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What do you think of the postcard we are sending out? Join us in Silicon Valley.

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Masters of Real Estate Conference

  1. 1. MASTERS OF CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE EXPO in San Jose ~ Saturday, March 29th @ 10 am Limited FREE Tickets!! Doubletree by Hilton Hotel 2050 Gateway Place San Jose, CA 95110 RSVP: 805.693.1497 or Hosted by Linda Pliagas, CEO Realty411, Investor/Agent GreatNetworking! LotsofVendors! Chris Gleason, MMG Capital Geraldine Barry, SJREI Charles Tralka GCA Equity Partners 100% Education / No Sales! ing industry and, to me, finding ntal properties is exhilarating. I joy the art of real estate. In fact, band and I recently closed escrow nth on two phenomenal rental es in Santa Barbara County. Both were purchased for what the market was just a few years ago and apprecia- by Linda Pliagas publisher, agent, investor linda’snote T of Real Estate.Receive Our NEW Issue! Kaaren Hall, uDirect IRA Mark Hanf, Pacific Private Money R eal estate, like any investment, can attract lots of scammers. How do you really know who you’re dealing with? You see ads everywhere for “turn- key” rental properties, but what does this really mean, and how do you know who to trust? The owners of the Bay Area Equity Group, a turn-key property provider located in Campbell, California, were recently arrested on suspicion of fraud. I saw these guys at a real estate expo I attended last year and they seemed like nice enough people. What happened? duediligence - They wanted to offer the be Testimonials on their webs deal it was. “No worrying ab No vacancies! No repairs!” W reality, that type of situation c triple net lease situation wher expenses and repairs. It cann seller takes on such enormou of clients. - They realized they couldn’t - They didn’t want to let their How Ponzi Schemes Begin.. Often times operators need to old promises. In this case, ou happened: How to Vet Out Turn-Ke PrOPerTyPrOVider (and Avoid Getting Scammed Kathy Fet insight on fraud inve Kathy Fettke Real Wealth Network IRA doing the investing, Hall adds. “So that’s confusing because they get into trouble by maybe signing a purchase contract (in their own name),” she says. “Your IRA can’t buy an asset that you own.” Consequently, people should wait until they actually open an account with a qualified custodian before funding it and making transactions, Hall says. Generally, a custodian rather than the actual investor should sign purchase contracts relevant to self-directed IRAs. While representatives of companies such as uDirect IRA do not give actual investment advice due to potential legal liability, they can help people follow ever-changing IRS guidelines. Hall, a former mortgage broker whose work history includes Bank of America and Indymac Bank, has educated tens of thousands of investors into deciding whether self-directed IRAs are right for them. She and her associates have directly worked with thousands of clients. To learn more about self-directed IRAs, call 866- 447-6598 or visit O ne of the first questions you will be asked to answer is do you have an IRA or 401(k)? If the answer is yes, then the next question is, so who decides where your money gets invested? The answer should be you. Many do not realize that there is a way to have control over your own retirement funds. It has been available for years, but very few people know about them or under- stand them. We know you’re not one of those individuals, or at least in the next 10 minutes will not be fully in the dark on this interesting subject. IRAowners after reading this article will find value in the knowledge and resources to empower them with a wealth-building tool. In today’s financial environment, the knowledge can be worth thousands to mil- lions of dollars for a normal household Hall is the president and founder of uDirect IRA Services LLC. She is an expert in the field and has a high priority on education. This is a good aspect for a custodian to have, as being able to communicate and ed- ucate a client on how to use their accounts is the most important part of having a self directed IRA. A person has to understand the rules and having an educated custodian to hand hold you through the process. This is not only necessary, but it is a must. Then you research and find assets, proj- ects, and/or companies to invest in to grow the funds. Many people purchase real es- tate, give private mortgages, buy precious metals, buy companies, etc. as some of the investment projects. Kaaren Hall states, “Remember you are the one making all the decisions, you’re the advisor, and it’s not on someone else’s shoulders. The Securities Exchange Com- mission (SEC) promotes public awareness on letting the public know to be careful, and what type of recourse is available. So in our welcome packages we supply help- real estate experience, Kaaren Hall has as- sisted her nationwide base of clients for many years. She is also president and founder of uDi- rect IRAServices LLC, and speaks at many real estate club meetings and events to edu- cate the public on how to use self-directed IRA accounts. She is a sought after expert in the field and has assisted national real estate experts with their own deal structur- ing and accounts. The service and fees are the aspects to consider when choosing a custodian. Having access to the experience and knowledge is the added value with this company. After many years of Hall being a busy by Bonnie Laslo I CAN Control my Retirement Account? RETIRE WEALTHY with IRA Investing By Stephanie B. Mojica S elf-directed individual retirement accounts or IRAs are rapidly growing in popularity, but experts warn that it is important to only get into such an investment with proper education and professional guidance. Kaaren Hall, owner of uDirect IRA Services in Orange County, Calif., says even after more than two decades in the financial industry and four years of running her company she too must continually stay on top of her investment education particularly regarding Internal Revenue Service guidelines for retirement accounts. Self-directed IRAs allow people to invest their retirement funds into a variety of options outside of the traditional stock market, including real estate, land, and private notes. “Financial literacy is not taught in schools, but our future depends on understanding it,” Hall says. “Only about 4 percent of U.S. investors have a self-directed IRA. Why? Because most investors and many advisors simply aren’t aware of it.” But even those who are aware of the potential financial power of self- directed IRAs often do not fully comprehend is the IRS guidelines of “prohibited transactions,” according to Hall. “You’re not allowed to have any personal benefit from your IRA prior to retirement,” Hall says. A common misconception among investors is that they can use the self-directed IRA funds to purchase real estate or other property from themselves or close relatives such as a spouse, a child, a grandchild, a parent, a grandparent and any spouses of such relatives. These transactions are not permitted under self-directed IRAs, according to Hall. However, an investor could purchase property from a more distant strategy 6 Tips for a SUCCESSF Private Lending Pract almost every day. When a a loan that’s outside of our or capacity, we will refer t or more brokers from our utable private loan origina in most cases, is a waste o time. Especially if the lead another broker. You do no the middle of a daisy chai deals mostly fail because t does not get well served. fail is that there is no way to get paid without over-c rower. The universe will r selflessly refer to other bro which don’t fit your niche literally hundreds of leads to other lenders over the p years, the goodwill it creat in referrals coming back t people to whom we selfles business months or even y five $50,000 loans than one $500,000 loan or even a $1 million loan! You can charge more points on smaller loans, plus the fees. They close quicker and easier. Larger loans fail to close at a much higher rate than smaller loans. FOCUS. Be specific in your advertising and market- ing. Don’t say that you are “nationwide” and you fund “all loan types” and loan amounts. I guarantee you that brokers who market themselves as such do not have a thriving business. STRIVE FOR TOTAL By Mark Hanf, CEO of Pacific Private Money Tremendous opportunities exist today for private money loan brokers. We found the following disciplines helped tremendously in growing a thriving private lending brokerage. STAY LOCAL. The private lending business model is most successful when you focus locally. Most of your loans should be within 100 miles of your office. Most of your private lenders will be local to your community. You will succeed in funding loans because you are a local expert and you understand your local marketplace. Remember that Mingle with industry leaders Postcard.indd 1 3/13/2014 12:16:46 PM
  2. 2. Realty411 Magazine 747 Elsinore Dr. Solvang, CA 93463 JOIN US FOR 2014’s FIRST REAL ESTATE EXPO IN SILICON VALLEY! 100% Pure Education - Mingle with Vendors Limited FREE Passes Available @ or call our office: 805.693.1497 24/hr Event Hotline: 310.499.9545 Thanks to Our Gold Sponsors: Pacific Private Money, GCA Equity Partners and Real Wealth Network Also sponsored by: HomeVestors, REI Wealth Monthly, HomeReplay, MMG Capital, Summit Assets Group, Wilson Investment Properties, uDirect IRA Services, Pinnacle Investment Properties SJREI, Bay Area Wealth Builders (BAWB), SFB REI, NREI Club, Real Estate 360 Radio, REI Voice, Reesio, and and More to Come!!! Postcard.indd 2 3/13/2014 12:16:46 PM