Recycling of engineering polymers


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It is high time to realize responsibility towards Nature before the Nature reacts more adversely. Our need & greed has already disturbed the equilibrium, let's replenish! Adopt RECYCLING... be the change you wish to see in the world.
A noble effort from PLUSS @ Technical Seminar on Engineering Plastic Waste Recycling organised by CIPET, Amritsar

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  • Plastics Technology Development Programmes Give list of Programmes
  • Recycling of engineering polymers

    1. 1. PLUSS® Synergism at work PLUSS® Recycling of Engineering Polymers- Nylons/ PET&PBT/ PC Kailash Pandey
    2. 2. PLUSS®® Outline About PLUSS® Recycling Nylons Recycling Polyesters Recycling Polycarbonates
    4. 4. PLUSS®® WE  Our Strengths:  Indigenous “home grown” technologies  Cost effectiveness  Technology Providers:  Thermal Energy Storage  Polymer Technology  We believe in:  Consistent development  Pragmatic development …CONTINUED
    5. 5. PLUSS®® …CONTINUED  The Stakeholders  Tata Capital Innovation fund  Private Equity fund that has invested INR 15 crores.  Promoters  Founded by Mr. Devendra Jain and Mr. A.K. Mehta  Employees  A family of 70, and growing.  Customers  International  Domestic
    6. 6. PLUSS®® Achievements 1998: Grafted Polymers developed for the first time in India. 2000: Nylon Alloys - first time for the Cable Industry in India. 2003: Technology Day Award – Grafted Polymers. 2004: HDPE Profiles for the Telecom Industry. 2004: Successful development of Wood-Plastics Composites. 2005: Development of Phase Change Materials and encapsulation methods. 2006: BryAir–ISHRAE/ASHRAE Award for HS29 development. 2007: IIT-Delhi & DST, Govt. of India project on PCM use in textiles. 2008: Development of Ultra High MFI PP – first time in India 2010: Development of OPTIPET for Film Recycling 2012: Development of Polymers based Phase Change Materials 2012: TATA capital Innovation Fund invests INR 15 crores
    7. 7. PLUSS®® Speciality Polymers- OPTIM®
    8. 8. PLUSS®® Speciality Polymers- OPTIM® And…… you can OPTIMise your recycled polymers by using OPTIM®
    9. 9. PLUSS®® Polymer Recycling
    10. 10. PLUSS®® Engineering Polymers MAJOR CLASSIFICATION* * Scrap Generation wise SOURCES OF SCRAP 1.NYLONS: film, fiber, automotive parts, appliance housings, bearings, cable ties, gear wheels, cam, slides etc. 2.POLYESTERS (PET&PBT): food processor blades, vacuum cleaner parts, fans, hair dryer housings, coffee makers, switches, motor housings, fuse cases, key caps for computer keyboards, connectors, fiber optic buffer tubing etc. 3.POLYCARBONATES: computer parts, connectors, etc., food processors, refrigerator drawers, headlights, taillights, instrument panels, etc.
    11. 11. PLUSS®® Nylons
    12. 12. PLUSS®® PROPERTIES OF IMPORTANCE 1. Good mechanical strength and rigidity. Applications: Gear wheels for water meters, slides, cams, bearings etc. 2. High impact strength and toughness. Applications: Appliance housings etc. Nylon Scrap But NYLON SCRAP lacks these!
    13. 13. PLUSS®® Use LLD based Additives for: Improving impact properties. Imparting desired toughness. Compatibilizing foreign particulates like mineral fillers and polymers like PE, PP etc. E.g.: OPTIM® E-126 Use Elastomer based Additives for: Impact properties at sub zero temperatures. Super toughness properties.  Dispersion of both mineral fillers and glass fillers in the polymer matrix. E.g.: OPTIM® E-131 Recycling Nylon scrap
    14. 14. PLUSS®®  Most commonly used OPTIM® Compatibilizing agents for Nylon Alloys are OPTIM® E-131 & E-126 Properties Unit Nylon 6 OPTIM® E-131 5-15% OPTIM® E-126 2-10% Tensile Strength MPa 80 53-70 60-70 Elongation @ Break % 50 40-120 150-250 Flexural Strength MPa 110 80-110 80-110 Notched Impact Strength J/m 55 90-850 100-500 Nylon Alloys
    15. 15. PLUSS®® Polyesters (PET & PBT)
    16. 16. PLUSS®® 1. PET scrap lack sufficient mechanical strength and impact properties. Applications: head lamp reflectors and various structural automotive components etc. 2. PBT scrap lacks desired abrasion resistance and toughness. Applications: electrical connectors, switches, key caps for computer keyboards, motor housings etc. Polyester Scrap So, PET/PBT scrap needs to be upgraded!
    17. 17. PLUSS®® Using Additives such as OPTIPET™ 213M Improves impact properties. Impart desired toughness. Compatibilize foreign particulates like mineral fillers and polymers like PE or PP etc.  Compatibilize PET/PBT scrap. Recycling Polyester scrap
    18. 18. PLUSS®® Polycarbonates
    19. 19. PLUSS®® PROPERTIES OF IMPORTANCE 1. Good dimensional stability and superior mechanical strength. Applications: instrument panels, computer parts etc. 2. High heat and impact resistance. Applications: headlights, taillights, refrigerator drawer etc. Polycarbonate Scrap But Polycarbonate scrap lacks these!
    20. 20. PLUSS®® Use additives such as OPTIM® GE-344 Improves impact properties. Impart desired toughness. Compatibilize foreign particulates like mineral fillers and polymers like PE or PP etc.  Compatibilize PET/PBT scrap. Recycling Polycarbonate scrap
    21. 21. PLUSS® Factors Affecting Polymer Recycling  Identification and Segregation of Polymer waste  Shear Rate in the Compounding Machine used  Temperature  Composition of the mix  Residence Time  Additives Package  Equipments & Conditions for Subsequent Processing
    22. 22. PLUSS®® PLUSS® in Recycling  CONSULTANCY: Provides solutions for recycling of engineering polymers: Nylons, PET/PBT, PC  ADDITIVES: Provides speciality polymers to improve the properties of polymer scrap.  VALUE ADDITION: Identifying applications and uses for your polymer waste
    23. 23. PLUSS®® PLUSS® in Recycling Almost All Polymer Waste is Recyclable. The bottleneck is proper collection and segregation and Professional Recycling Organizations need to be set up!
    24. 24. PLUSS® SYNERGISM AT WORK PLUSS® and YOU Kailash Pandey