Video conference webinar


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To be used for November 1, 2011 webinar for PLSD.

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Video conference webinar

  1. 1. VideoConferencing Nov 1, 2011
  2. 2. Why Use Video Conferencing in the Classroom?• 21st Century Skills for Success o Information processors access and analyze information from a variety of sources for different purposes. o Effective communicators apply their reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills to communicate effectively. o Collaborative individuals value teamwork and the results achieved from multiple viewpoints and talents working together toward a common purpose. o Active, responsible citizens are well-informed and apply knowledge and skills to improve the quality of their lives and communities.• Bring experts to your classrooms for free.
  3. 3. Four Main Choices• Skype o Free computer to computer • Video to video connections • Multiple audio connections • Screen sharing o Works on multiple platforms/devices o Need a free Skype account• iChat o Free; Mac only o Free multiple audio/video calls and screen sharing o Connect via free AOL account• FaceTime o Free on iPad, $.99 download for Mac o iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (wifi only) o Connect via Apple ID
  4. 4. Four Main Choices• Adobe Connect o Up to 15 video connections* o Share documents, links, notes o Record your conversation o No account needed – do need to work through Josh Allen to get set up
  5. 5. Skype• Download and free account at• Once you have created an account and find other contacts, one click of a button to make calls.• Make video or audio calls and text message your contacts.• Can buy recording software to compliment.
  6. 6. Skype for Mac
  7. 7. Skype for PC
  8. 8. Skype for iPad
  9. 9. iChat• Free Mac to Mac computer calling• Can share a presentation with those who you call• Can use a Mac account or a free AOL account• Can also use iChat with your Google Account to access Google Talk• Video, audio, text, screen sharing• Multiple video for free
  10. 10. iChat
  11. 11. FaceTime• Comes free on the iPad/iPod/iPhone; $.99 from the Mac App Store for computers• One touch calling from your Contacts list• Settings for ringing at any time or only when you have FaceTime open.
  12. 12. FaceTime
  13. 13. Google Hangout• New(er) feature with Google+ o Google+ is a cross between Facebook and Twitter – shorter posts like Twitter, but circles included, ala Facebook friends• Connect up to 10 people with video or audio• Invite people to come to your Hangout or randomly join one that you see in your Google+ stream• Free with a Google/Google+ account• Ability to screen share and documents plus Google Docs integration is coming
  14. 14. Adobe Connect• Best choice for multiple connections, especially outside of the district.• District uses it for webinars, planning between multiple locations.• Share presentations, video, web links• Chat and poll pods invite feedback from your guests• Works on both Mac and PC• Paid for by the district – just let me know if you would like to use it.
  15. 15. Questions or Clarifications?
  16. 16. Closing• Remember you will be able to re-watch this webinar or send it to others by going to o Curriculum, o Prof. Development (red column), o Tech Tuesday Webinars. o Look for the link under the webinar “About” section.• Let me know if there is something that you would like to have in handout or video form. o Those will be added on the Technology Intranet.
  17. 17. Thanks for attending!