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Social Media & SWY
Social Media & SWY
Social Media & SWY
Social Media & SWY
Social Media & SWY
Social Media & SWY
Social Media & SWY
Social Media & SWY
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Social Media & SWY


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Download for the detailed version with annotations ect. …

Download for the detailed version with annotations ect.

This presentation is related to Social Media and SWY (Ship for World Youth) program.
How we can promote SWY activities through Social Media.

This presentation has been made by Panagiotis Mamouzakis (SWY22 Greece) during the exPY Tokyo Conference 2012 in April 2012 at Tokyo.

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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  • 1. SWYAA Greece – Tokyo Conference 2012
  • 2. Why? Promotion of country’s AA activities Promotion of SWY in the country Promotion of post program activitiesAlumni’s Websites Motivate and inspire other AAs Inform exPYs for country’s situation & news Provide information regarding the application process
  • 3. Facebook Twitter Promote your website’s updates Share AAs History, Events & Photos Inform about current situation & events Social Media Inform and update possible candidates regarding the application process Inform fans for Japanese related news Engage with your fans / followers Reply to your fans
  • 4. Facebook Upload old photos – Visualise your History Twitter Update often with important staff Like other AAs pages and re-share interesting staff Tag people on your photos and your posts Apart from your language use English Hints & Tips Use SWY hashtags (#SWYAA #exPYs #SWY25 #SWYppa #HSplus1 ect.) Create and spread your own hashtags (#Tupendane, #GA6 ect.) Retweet important tweets BE CREATIVE – DO NOT SPAM
  • 5. Post Program Activities Homestay+1 experiences Arts Ideas - Thoughts Videos Skills SongsPersonal Achievements Photos Anything you believe can be shared among SWY family
  • 6. on Social Media Promotes SWY official activities Posts & Tweets all the input data of the websiteTracks SWY related projects and activities and shares them Reproduces all the AAs pages activities Promotes SWY globally Motivates and paradigmatises exPYs to run new activities Keeps the SWY Family connected
  • 7. #SWY Hashtags on Twitter• #SWY: Ship for World Youth• #SWYAA: Ship for World Youth Alumni Association• #SWY25: 25th Ship for World Youth ect.• #exPYs: ex Participating Youths• #SWYppa: SWY post program activity• #exPYTC: exPY Tokyo Conference / and more specific by number #exPYTC16• #HSplus1: Homestay+1• #NP: National Presentation / #SWY25NP: Facts about participating countries.• When you want to tag your AA use #SWYAA and the name of your county taged. eg. #SWYAA #Greece if your country is from two words, combine them eg. #SriLanka• There are also some other obvious hashtags like: #SWYfamily, #SWYspirit, #SWYday, #FujiMaru, #NipponMaru, #IYEO.
  • 8. Like: Like: Follow: Follow: you are interested in helping contact: