIn Career Pages! Makesure all of your positions are represented on LinkedIn.• People: Shows members how they’re connected toyour company by displaying employees, sorted byrelationship to the member.• Where Employees Come From: Provides potentialcandidates with unique insights and helps them get asense of your “company DNA” by showing topformer employers of current employees.• Page Statistics: Gives your company access to statsand insights on who’s visiting your Career Page. Toview, click the “Page Statistics” tab and filter by“Careers.” This is viewable only by your company’sadmins.
  3. 3. Targeted Segments(Gold and Platinum Pages Only)Targeted Audiences allow you to tailor all of yourmessaging to the viewer based on their LinkedIn profileby creating separate versions of the pages for differentaudience groups. The Gold Career Page allows up to 5targeted segments (including the default), and thePlatinum Career Page allows up to 30 segments.Each targeted segment is effectively an additional copyof the LCP, with its own targeting rules and its own setof customizable content. All of the customizable contenton LinkedIn Career Pages can be tailored to specificaudiences in this manner.To begin, click on “+New Audience” in the pagemanagement section of the edit view. When you createa new targeted segment, content will automatically becopied from your default Career Page to provide astarting point.Once you save an audience setting, it will appear at thetop of the Edit page.From this page, you can:• Edit a particular segment by clicking that segment,then editing content just as you did with the Defaultpage• Change targeting settings, by clicking “Settings”>”Edit Audience Targeting”• Remove a targeted segment, by clicking “Settings”>”Delete”Audience Targeting OptionsCareer Page audience targeting is quite sophisticatedand based on the same targeting used by LinkedIn Ads.You can refine the desired audience for a segment basedon five dimensions: Company Size, Job Function,Industry, Seniority, and Geography.Tips:• Make sure to select all relevant parameters. Forexample, in the “Medical” industry category, nursesmay fall under the subcategories “Hospitals & HealthCare,” “Medical Practice,” and “Health, Wellness,and Fitness.”• Check that your segments are not too narrow. As yourefine your targeting selections, you’ll see theapproximate size of the target audience at thebottom of the dialog box.Once you have finalized the audience characteristics, click“Save and Exit.”
  4. 4. Module SpecificationsBanner Image • Supports PNG, JPEG, or GIF of up to 2MB in size• Standard dimensions 974px by 240px (min height 125px, max height 240px)Tagline & Subheading • Tagline can contain up to 70 characters• Subheading can contain up to 100 charactersAbout the Company • Customizable title at top left can contain up to 65 characters• Video or Image – Choose one. Video must be hosted on YouTube. Image dimensions are adjustableusing cropping tool• Text – Can contain up to 500 characters• Company Links – up to 5 URLsAdditional Information • Same specifications as “About the Company” aboveEmployee Spotlight • Quotation text up to 200 characters per employee• Highlight up to two employees (note: to be featured, employees must be a 1st degree connection of thepage administrator at the time of editing)Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation inthe United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.10-LM-009 0812Detailed SpecsHelpful TipsMany companies ask how they can make their LinkedIn Career Page as relevant, engaging, and effective aspossible. We have found that when members have a great experience, companies win, and a little thought goesa long way. Here are some tips to help guide your content creation:Answer the important questionsPut yourself in the shoes of the audience when creating content. Provide insights that are meaningful tojobseekers; show how you stand out as an employer; and offer direction on how candidates can take action(follow, apply, or learn more).• If you have a Gold or Platinum page, your targeted segments make this even easier! Make sure to maximizethe effectiveness of different Career Page versions with specific messaging and content.Make every word countCandidates viewing your LinkedIn Career Page are used to getting information quickly and easily. You only have afew seconds to make a lasting impression. A few brief, thoughtful sentences will set you apart from the rest.Help them to really picture itA rich visual is a highly effective way to grab your audience’s attention and create a memorable experience.Think about the message you want to convey, and how to best represent your employment brand. Get creative!Post a wide range of jobsOne of the most powerful components of your Career Page is the jobs personalized for each visitor. Make sureto post all of your professional positions to LinkedIn, so that every candidate visiting your page sees rolesrelevant to them.Maximize engagement with Targeted UpdatesWith Targeted Updates you can select specific audiences (within your followers) to receive your companyupdates. This enables you to drive higher engagement by focusing candidates’ attention on content that trulymatters to them.