Collapse of the reconstruction


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Collapse of the reconstruction

  1. 1. Collapse of theReconstruction Jake Ploof
  2. 2. Did the Reconstruction Work?• I do not think that the There were even government reconstruction worked as well as it influenced policies that restricted should have. Racism is the true black people. One of the key things overall reason for this. Racism that the government used to restrict Ulysses S. increased after the slaves were black people who wanted to vote. Grant passed freed. Many racist organizations Ulysses S. Grant mad a fifteenth the 15th were developed such as the Ku Klux amendment that allowed all people to amendment Klan. The Ku Klux Klan is Americas vote. The government made many allowing all first official terrorist group. They still policies to try to restrict black people races in are around today and are extremely from voting. One of these policies was America to racist. They believe that white poll taxes. These made people pay money in order to vote. This policy vote. people are dominant over all other races. They started by murdering was ended in by the 24th amendment. and lynching black people in public. The literacy test was another way to The horrible act of lynching still discriminate against black people who happens today. Another not so wanted to vote, but couldn’t read or violent racist organization was the write. To make sure that white people blackface minstrel. Blackface could vote they invented grandfather portrays black people as hooligans clauses. This means that if your with giant lips and certain strange grandfather could vote, then you personalities. These are could vote. These were ways that the organizations that encouraged government discriminated against racism throughout the country. black people.
  3. 3. Social Limitations of African Americans• Many Social Limitations were placed on African Americans after they were freed from slavery. One of these limitations basically put them under slavery again. It was called sharecropping. Sharecropping allowed white people to give black people everything they needed to survive, but they would have to work very hard and get very little pay. This was a lot like slavery. The Jim Crow laws also effected the social limitations of African Americans. They made black people be respectful to white people as their superiors.
  4. 4. W. E. B. Dubois and the NAACP• W. E. B. Dubois wanted all people to be treated equally. He also provided information that refuted the myths of black people being inferior to white people. He also founded the NAACP, an organization that wants every race to be treated equally. It is still going on today and is one of the countrys oldest civil rights movements.
  5. 5. Booker T. Washington• Booker T. Washington grew up like many other black children of his time, on a plantation. His father was white and his mother was black. His father is unknown because he lived with his mother during his young life. His mother got him a book that he learned to read and write from. This began his lifelong pursuit for knowledge for himself, and other black people. Eventually, in 1881 he ran a school called Tuskegee University. He often clashed with W. E. B. Dubois over the best avenues for racial uplift. Washington wanted black people to be educated, but he did not want to interfere with white people believing that they were superior to black people. He died in 1915 at the age of 59 of heart failure.
  6. 6. Plessy V. Ferguson• Homer Plessy was jailed for sitting in the “white” car rather than the “black” car of the East Louisiana Railroad. Plessy was only one eighth black and seven eighths white, but was still told to sit in the “black” car. Plessy argued his case that the separate car act violated the 13th and 14th amendments against judge John Howard Ferguson. He was declared guilty of not leaving the “white” car. Plessy also appealed to the supreme court of Louisiana and to the Supreme Court of America who both upheld Fergusons decision. They ruled that separate facilities for white and black people were constitutional as long as they were equal.
  7. 7. Solid South• The Solid South was the southern states that traditionally supported the democratic party after the Civil war. The election of President Calvin Coolidge is a perfect example of the solid south. All of the southeastern states had majority votes for Davis the democratic candidate as all of the all of the other states besides Wisconsin had majority votes for Coolidge.
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