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My it professional life and disability

My it professional life and disability



Yong Kim ITKAN presentation, April, 2011

Yong Kim ITKAN presentation, April, 2011



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  • Explain PM -> App Devel -> Sys Arch -> Engineer | Integrator Multiple functions at a given time
  • INP – Cease and Desist
  • Why *NIX focus: There smaller number of talent Perception of MS Windows platform: Easy. Until there is a problem
  • Taught to believe in working for 1 “good” company (e.g. IBM) and retire. The company will take care of you, if you are a good worker Personality: I dive in “deep”. Corporations began to change: “reorganization” (layoff) was announced with great fanfare. Benefits burden began to shift to employees Consultant: Because the scope is narrow, gain better sense of accomplishment
  • Facebook and Twitter are fads: Underlying IT is the same as others. Also sociologist and social network. User interface. Also reference cloud computing.
  • In the beginning, I took on the social definition of success. However, at some point when I was making a lot, I felt an accomplishment, but not success. Once money became ample, I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with it. Once the physical difficulties began to be addressed, it also eased mental issues. Relieve the stress of wants: e.g. condo for Mother
  • The graphic on the right is from a website describing corporate culture. But this can be used to demonstrate the larger cultural structure.
  • Cultural cookbook – Koreans are suppose to be overachievers Issues: Love: In Korea, bathrooms, faucets were not accessible. In the US, although accessible, family habit continued.
  • Schools in S. Korea – Program: no bus, special arrangement, bathroom, accessibility Special Education in the U.S.: Received awards and in Honor Soc. But the accolades not so meaningful in the real world Needed physics course: Bus’ed to Whitney Young HS Current mainstream trend is financially driven: Cause teacher distress and potentially more student prejudice
  • Manage: heavy bleeding and deep suicidal depression must be resolved Transform: attitude about drugs. Instead of moral, I would ask is it healthy? Motivation: For example – Making money: Instead of running away from fears, I move toward a goal Success and Failure has a connotation of finality Successful = completion of smaller goal/direction Failure = setback Ideals Extremes: refer to the “manage” discussion
  • Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt: Polios? 1921, Pres. 1933–1945 Stephen Hawking: ALS diag at 21, physicist, cosmology, black hole, soap opera life Hawking was asked about his IQ in a 2004 newspaper interview, and replied, "I have no idea. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers." John Hockenberry: A four-time Emmy Award winner and three-time Peabody Award winner, Hockenberry has worked in media since 1980. Check Booknotes re: Israeli police, Moshe. Daniel Tammet: Asperger's syndrome, memory – PI to 22k digits, language skill Max Cleland: U.S. Senator. From 1996 to 2002 Stephen Wiltshire: mute and autistic. architectural artist Forrest Gump: Diag unknown, owner of successful shrimp company.
  • Father: allowed more flexibility, bought me a car
  • Examples: Richard and restaurant host Physically lower than others
  • Opportunity: respect, withold judgment, conditioned to see me in equal terms
  • Just because the I am entitled, that does not mean the society has to act. Offer of assistance and hesitation by others Use the meeting room example
  • Embed “Due Date” clip Popularity contest Gossip Sex: externally detested, internally desired Sprinkler system – MS Access database for workorders and invoice First Home: Foreclosed condo – Debbie worked on the bank person
  • Use the Chinese, Japanese and current Korean portrayal and jokes Hop Sing of Bonanza, dry cleaning biz owner, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan
  • Condo for my mother
  • Cruises: Bridge tour

My it professional life and disability My it professional life and disability Presentation Transcript

  • IT Profession … and disability
  • Introduction
    • Yong Kim
    • Why Am I Here?
      • Pat made me do it
      • IT Professional – 23 years
      • Share Personal …
        • experience as an IT professional, with disability
        • lifestyle issues
        • philosophy for managing and coping
    • Personal
    • Anecdotal
    • Opinionated
    • Experimental
    • Uncomfortable
    • Provide insight
    • Hopefully useful
    • Fair Use for the graphics and video clips
  • Personal - Summary
    • Disability – Affect of Polio
    • 49 years old
    • Naturalized Citizen
      • Migrated from South Korea 11yo (1971)
    • Education
      • Elementary: Neighborhood school in S. Korea
      • Elementary: Burbank (CPS)
      • High School: Spalding (CPS)
      • Higher Education
        • Northeastern Illinois University
        • Illinois Institute of Technology, BSEE
    • IT Professional – 24 years
      • Consulting most of career
    • Married: 24 years
      • Wife: K-3 Special Ed teacher at CPS 26+ years
    • Both drive – vans with lift, adaptive equipment
    • Home – Living independently
    • Travel
      • Venice, Greek Islands
      • Kenya
      • South Pacific Islands, Bahamas
      • U.S.: Hawaii, Alaska, San Diego, Disney World, Los Angelos, NYC, ...
  • Disability
    • According to my wife: A real “mental” case
    • Polio during infancy
    • Post Polio Syndrome
      • Progressive with aging
      • Loss of muscle mass
      • Fatigue
    • Multiple surgeries: spinal fusion and 3 emergencies
    • Chronic discomfort – nausea due to adhesion
    • Chronic pain – sciatica
    • Light Post Trauma Stress Disorder (and depression maybe)
  • Resume
    • Roles/Titles (*NIX Focus)
    • System Architect
    • Security Engineer
    • *NIX System Administrator
    • Application Integrator
    • Infrastructure Engineer
    • Programmer
    • Project Manager
  • Resume
    • Projects
    • Ameritech
      • Bill Master – Telephone bill delivery via floppies
      • Extended Classroom - K12 BBS
      • Electronic Business Exchange – B2B in Automotive Industry
    • IBM
      • Home Page Creator – Template based web site creator
      • Integrion Financial Svcs. - First generation online banking
    • AC Nielsen
      • Category Business Partner – Grocery market data analysis product
    • ABN AMRO and Bank of America
      • Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery
      • Internet Name Space Protection – Prevention and take down fake domain sites and protect trademark
      • IT Security monitoring, analysis and remediation
      • SOXA Audit and Remediation (Policy)
      • Organization migration and decommission – applications and systems when company is acquired
    • Misc.
      • Open Source implementation
        • FOG: PC and Servers Disk imaging
        • SQUID: Forward Internet proxy
        • SAMBA: Linux file server
        • RT: Help Desk Ticketing system
  • Resume
    • Technical Skills
    • Systems
      • Linux – Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, MS Windows (Active Directory) Integration
      • Open Source Integration and Packaging
      • *NIX tools for troubleshooting and monitoring
      • System Performance tuning
      • Virtualization
      • Solaris 8 and AIX 5.4, HP UX
    • Security
      • Intrusion detection
      • Malware analysis
      • Penetration testing
      • System Hardening
      • Firewall rules
      • SSL
    • Programming and Scripting
      • Perl, PHP
      • C/C++ Programming
      • Database and SQL
      • Data conversion and normalization
    • Internet related infrastructure technologies
      • DNS
      • HTTP(S), FTP, XML, …
  • Resume
    • Clients
    • Ameritech* (1988 – 1994, 1996)
    • Motorola (1994 – 1996)
    • Monsanto (1996 - 1997)
    • IBM (1997 - 2000)
    • AC Nielsen (2001 - 2004)
    • ABN Amro (2004 - 2008)
    • Bank Of America (2008 - 2010)
  • Career
    • Change in corporate climate in the ’80s (and ongoing)
    • Routine “reorganization”
    • Stagnant technology
    • Compensation not in your control
    • Slightly better benefit
    • Sense of “Family”
    • Lower “reorganization” impact
    • Exposure to various technologies
    • Frequent Job change = “OK”
    • Exposure to various corp cultures
    • Compensation depends on market
    • Lousy benefit
    • “ Drifter”
    Employee Consultant Why Consulting?
  • Career
    • My First Real (i.e. Paying) Job
  • Career
    • Is more than a sequence of similar jobs (employment)
    • Owner of a business
    • External subject matter expert
      • Cultural
      • Speakers (motivational)
      • Futurist
      • User Interface
    There is more than one way to make a living. Be creative.
  • Career
    • My choice of IT
    • More flexible career option for my condition
    • I was a lousy Electrical Engineering student
  • Career
    • Traditional Approach: Employment
    • (FT or Contract)
    • Sell the Fad
    • Learn (and retain) the fundamentals
    • Recognize the value of Experience
    • Think “Brochure” rather than “Resume”
  • Career
    • Why make money?
      • In the beginning, to prove myself (money = measure of success)
    • How much?
      • New Objective: freedom to live my life
        • Ease physical difficulties (e.g. home mods)
        • Relieve points of stress
          • Comfortable vacations
          • Retirement
          • Not balance checkbook
  • Challenges
    • Asian
      • Shame and Embarrassment
    • Western
      • Tolerated, with discomfort
      • Helpful
      • Sympathetic
    Cultural Attitude re: Disability
  • Challenges
    • Issues
      • Fears and Anxiety
        • Failure
        • Judgment
        • Unknown
      • Lack of confidence in ability to accomplish
        • No experience
      • Embarrassment of Disability
      • Love = Dependency
    • Assets
      • Fears
        • Motivator
      • Ignorance
        • Use cultural “cookbook”
      • Persistence
      • Belief in ability to accomplish
        • By indoctrination
      • Love = Feeling of Security
    Source: Family Mental Baseline
  • Challenges
    • Schools in S. Korea
      • No special education program at the time
      • No socialization
      • Academic (Rote system)
    • Special Education in the U.S. (better)
      • Legal requirement; less concern about education
        • Teach minimal and not excellence (no expectation)
      • Protected environment
        • Lacks exposure to the larger culture
        • Little or no concern about competition
      • Current mainstream trend is financially driven
    • My Higher Education Experience
      • Northeastern Illinois University
        • Dean’s List: Moved from Top to Bottom
      • Illinois Institute of Technology, BSEE
        • Disaster
  • Solutions
    • Definitions
    • Understand the difference between Possibility and Probability
    • Define Success and Failure at a personal level
    • Ideals = Default position; not cast in stone
      • Never go to extreme
    • Life Framework of Forward Motion
    • “ Manage” Issues vs “Resolve”
      • Some things must be resolved but many can be managed
    • Transform rather than Change
      • Change may happen
    • Motivations
      • Replace negative ones with positive
    • Control things within my control
  • Possibility
    • Q: Does my disability stop me from achievement?
    • A: No. It’s my “thinking” that stops me.
  • Attitude and Philosophy
    • My Main Advantages
    • Disability
    • Immigrant
  • Attitude and Philosophy
    • Father with encouraging indoctrination
      • Gave me personal time that my siblings did not have
    • Parents “different” enough to migrate in their mid-life
      • A tough move and I was one of the considerations
      • Attitude: Deeply religious but changed religion often
        • Various points of view
        • Sometimes atypical within the Korean standards
    • Parents brought me to the U.S.
      • U.S.: More advanced attitude on the subject of disability
      • Opportunity to view the old and new culture as a 3 rd person
    Positive Family Influence
  • Attitude and Philosophy Social Value Chart Shared values Family, Friends Me Social Norm Negative attitude toward disability
  • Attitude and Philosophy
    • Ideal vs Reality
      • Ideal: I should be treated as a equal
      • Reality: Everyone has bias, many discriminate
      • Ideal is the direction and Reality is the road that I am on
    • What is Equality: What should be equal?
      • Opportunity: I entitled to it as a human being
        • The world owes me nothing
  • Attitude and Philosophy
    • Be gracious
    • Figure out a way to even out the field. Don't wait for someone else to do it
    World Owes Me Nothing
  • Attitude and Philosophy
    • External
      • What are the things that I can push this culture to accept or tolerate?
      • What are the things that the culture is susceptible to or appreciate?
    • Internal
      • What are the values that I can embrace?
      • What are the values that I contribute?
    Leverage The Culture
  • Attitude and Philosophy
    • When I embrace a value, I adapt it.
    Leverage The Culture Problem Cultural Solution My adaptation
  • Attitude and Philosophy
    • Study other discriminations
    • Yes – a lot of work to achieve
    • Benefits of trying
      • Even if not “Twice as good”, I am still above average
        • "...I don't have to be faster than the bear, I only have to be faster than you."
      • The extra edge provides value that people appreciate
    Be Twice As Good
  • Attitude and Philosophy
    • Recognize
    • Portrayal
    • Meaning of cultural humor
    • Power of humor
  • Career
    • What do all these things get me?
    • Above average skills
      • Confidence
      • Credentials
    • Soft skill (Very, Very, … Important)
    • Real higher probability of “success”
    • Financial Independence
      • More balanced life
      • Lower stress
  • Home
    • Front picture
  • Home
    • Kitchen
  • Home
    • Bathroom
  • Home
    • Closet
  • Travel