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Navy Brand Public Brief
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Navy Brand Public Brief


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • Not just a recruiting campaign The new brand campaign is designed to ignite a passion within those currently serving in uniform. We who serve are well aware that something very special resides within the spirit of the men and women who dedicate themselves to serving others. Understanding millenials Young people today want to be a part of something much bigger and more-powerful than themselves. Recognize their contributions to the whole, while maintaining their individuality. Sailors (including millenials) helped develop the new brand Recruit slogan history: “ Accelerate Your Life” (2001-2009) “ Let the Journey Begin” (1996-2000) “ Navy. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure” (1976-86) “ Be Someone Special” (1973-75)
  • What we do as a Navy does is articulated in the Maritime Strategy.
  • Our brand is directly tied to the maritime strategy This may be a new tagline, but our mission of maintaining, training and equipping combat-ready naval forces, deterring aggression, winning wars and maintaining freedom of the seas remains the same. Our security, stability and seapower focuses on opportunities – not threats; on optimism – not fear, and on confidence – not doubt. Current maritime strategy elevates Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief to core elements of maritime power. We’ve always done this, but now we’ll plan to do it. Maritime strategy was shaped through a partnership with the American people. The American people want us to remain strong; they want us to protect them and our homeland, and they want us to work with partners around the world to prevent war.
  • We are asking for your help. Share your knowledge and experience with students, peers and local organizations. Call or e-mail your local recruiter to offer your assistance. You may not realize the real value that you provide to these young officers and petty officers. Just by making this contact, you provide them with an invaluable resource.
  • Navy Recruiting Command stands ready to meet the challenges of the future. Communication is key. With your help, we will continue to meet our mission, recruiting the best and brightest for America’s Navy – a global force for good.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Navy Brand
    • 2.
      • The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train, and equip
      • combat-ready Naval forces
      • capable of winning wars,
      • deterring aggression and maintaining freedom
      • of the seas.
      Articulate Navy’s Mission
    • 3.
      • Forward Presence
      • Deterrence
      • Sea Control
      • Power Projection
      • Maritime Security
      • Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Response
      Maritime Strategy Core Capabilities
    • 4. Forward Presence
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7. Deterrence
    • 8.  
    • 9. Sea Control
    • 10. Sea Control
    • 11.  
    • 12. Power Projection
    • 13.  
    • 14. Power Projection
    • 15. Maritime Security
    • 16.  
    • 17.  
    • 18. Humanitarian & Disaster Relief
    • 19.  
    • 20.  
    • 21. Recruiting To Fit
    • 22.  
    • 23.  
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26.  
    • 27. What can you do to help?
      • Share your knowledge and experience with students, peers, and local organizations.
      • Contact a local recruiter and offer your assistance in sharing our Navy’s message.
    • 28.
      • Navy Recruiting Command stands
      • ready to meet the challenges of the future
      • Communication is key
      • Your help = Recruiting success
      Ready for the Challenge
    • 29. Contact 1-800-USA-NAVY (1-800-872-6289)
    • 30.
      • Backup
    • 31.