BrightCloud Introduction

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BrightCloud Introduction

BrightCloud Introduction

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  • 1. Introduction to BrightCloud
  • 2. What is Cloud Computing?
    Cloud computing is a new style of computing where IT infrastructure is available as a ubiquitous, easily accessible, and reliable utility service conceptually similar to the telephone or electricity.
    Gartner describes cloud computing as “a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service, enabling better sharing of technologies (especially multitenant applications, or virtual machines), increased automation, rapid and dynamic change, policy-driven and services-orientation, reduced complexity and autonomic response.”
    The big picture is all about reducing costs, while increasing agility and quality of service.
  • 3. Who are we?
    Owned by Open Reality
    Based in Abingdon and Daventry
    45 Staff, Group Turnover £6M up 24% in ended March 2010
    Provider of Hosted Managed Services
    Formed in 2000
    2 Docklands & 2 Outer London based data centres
    First Managed Service organisation to be awarded ISO9001:2000
    ISO9001:2008 accredited working towards ISO27001:2005
    N3 Connected
    VMWare Enterprise & Service Provider Partner
    Citrix Silver Partner
    Microsoft Gold
    55 accounts from partial managed service to fully maintained network & server infrastructure
  • 4. A focus on business needs
    Cloud based Service
    BrightCloud Flexible Hosting is one of the new breed of Cloud based services; Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    A Flexible offering, caters for:-
    Simple requirements like a web server or mail server
    Complete infrastructure virtualisation
    Platform for ISV’s to offer Software as a Service (SaaS)
    Focus on Application Delivery
    We ensure end to end application delivery through network optimisation and management
  • 5. Services
    Flexible Hosting Platform
    Online Backup
    Application Continuity
    Network Optimisation
    Managed Support Services
    Network Management
  • 6. Continual Investment & Success
    BrightCloud invested over £200k in Phase-II (Jan 09) hosting platform, and will continue to innovate to provide vital services at low cost.
    July 2010 – Phase-II reaching capacity and looking to invest £150k expanding Phase-II and commencing Phase-III with £120k investment.
  • 7. Drivers for success
    Partnership with ISV’s
    Allow ISV’s to concentrate on their core strengths
    Hosting new end user environments
    Customers who know they need Cloud Services
    Virtualising and Migrating end user infrastructure
    Project Management and Consultancy
  • 8. Why do ISV’s choose BrightCloud?
    Expert Focused Business
    Staff, Accreditations, Experience
    Proven track record
    Commitment to process and standards
    BSI9001:2008 working to ISO27001:2005
    Reduction in length of sales cycle by 33%
    Increased chances of winning business
    Reduction in time to deploy by 50%
    Understand the needs of our ISV’s and their customers
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  • 9. Why do corporate businesses choose BrightCloud?
    Expert Focused Business
    Staff, Accreditations, Experience
    Proven track record
    Commitment to process and standards
    BSI9001:2008 working to ISO27001:2005
    Flexible consultative approach
    Long term strategy
    IT Direction with associated skills
  • 10. Our Cloud
    Highly Available
    Tier-3 data centre
    Flexible Access methods
    Network Management
    Application Acceleration
  • 11. Your Cloud
    Visual front end
    Alerting (email, pager, SMS)
    Reporting & SLA Reporting
    Portal for Administration
  • 12. Application Delivery Experts
    Leaders in Network Analysis & Acceleration
    Largest Network Instruments Partner in Europe
    Bluecoat Premier Partner
    Citrix Service Provider & Solutions Partner
  • 13. Our partners