Inbound marketing 101


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Inbound marketing 101

  1. 1. guide to inbound marketingInbound Marketing 101
  2. 2. Ready to startIts time to consider Inbound Marketing.qualified leads online? Great!
  3. 3. Whats allthe fussabout?Does Inbound Marketing actually work?More and more businesses are moving their marketingdollars to online, inbound marketing.Because it works. But dont take our word for it.of marketers will investmore in earned mediain2011.3 More than halfof marketers increasedtheir inbound marketingbudget in 2011.
  4. 4. INBOUND MARKETING hasfour core principlesdesigned to generate new leads and give you amaximum ROI onyour marketing efforts
  5. 5. All four steps areimportantto the marketing puzzle.were going to focus on the first three stages(our favorites!)But for this presentation,
  6. 6. Before you can ever generate leads from your audience,you have to have an audience!Thats where the ATTRACT stage comes in.How do you increase your online visibility inorder to attract your potential clients?ATTRACT
  7. 7. It takes a killer combination of three main tactics to attractan audience and generate inbound website traffic:Focus your SEO strategy on people using search enginesand not the search engine itself.Create consistent problem-solving, keyword ranking blog content.Promote that content via social media.01.02.03.ATTRACT
  8. 8. Optimize your content for keywords & phrasesWhen you’re blogging and creating other content, remember to keepthese keywords and phrases integrated throughout.Based on your marketing goals,create a list of strategic keywords that your targetaudience will be searching for.that your target audience is searching for.ATTRACT
  9. 9. Create useful content that helps solveA problem for your audience.Bonus: Keeping an active blog will also allow your prospective buyers to get to know your companyand come to LIKE you. If you want to attract an audience, they need to like you!Want to attract more potential clients? Make sure that youreconsistently posting content always meets a need that they have.ATTRACT
  10. 10. Promote this content usingsocial media channels.It’s easy to do this through sharing functionality you build into your blogso that readers can easily click to share.Since youre spending the energy to create keyword-rich content,get the most out of it by sharing on social media!ATTRACT
  11. 11. Once you have an audience of prospective buyers, its time to startgathering information about them.This way, you can figure out how your company can help meet a need they have.How do you do that? By offering remarkable content inexchange for their information.Welcome to the CONVERT stage!convert
  12. 12. convertWe call these remarkablecontent pieces "Offers."What is an offer? A piece of content that is linked froma page asking visitors to fill out a quick form with theirinformation before they download it.Offers are the simplest and most effective tactic for turning traffic into leads.Your target audience loves these because they’ve been designed tomeet a specific need or address a common problem.
  13. 13. convertWhy are offers so effective?The more offers a potential client downloads, the moreyou learn about them and can better meet their needs. Talkabout personalized service!When a visitor fills out the form to access your content offer, a lead is created. Withthisinformation, you can use what you know about that lead to build out a follow upprocessdesigned just for them!What are some examples of an offer?• Ebook downloads• Videos• How to Guides• Webinars• Industry trend reports
  14. 14. But we arent done yet.Leads dont make money!Now that you’re generating traffic from the offers you’re creating andgaining access to a new pool of leads, it’s time to convert them intopaying customers and CLOSE the sale!So how do you turn those leads into paying clients?CLOSE
  15. 15. Create follow up campaignsthat nurture leads at different pointsin the sales process.After you’ve created some well crafted offers, it’s these personalized lead-nurturingcampaigns that will guide your prospective client through the sales funnel.According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturingare able to generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.CLOSE
  16. 16. CLOSEWhy do leadnurturing campaigns work?These campaigns are also an opportunity to continueeducating the prospective buyers on your value proposition(ie: why does what you offer make their life better?)They give you the opportunity to continue providing educational contentto a prospective buyer and earn their trust
  17. 17. CLOSEHow do you create alead nurturing campaign?Based on the particular offer a lead opted into, you can usethis insight to better target leads and personalize theapproach you use in leading them to make a purchase decision.When creating follow up email campaigns to nurture these leads, you can segment yourleads based on the different content offers they’ve opted into.
  18. 18. CLOSEBecause youve gained the trust of your audienceand theyve gotten to know your company, you can make aSign up for a free trialGet a free consultationseamless pitch for a final offer!
  19. 19. CLOSEPS. Did we mention that lead nurturing campaigns are automated? That means they’rescalable. And they don’t require sales resources until the very end - the fun part.Cha-ching!
  20. 20. now what?Contact us at www.plumeandpost.comIf you’re ready to develop your own InBound Marketing plan,you can start by getting your free 30 minute consultation fromthe Plume and Post team!
  21. 21. Want to learn moreaboutInbound Marketing?You can also find more helpful resources on ourblog: us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn