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Business Class Email Solutions



I created this presentation on Business Class Email Solutions for the Conway Arkansas Business Expo

I created this presentation on Business Class Email Solutions for the Conway Arkansas Business Expo



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  • Business Class Email Solutions – Welcome
  • About me section, speed through this quickly as possible.Emphasis on Offices in Batesville, Jonesboro, and Conway (mention that I live in Conway)
  • Importance of Email to Your BusinessWhy Free Email Solutions are BadMicrosoft ExchangeAlternatives to Microsoft Exchange Server (cloud exchange, plethware, etc.)Email Archiving and Data Retention Requirements for Your Industry w/ a close look at Healthcare
  • These are just a few examples of the tech tools businesses use today.What used to be a high pitched shout out to a coworker in another room is now a simple IM chat notification.Even with all of the advances and new technologies out there, Email is still the most widely used & accepted method…
  • Today smartphones look a lot more like this. One of the most important components for a business class email solutions in my opinion is wireless email You will want to make sure that your business class email solutions work well w/ wireless devices and allow synchronization & collaboration.Go over the points to emphasize why wireless is important.
  • Reliability
  • Security should be a primary concern regardless of your business type.
  • Free email accounts, even Google apps are particularly appealing to organizations because they are FREE. No cost of entry, no overhead, etc., but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Just think about the poor Gmail users that had their accounts hacked and their friends were all emailed viagara testimonials. How embarrassing is that?
  • This is Sarah Palins hacked Yahoo email account. It was posted on several websites but most famously Gawker.com and wikileaks.com. Not only was her email compromised but also the information for all of her contacts and her calendar.
  • Perception is importantLet’s look a little closer at this point…
  • Ponder this question
  • While you ponder that question, I would like to introduce you to BoogersNastyRides25@gmail.comHe prefers to keep his email at Gmail because he moves around from company to company a whole lot.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server is a product that some of you might have heard of before.
  • Key points about Exchange
  • Exchange server costs – in-house version w/ server & software licensing
  • Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange Server that can be just as productive and save you money.
  • Disclosure, again my partners and I sell a hosted exchange cloud solution for a monthly per user fee that is a fraction of the cost of normal exchange when you compare apples to apples, etc. We also have a branded solution that is our flagship product called Plethware that we sell as a replacement to exchange. We can also sell hybrid solutions where you might only need 3 exchange licenses / seats and x number of plethware accounts.
  • What is Microsoft Exchange in the Cloud? What are the advantages.
  • This is how the cloud works.
  • What are some considerations?
  • Spam and Antivirus Solutions
  • Email Archiving and Data Retention.Email archiving is a service that backs up and stores all emails from your company. These emails are stored in a searchable location for easy retrieval.
  • Questions / Comments?

Business Class Email Solutions Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Business Class Email Solutions
  • 2. Business Class Email Solutions
    Cotton Rohrscheib
    • Few people try the last name…
    • 3. Partner / Co-Founder of Pleth, LLC
    • 4. Award Winning Web Development & Interactive Agency
    • 5. Offices in Batesville, Jonesboro, and Conway
    • 6. Our core products include:
    • 7. Managed Web Hosting
    • 8. Web Design & Application Development
    • 9. Graphic Design, Print Production
    • 10. Business Class Email & Groupware Solutions
    • 11. Social Media Consulting
    • 12. Host of ‘The Cotton Club’ Podcast & Blog
    • 13. Rackspace Consumer Board of Advisors (NASDAQ: RAX)
    • 14. Have been in the IT industry over 10+ years.
  • Businesses Class
    Email Solutions
  • 15. Business Class Email Solutions
    • What We Will Discuss…
    • 16. The importance of Email to your Business
    • 17. Why Free Email Accounts are Bad for Business.
    • 18. Microsoft Exchange
    • 19. Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange
    • 20. Email and Your Industry (Regulations, etc.)
  • Businesses use different tools to communicate today than they did 20 years ago…
  • 21. Business Class Email Solutions
    Today’s Business Communication Tools…
    • Cellular Phones and Text Messages
    • 22. VOIP (Vonage)
    • 23. Instant Messaging (MSN, Skype)
    • 24. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
    • 25. Email is still most widely used & accepted...
  • Business Class Email Solutions
    The Importance of Email to Your Business
    • It’s assumed that you have email.
    • 26. Interact with Employees or Team Members
    • 27. Transmission of Sales, Product Information, etc.
    • 28. Fastest Method to Transmit Information Globally
    • 29. Interact with Vendors / Strategic Partners
    • 30. Interact with Consumers / Customers
    • 31. Technical Support, Troubleshooting
    • 32. Pre-Sale Questions
    • 33. No one sends Letters Anymore
    • 34. Fax Machines are Dinosaurs…
    • 35. The Times Have Changed
  • Business Class Email Solutions
  • 36. Business Class Email Solutions
    • Wireless Devices
    • 37. Being able to respond to Emails from your wireless phone allows you the freedom to move around in other areas of your business rather than being chained to your desk.
    • 38. After hours situations happen more frequently than you might think, being able to address those instantly with your wireless device has tremendous value.
    • 39. Most business class email solutions come bundled with synchronization tools that interact with your desktop machine, keeping your contacts and calendars synchronized.
  • Free Email Solutions are Bad for Business. Period.
  • 40. Business Class Email Solutions
    • Free Emails for Business??
    • 41. Reliability. Free email solutions from Yahoo, Microsoft Hotmail, and Gmail are great for personal email accounts where missing an important message isn’t going to cost you money.
  • Business Class Email Solutions
    • Free Emails for Business??
    • 42. Reliability. Free email solutions from Yahoo, Microsoft Hotmail, and Gmail are great for personal email accounts where missing an important message isn’t going to cost you money.
    • 43. Security.Free email solutions are often supported by advertisements. This doesn’t usually generate enough revenue for providers to justify the costs of added security.
  • Business Class Email Solutions
    • Yes, This Does Happen…
  • Business Class Email Solutions
  • 44. Business Class Email Solutions
    • Free Emails for Business??
    • 45. Reliability. Free email solutions from Yahoo, Microsoft Hotmail, and Gmail are great for personal email accounts where missing an important message isn’t going to cost you money.
    • 46. Security.Free email solutions are often supported by advertisements. This doesn’t usually generate enough income for providers to justify the costs of added security.
    • 47. Perception. Your email address says more about you and your business than you might think. Let’s ask ourselves some questions…
  • Business Class Email Solutions
    It’s About Perception…
    • What does your email address say about your credibility?
    • 48. What does your email address say about the credibility of your company?
    • 49. How does your email address look on business cards & marketing material?
    • 50. Which of the following email addresses would you buy a car from?
    • 51. BoogersNastyRides25@gmail.com or
    • 52. John@ConwayMotors.com
  • Business Class Email Solutions
  • 53. Microsoft Exchange
  • 54. Business Class Email Solutions
  • 55. Business Class Email Solutions
    • The most popular and widely used business class email solution on the market.
    • 56. Combines support for e-mail, calendars, tasks, notes, and contacts
    • 57. Supports collaboration between co-workers with shared calendars, shared contacts, assigned tasks, etc.
    • 58. Requires hardware purchase, lease, etc.
    • 59. Requires software licensing, renewals, etc.
    • 60. Requires dedicated IT Person or Service Contract to run in-house.
    • 61. Most Exchange users in our area have Exchange in-house.
    • 62. There are options to in-house Exchange that knock the entry costs and maintenance fees down dramatically.
  • Business Class Email Solutions
    • Microsoft Exchange Costs
    • 63. Corporate Account / Small Business w/ 30 Users
    • 64. Hardware Costs & Equipment - $8000.00
    • 65. Entry Level Software Licensing - $2500.00
    • 66. Periodic Software Licensing Renewals - $500.00
    • 67. Spam, Antivirus, and Backup Solutions - $3000.00
    • 68. The Average Business w/ In-House Exchange has about $12-$15k invested.
    • 69. Important to Remember…The stability of your entire email platform is dependent on the consistency of your internet service provider. If your internet goes down frequently, your emails could be held delayed dramatically.
    • 70. The Cloud Brings Alternatives…There are several service providers today offering cloud or hosted Exchange Solutions for small businesses that only require a small monthly fee per seat, or account.
  • Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange Server…
  • 71. Business Class Email Solutions
  • 72. Business Class Email Solutions
    • Microsoft Exchange in the Cloud
    • 73. Same Exact Functionality as In-House Exchange
    • 74. No Investment in Hardware Needed
    • 75. No Software Licensing Required
    • 76. Reduced Headaches for your IT Staff
    • 77. Flexible Storage Scalability
    • 78. Inexpensive Point of Entry, Affordable Monthly Fees
  • 79. Business Class Email Solutions
    • Choosing Alternatives to Exchange
    • 80. There are several other comparable products on the market similar to Microsoft Exchange. Have your IT staff research all of the available options and make a recommendation based on the individual needs of your organization.
    • 81. When deciding an alternative for Exchange, keep in mind the need for future scalability as well as support for wireless devices issued throughout your organization.
    • 82. Many of the solutions on the market today come with contractual commitments, be weary of entering into long-term licensing contracts. It’s very easy to find service providers who offer Business Class Email Solutions on a month to month basis.
    • 83. [Disclosure: My company offers an Exchange alternative called Plethware that has all of the same features of Exchange at a fraction of the cost. We can also deploy hybrid solutions where you have users on Exchange and other users on Plethware.]
  • Spam & Antivirus
  • 84. Business Class Email Solutions
  • 85. Business Class Email Solutions
  • 86. Email Archiving & Data Retention Regulations for Your Industry
  • 87. Business Class Email Solutions
  • 88. Business Class Email Solutions
    • Email Archiving & Data Retention
    • 89. Open Meeting Laws - Intended to promote transparency & access to government records
    • 90. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - Gives greater access to government records, updated in 1996 to encompass electronic records
    • 91. Healthcare Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA) - Wraps stiff penalties around violations of electronic data retention and privacy regulations
    • 92. 21 CFR Part 11 - Imposes FDA-mandated policies for electronic records management on pharmaceutical companies
    • 93. SEC 17A-4 - Places stiff SEC-enforced rules around retention and access to records related to securities transactions
    • 94. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) - Addresses auditing and reporting for corporations to combat corporate accounting fraud
    • 95. Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) - Enacts regulations around data security in the financial sector
    • 96. FRCP - Sets limits around electronically produced and saved documents that are required as part of legal compliance
  • Business Class Email Solutions
    • Healthcare Industry
  • Business Class Email Solutions
    • Healthcare Industry Regulations
    Healthcare Industry
    • Hipaa
    • 97. Sarbanes-Oxley Act
    • 98. Freedom of Information Act
    Consequences for Regulatory Non-Compliance:
    • Inability to secure certifications (relationships w/ vendors, patients, & insurers)
    • 99. Civil Penalties & Fines
    • 100. Criminal Penalties Including Jail Time
    • 101. Legal Fees Defending Non-Compliance
  • Questions?
    Email Accounts Starting at $4.95 monthly.