How to Export the Agile PLM Database


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This presentation will provide information on using the export command to export the Agile PLM database so that it can be imported into another environment or archived as a backup.

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How to Export the Agile PLM Database

  1. 1. How to Export the AgilePLM Database
  2. 2. IntroductionThere are a couple of ways to move content betweenyour Agile PLM environments. If only configurationneeds to be moved, then Agile ConfigurationPropagation (ACP) tool should be the tool ofchoice. For configuration and data, Agile PLM providestwo scripts to create dump file through a regular exportand the data pump. This blog will provide informationon using the export command to export the Agile PLMdatabase so that it can be imported into anotherenvironment or archived as a backup.
  3. 3. Steps to ExportIn most cases I use this export method. When confronted with very large databases Iwill use the data pump instead.1. Stop the application server (recommended)2. Open a console or command window3. Navigate to the Agile PLM database utilities that were installed. 1. Execute: cd %ORACLE_BASE%/admin/<Oracle SID>/create/<agile schema user> 2. Example: cd /oracle/admin/agile9/create/agile4. Verify the settings are correct in the par file 1. Verify the file= property. This will overwrite the file if it exists!5. Export the database by executing agile9exp.bat (Windows) or ./ (Unix) 1. If the command has not been run on Unix before it may need to be set to execute: chmod u+x 2. This command will only export the Agile schema which is usually the desired goal. If you wish to back up the entire oracle database the Agile Database Installation guide discusses the commands to accomplish that.
  4. 4. Resources Demonstration Video: Original blog post: to-export-the-agile-plm-database Oracle documentation:
  5. 5. About Us PLM Mechanic specializes in the technical aspects of Oracle’s Agile PLM solution We offer the following service: – Agile PLM installations and upgrades – Agile PLM maintenance and help desk functions – Agile PLM hosting – Customization PLM Mechanic also has several product offerings
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