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  • Deciding on a project type was easy because I knew that I wanted to create a pathfinder but I just didn’t know on what subject. I wanted a pathfinder that could help people obtain information and that could be used in and out of a class setting.
  • Focusing on one subject/topicwas challenging because there were so many great topics I could have selected. I finally decided to do a pathfinder on nursing students that would list resources that could help them locate books, databases, websites, and other resources that could help them break down curriculum based materials.
  • Resources listed in my pathfinder were selected from a public libraries, university and a community college. I labeled resources indicating which library it could be accessed from and if it was a print or electronic format.
  • I used the bold feature to indicate each category and a font called Century Gothic to allow readers to quickly and easily read resources on the list.
  • When I was looking for materials through the five library catalogs it helped me to know ahead of time what call numbers I should be looking for. I used various resources to help me narrow down from the endless quantities of materials to select. It also helped me to stay focus specifically on what the students told me they needed help on.
  • These were the main key sources and I am glad now that I went back to list what libraries had them in their collection. Dr. Aber and I were surprised to see materials listed as 2012 but I double checked an dthe catalog listed them as available so I listed them.
  • It is fun to create a list of resources but it can be very time consuming when checking for top materials worthy to be on the list. Now I understand why some libraries have materials on their pathfinders that are not current. There is so much to do and so little time.
  • I hope I have provided you with a overview of my nursing undergraduate pathfinder.
  • Final project presentation

    1. 1. Project:NursingUndergraudatePathfinderPatty MirandaLIBR 220-12Dr. AberFall 2011
    2. 2. Deciding on a projecttype…•Creating a pathfinder was easy,because I like looking forresources that can help peoplebreakdown information.Especially for visual andauditory learners.• Wanted something that couldhelp students with their
    3. 3. Deciding on a specificsubject/topic…-I talked to my sister &friends who are undergradstudents in nursing.-Challenging curriculum-Instructors that don’t explaininformation clearly or havethe time to answer questions.-Resources can be used in and
    4. 4. Scope of Pathfinder…Catalogs used in the pathfinder …-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, San Jose StateUniversity, San Jose, CA-San Jose Public Library, San Jose, CA-Oviatt Library, California State University ofNorthridge, Northridge, CA-Los Angeles Pierce College Library, Woodland Hills, CA-Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, CAResources listed on Pathfinder-Print Materials-Electronic Materials-Journals-Magazines-Organizations-Websites-Databases-Bibliographies
    5. 5. Pathfinder Design…-Simple-Easy to read print font-Used bold font indicating eachsubject area-Used pathfinder template-Listed resources by category
    6. 6. -Used online catalog and resources from MLA to helpnarrow down selected materials.-Talked to students about what subject areas they neededhelp in.-Searched for materials that related to subjects beingtaught in the nursing program.-Areas Included in introductory level… -Chemistry -Biology -Microbiology -Medicine & Health -Human Anatomy, Cytology & Histology -Human Physiology -Nursing-I used call numbers from the Dewey Decimal system andthe Library of Congress to search for materials by callnumbers.
    7. 7. Key Sources…-ALA guide to medical & health sciences reference , byAmerican Library Association (2011)Call Number: R118.4.U6 A43 2011A reference guide created for health professionals ontopics such as bioethics, consumer health, healthcare, medicine, nursing, and much more. (SJSU MLK)-The Cultural context of health, illness, and medicine[electronic resource], by Elisa J. Sobo (2010)Call Number: (SJSU MLK)Comprehensive guide to the practice of cultural sensitivehealth care.-The Gale encyclopedia of nursing and alliedhealth[electronic reference], by Kristine Krapp (2002, v.5)Call Number: RT21 .G3J3 2002eb (CSUN)
    8. 8. Lessons Learned…-Creating a pathfinder can be fun butvery time consuming.-Too much to do so little time toupdate.-Will save list of resources I find in aspecial folder for future use.
    9. 9. subject headings were listed to helpusers create a search on any librarycatalog or database. Call numbers werelisted in every subject field that couldhelp users locate books in print at theirlocal or academic library. Electronicand print books listed in the pathfinderare labeled allowing users to quickly seewhere each book can be located. Nursingjournals, magazines, and databases werelisted with links to allow easy access onissues that matter to healthprofessionals.
    10. 10. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department ofLabor, occupational outlook handbook, 2010-11Edition, Registered Nurses. Retrieved from of Congress. (nd. )Class R- medicine outline. Retrievedfrom Microsoft. (2011). Books Image. Retrieved from Microsoft ClipArtMicrosoft. (2011). Nurse holding out a patient’s chart. Retrievedfrom Microsoft Clip ArtOCLC. (2003). Summaries Dewey decimal classification.Retrieved from