Brand Update for Outreach: America's Navy
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Brand Update for Outreach: America's Navy






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  • As a PAO, I’ve found that understanding the context of how the brand was developed and how it is relevant to our Navy today helps when we’re sharing the brand with our internal and external audiences.
  • GFFG has seen a measurable increase in ad slogan recall over the page 9 months, up 10 percentage points. Interest and participation with Navy in social media continues to grow as well, and chat requests through are on pace to at least match 2011 levels

Brand Update for Outreach: America's Navy Brand Update for Outreach: America's Navy Presentation Transcript

  • Navy Recruiting Command Alvin “Flex” Plexico, Ph.D. Commander, U.S. Navy Public Affairs Officer 1
  • The "good" the Navy performseveryday takes many forms includingbombs on a terrorist hideout, bullets to protect innocent civilians, bottles ofwater to those in need, and advancedtraining and education for our Sailors. 2
  • Historical Context Four different slogans since inception of the all volunteer force Targeted to prospects ages 18-24 and focused on their “what’s in it for me” question  Be Someone Special – 1973- 1975  Navy. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure – 1976-1996  Let the Journey Begin – 1996-2000  Accelerate Your Life – 2001-2009 In 2009, Navy adopted a “branding” strategy  Brand is a long-term strategy, not a slogan to change with the tide  Developed through Sailor feedback  Tied to Maritime Strategy 3
  • Brand Resonates With New Sailors 88% of New Sailors Influenced by Navy Advertising Recognition of Navy’s Brand grew an additional 25% in FY12 12% 88% Not Influenced by Advertising Influenced by Advertising FY10 FY11 FY12 America’s Navy: A Global Force For Good 2012 New Sailor Survey 2010, 2011, 2012 New Sailor Survey More New Sailors “agree strongly” Navy’s “How relevant do you think the Navy role in the world is effectively captured brand is to you and your role in the Navy?” 35% 43% 19% 2% Agree Strongly Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree2012 New Sailor Survey 2012 New Sailor Survey
  • Brand Continues to Gain Traction Ad Slogan Recall GFFG Mentions in Social Media 2012 2011 204,674* 204,674* 2010 163,000 163,000 48,000 48,000 2010 2011 2012JAMRS Ad Tracking Study Wave 27 & 35 Radian6 Google Insight Navy Facebook Fan Growth Live Chat with Navy Recruiter 272,809* 2012 118,529* 185,821 261,465 4% 2011 76,413 2010 190,516 12,737 43,088 2009 * CY to date Jan ‘12 – Jun ‘12 2009 2010 2011 2012 Omniture & Unica Software TrackingFacebook Tracking
  • Alignment with CNO Sailing DirectionsWarfighting First Print Ads “Power” - TV “Life, Liberty, Pursuit” - TV SWCC – Navy’s Best Kept Secret Red Shirts - Video Spec OpsOperate Forward “100 Percent” - TV Carrier Strike Group - Video Destroyer - VideoBe Ready “Until” - TV CIC - Video 1
  • Maritime Strategy & Sailing Directions 7
  • Navy Speeches & Briefs Speech Resources