Making Sense of Twitter
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Making Sense of Twitter



Basic info and tips and tricks for those who are new to Twitter. Best practices for Twitter for business.

Basic info and tips and tricks for those who are new to Twitter. Best practices for Twitter for business.



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Making Sense of Twitter Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Making Senseof Twittera.k.a. #WTF is Twitter?June 12, 2013
  • 2. Why me?• I initiated UDM’s social media presence almost 5years ago*• I am the founder and cohost of #TCMParty, one ofthe most popular chats on Twitter.• Twitter is my true social media love.• Follow me: @Paula_Guthat
  • 3. So...what is Twitter?A microblogging service which allows usersto post updates of 140 or fewer characters.
  • 4. Why Twitter?✴ Are people using this platform to talk about your brand,your industry, or your competition?✴ Does this platform align with your demographic?✴ Is there an opportunity to tell your brand’s story in anew or unique way on this platform?✴ Do you have the resources to maintain a robust presenceon this platform?✴ Does this platform logically fit in with your existing digitalecosystem?any social network*Things to think about BEFORE you joinPR Daily, 5/21/13
  • 5. Why Twitter?✴ What are you trying to accomplish by engaging on [anyplatform]? In other words, what are your goals? Examples:✴ Awareness – visibility✴ Driving traffic to your....✴ blog✴ online store or bricks & mortar location✴ Facebook pageany social networkThings to think about BEFORE you join✴How will you measure it?
  • 6. What’s so great about Twitter?✴It is very well-suited to mobile devices.✴Of the“major”social networks, it’s theeasiest one to find and consistentlyconnect with your target market.✴News breaks on Twitter first.✴It’s the great leveller.
  • 7. Twitter terms, part 1• “Follow” – you’ve opted to see all of a person’s or acompany’s tweets in your timeline except those replieswhere you don’t follow both parties• “Tweet”– Also called an update. Public message toEV-eryone that is following you.• “Mention”or“@mention”– Public message to specificperson/people• Add 1 character before an @name and that tweetwill show in all your followers’timelines, not justthat person• “Direct Message”– Private message to a specific person;you can DM anyone who follows you
  • 8. • “Interactions”– Your mentions, plus follows andfavorites• “Retweet”or“RT”– Posting someone else’s tweet to yourfollowers• “Modified tweet” or“MT”– Some Twitter appsallow you to edit a tweet before retweeting. Whenyou do this, change the“RT”to“MT”to indicatethere have been edits made to the original tweet.• “Timeline”– the running list of tweets and RTs fromeveryone you follow except those replies where you don’tfollow both parties.Twitter terms, part 2
  • 9. What is a #hashtag?• A word or phrase added to a tweet so thatit will show up in searches• If the word is in the tweet, you don’t needto repeat it for it to appear in searchresults• Use a hashtag whenever possible, but 2hashtags per tweet is usually enough• Can also be used as a comment on thetweet’s content. Use judiciously forbusiness, if at all.
  • 10. How totweet like thisnot this
  • 11. Getting startedWhich hashtags to track?Who to follow?✴LISTEN before diving in✴Keywords and searches✴Make Twitter lists – they can be private✴Begin by offering interesting content &starting conversations✴Also follow a few new accounts every week
  • 12. Twitter for business• Optimize your profile• Continue to listen (FREE market research)• Mindfully promote your product/service ()• Develop relationships with customers,business partners and media by offeringhelpful, interesting content andconversation• Customer service• Having fun
  • 13. Twitter for everyone• Experiment & observe to determine howmany tweets is“too many”• The most interaction occurs early in theweek between 10 a.m. & 4 p.m. Eastern. Takeyour followers’time zones into account.• Schedule sparingly• Ideal tweet length is no more than120characters to allow for RTs. Less is better!• Find your RTs and thank people for them• Look at what people are not saying
  • 14. not likely
  • 15. Free/low-cost Twitter toolsHootSuite, SproutSocial, Sendible, Bufferwww.whentotweet.comwww.twittercounter.comwww.followercheck.commobile: Tweetbot, HootSuite, SproutSocial
  • 16. Twitter Analytics
  • 17. Recommended reading