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Antivirus for the Mind

Antivirus for the Mind



Our mental software is under attack!

Our mental software is under attack!
Talk at Ignite Shanghai in May 2010 with the "Geeks on a Plane"



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Antivirus for the Mind Antivirus for the Mind Presentation Transcript

  • Anti-Virus for the Mind Ignite Shanghai | May 2010 | @benjaminjoffe
  • Case 1: Duels Not everyone plays by the rules
  • Arthur Schopenhauer 38 Stratagems for Discussing (1788-1960) (and avoiding abuse)
  • I. XXXVIII. “Carry your “Become opponent's proposition personal, insulting, rude as beyond its soon as you natural limits perceive that your and narrow your opponent has the own” upper hand”
  • Case 2: One-to-Many Edward Bernays (1891-1995)
  • • Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923) • Propaganda (1928) • Public Relations (1952) • The Engineering of Consent (1955)
  • “Torches of Freedom” Joseph Goebbles Third Reich Propagandist
  • Case 3: Few-to-Many Gene Sharp (1993~) Non-Violent Revolution Expert
  • Case 4: Twitter Revolution? 60 accounts in the city of Tehran Fell to 6 accounts later on Question How representative is that? Source: Al Jazeera
  • One Hobby : War Museums “War Memorial of Korea” (Seoul, South Korea) “Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum” (Pyeongyang, North Korea) “Korean War Memorial Museum” (Dandong, China) Formerly “War to Resist U.S. Aggression & Aid North Korea”
  • Common Points 1. The enemy attacked first 2. It was a liberation war 3. Their side won (mostly thanks to their own efforts) Question What do you think the “Korean War Veterans Memorial” in Washington, DC says?
  • Quick Reminders (1903-1950) • “We've always been at war with Eastasia” – (or was it Eurasia?) • “Super-states' ideologies are alike… • … and public's ignorance of it is imperative” -- Goldstein (1948)
  • Case 5: Many-to-Many “The Theft of History” • Pervasive Western viewpoint • “Theft” by the West of the achievements of other cultures – Democracy – Capitalism – Individualism – Love! • And maybe more? – Entrepreneurship – Innovation (2007)
  • Two Views on Europe Zbigniew Brzezinski Francois Asselineau US Geostrategist French Political Scientist
  • The Grand Chessboard American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives “No Eurasian challenger should dominate Eurasia and challenge America's global preeminence”
  • Agreement on Situation but… Celebrate the result Get out of Europe
  • 1984, Brave New World… or both? • Is it “Proles” life… – Victory Gin – Synthetic foodstuff – Always-on Telescreens • …Or “Soma”? (from Brave New World) – (Popular dream-inducing drug) – Method of control through pleasure
  • Is There a Solution? • Critical Thinking • Media Literacy • Digital Literacy • “Slow News” vs. The Instant Web
  • To Report Mind Intrusions benjamin [at] plus8star.com Thanks!