HTM2121- Friendship Bakery


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HTM2121- Friendship Bakery

  1. 1. HTM 2121Tourism and Hospitality MarketingMarketing Plan – Bakery SEM008 Group E Wong Hiu Tung 11276591D Wong Ka 11064033D Wong King Ngo 11309213D Wong Wui In 11280590D Yu Pak Tou 11084499D
  2. 2. Promotional Video• &
  3. 3. Friendship Bakery“Enjoy your own life through bread”
  4. 4. Introduction to our business Business Type: Bakery Café Take away or enjoy food in our café Location: Mong Kok Product: -Bread and drinks -Special bar for customers to choose the stuffing for their toast
  5. 5. Environment : relaxingfar from the rush and stressed life in therealityTheme: greentarget customers : young peopleenhance and enjoy the friendship among theirfriends
  6. 6. Macro-environment Opportunities Threats Suppliers - The introduction of “Energy - Unavoidable increase price in Label” largely reduces the ingredients like flour that are for electricity cost. (e.g. German making bread. Pool and Panasonic) Marketing intermediaries - Transfer of responsibility of - They are costly which will promotion to the marketing definitely increase the operation intermediaries and enjoy their cost expertise Publics - Can be a kind of advertisement - Feedback from the publics is that free of charge subjective which we cannot control.
  7. 7. Micro-environment Opportunities ThreatsDemographic - The place of our business concentrates a large number of our target customers - The number of teenagers is decreasing recentlyEconomical - The growth of GDP encourages people to consume more - The growth of GDP may discourage people from consuming inferior goods depending on the elasticity of demand towards bread - High rentTechnological - Technological advancement shortens the distance between people - Intense competition among competitors - There are promotion media which is free of charge and they are popular in Hong will increase. Kong(e.g. Facebook)Ecological - N/A - The impact posted by the Global Warming which causes the supply of ingredients decreases.Political-legal - N/A - Two License’ should be applied - The Chinese government implements policies to limit the exports to Hong KongSocial-cultural - Coexistence of food culture and emphasizing efficiency which add the possibility - N/A of a bakery café
  8. 8. Current Main Competitor:La Bon Painsells similar products but does not providethe dining area for the customers. Location Price Promotion Strength Weakness• Shop B, 100 • $7-15 for • boards with • high • only Argyle each bread slogans to appraisal on students Street, attract the popular from nearby Mong Kok customers. restaurant schools and guide residents are website frequenters Open Rice but few foreigner • highly come accessible • high rent rate
  9. 9. Business Objective break even within the first three months 35 to 50 customers for the café and sell 1500 buns for the bakery every day 10% to 20% sales growth maintain our production costs at 75% of the mark-up price “share of mind” & “share of heart”
  10. 10. Target MarketSegmentation1.Demographic segmentationTarget customers : aged 15-24 years old875,234 people (12.4% of the population of Hong Kong)Location: Mong Kokone of the most densely populated areas in Hong Kong2.Psychological segmentationOur target customers:Purchasing power low, not willing to spendMore willing to buy utility productsEasily influenced by peer
  11. 11. TargetingTarget teenagers who are aged 15-24.most teenagers concentrate at Mong Kok : stable customer flowprovide inexpensive bread and drinksPosition DecisionUniqueness and differentiableProvide a place for customer to consume our products which involvemore interaction with customersSelf-serving serviceAffordable price
  12. 12. Product MarketingPromotion Price mix Place
  13. 13. Product Relaxing Environment Self-served toast Diverse breads Beverage Set menu
  14. 14. PricingPricing strategies1. Penetration pricingset our product price slightly lower than our competitor to attract customers’ interestsstimulate purchase of new productsmonopolistic competition  curiosity to experience our unique products2. Discount pricingcash discount, quantity discount, or some promotional allowancePrice settingcost-based pricing methodsUnit cost = Variable cost+ fixed cost/ unit salesMark up price = Unit cost/ ( 1-desired return on sales) Self-served Diverse bread toast $4-$13self-served bread customer-based pricing $25-$35a higher price Beverage Set menu $10-$25 $30-$45
  15. 15. PlaceGround floor, 8 Soares Avenue, Mong Kok
  16. 16. High population density and attractivenessTeenagers prefer to go at the weekend and holidays17 secondary schoolHigh accessibilityNathan Road, which is the main thoroughfare inKowloonThree rail lines serve the district – Tsuen Wan line,Kwun Tong lins, and East Rail lineBus and mini bus can acecess too
  17. 17. Promotion1 ) Advertisinglimited capital adopt some relatively inexpensive advertising manner Facebook Fans Page Distribution of leaflets
  18. 18. 2) Sales PromotionOnline CouponsCorporate with Students’ UnionStamp collection card3) Monthly event -- The best toast of the month
  19. 19. Implementation milestone (start from 1July) Program Who is Date Budget responsible? Distribution of leaflets Manager 1 Jul to 31 Sept $3000 3 Employee Facebook Fans Page Manager Ongoing $0 Online Coupon Manager 1 Jul to 31 Sept $0 Corporate with Students’ Union Manager 1 Sept to 30 Jun $0 Stamp collection card Manager 1 Jul to 31 Sept $1000 Monthly event -- The best toast of the Manager Ongoing $1000 month Questionnaire for evaluation Manager Ongoing $1000 Total $6000
  20. 20. Marketing Budget Category Budget needed($) Rent 65,000 Bill, Fire service, Fix up 60,000 Equipment and Inventory 50,000 (Refrigerator, oven, ect) Raw materials for bread 20,000 Salaries, insurance, MPF 25,000 Promotion budget 6,000 Current asset 25,000 Total 251,000
  21. 21. Marketing controlsFeedback from customerquestionnairefood, service quality, environment, promotion mannerpositive feedback: retain it and keep their qualitynegative feedback: investigate the roots of problems and then copewith themSales and market share analysismeasure the monthly growth of sales and marketevaluate our competitivenessIf cannot reach the objective enhance our promotion