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Internet Lesson


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  • 1. By Andrew Clements
  • 2.
    • Make your own newspaper article on
    • Use Edublogs to make predictions about the book online at http:// /
  • 3.
    • Make a word wall poster on
    • Use the words:
    • A attended E educational QR recent
    • absentmindedly edition S successfully
    • accumulated FG guaranteed special
    • assortment geodesic scattered
    • avalanche H I illustration WX
    • B barely inch YZ
    • C chaos J
    • complained KL
    • constantly MN nation
    • convenient OP occasional
    • committee overloaded
    • D designed portion
    • dependable possession
  • 4.
    • Look at Scholastic News online at|1&CurrPage=scholasticNews.jsp&TopicValue=Scholastic%20News
    • Read through different articles and identify proper nouns and nouns within the newspaper
    • Using the same website, find a headline that you like and create your own story for that headline. After creating it, read the online story to see if you were close! Post these on your blog at
  • 5.
    • Write a letter to a future teacher. Tell them how you want them to teach you (like Mr. Larson at the beginning or the end)
    • Look through your hometown newspaper online. Find an article you like and create a found poem (a poem that is created using only what you find in the article) post your poem on
  • 6.
    • 5 books that are written by Andrew Clements
    • Frindle Find Book
    • Extra Credit Find Book
    • Lunch Money Find Book
    • The Report Card Find Book
    • Lost and Found Find Book
  • 7.
  • 8.  
  • 9.
    • READING: Comprehension and Analysis of Literary Text
      • 3.3
      • Students read and respond to a wide variety of significant works of children's literature. The selections in the illustrate the quality and complexity of the materials to be read by students. At Grade 3, students read a wide variety of fiction, such as classic and contemporary literature, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, folklore, mythology, poetry, songs, plays, and other genres.
    • WRITING: Processes and Features
      • 3.4
      • Students find and discuss ideas for writing and keep a list of writing ideas. Students write clear sentences and paragraphs that develop a central idea. Students progress through the stages of the writing process, including prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing multiple drafts.