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Here you will find the presentation of the new Auditel\'s corporative image!

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Auditel 2 O11 Ing

  1. 1. Engineering and
  2. 2.
  3. 3. With over 18 years ofexperience and a highlyqualified professional teamwhich is constantly evolving,AUDITEL Engineeringand Services offers solutionsthat include a wide rangeof systems, applications,installations, assembly andmaintenance, adaptingtechnology to the needsof each of its clients.AUDITEL is an outstanding referencein markets where it operates, bothnationally and internationally.
  4. 4. 02 06 Introduction 12 Organization 13 Divisions 08 Corporate Strategy Technological Systems Division Installations and Maintenance Division 11 Key Figures 16 International Presence
  5. 5. Engineering and Services22 Main Projects 28 Quality and Sport / Audiovisuals / Security Environment / Telecom Installations / Maintenance / Industrial Construction 30 Contact
  6. 6. Introduction06 AUDITEL An Engineering and Solutions Integration Company with extensive experience in design, projects, installations and maintenance of Audiovisual, Security, Telecommunication, Electricity, Energy, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Solutions. Focused on its Commitment to the Client, Quality and long term Service.
  7. 7. Corporate Strategy08 Solutions and Systems Integration Added Value Solutions Focused on the clients needs Technological Collaboration Model Through a Complete Cycle of Customer Service. Client Design Supply Operation Needs Custom-made Installation Maintenance Study solutions Energy Efficiency
  8. 8. 09Spanish Senate / Madrid / Spain_ Audiovisual Solutions
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. Key Figures 11Human ResourcesOver 200 highly qualified employees. Engineers Technical Specialist Administration Workers Workers Staff 30% 27% 30% 26% 17%FinancialTurnover growth: 2009 2010 2011 2012 projection of Own Funds 28,000,000 41,000,000 42,000,000 48,000,000 6,500,000Figures: euros
  11. 11. Organisation12 AUDITEL has specialised engineering departments, which allows it to manage large projects with a high technological and integration level. To support all operations, AUDITEL has a commercial, technical and production area. There is also a General Services office, which combines the following departments: Financial, Administration, Legal, Quality and Environment, Procurement, Personnel and Occupational Hazards and IT and Management Systems. Territorially, there are regional offices and subsidiary companies that allow greater proximity to our clients.
  12. 12. Technological Systems Division (ST) 13Sport Solutions Security Solutions• SISDe: Integrated System of Violence Prevention • Integrated security solutions. (Closed Circuit Television Systems, Evacuation • Control Centres. Public Address, Access Control, Radio communication, Uninterrupted Power Systems). • Video surveillance Systems.• Capacity and ticket sales management. • Evacuation Public Address.• Spectacular sound. • Access control.• Field illumination. • Police applications.• Electronic scoreboards and Digital Signage • Management and technical control of buildings. advertising banners (U-TV). • Intrusion detection.• CA-TV. • Fire detection systems.• Press rooms and IBCs.• Parking management, etc. AUDITEL SECURITY is a company within AUDITEL, which has been registered in the Security Companies Register of theAudiovisual Solutions Interior Ministry.• Professional Acoustics Solutions.• Large Format Visualisation (projection, LED,etc). Telecom Solutions• Conference Systems and simultaneous • Advanced telecommunication networks. translation. • TETRA Systems.• Equipment and Stage Lighting. • Multiservice Networks.• Videoconference and Telepresence. • Pre-WiMax, WiMax and MESH Solutions.• Digital Signage Solutions. • VoIP Systems.Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Alicante Airport Spanish Senate / Spain Galapagar / Madrid / Spain/ Madrid / Spain _ Sport / Spain _ Security Solutions _ Audiovisual Solutions _ Telecom SolutionsSolutions
  13. 13. Installations and Maintenance Division (IM)14 Installations Integral and specialised ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS maintenance High, medium and low voltage, Electric substations, AUDITEL´s commitment to its clients goes Transformation centres, Beaconage, Motor control beyond the execution of an installation project. centres, Electric energy distribution, Street As a result, we become the user’s regular partner, lighting, Lighting. which means that together we take part in the integral management of a building or a MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS large installation. Construction, Management and operation of energy production stations, Air conditioning and We offer: Integral maintenance, Specialised treatment (HVAC), Ventilation, Fluid installation maintenance, Normative maintenance, (water, gas,), ERM. Technical-legal maintenance, Infrastructure maintenance and management and dispersed actives management. FIRE PROTECTION INSTALLATIONS (FPI) Sprinkler networks, BIE networks, Electric pumping and diesel groups, Hydrant networks, Dry column networks, Detection systems. Industrial Construction Supply, engineering, installations and construction. TURNKEY INSTALLATIONS Our experience is based on integral construction Integral and turnkey services. turnkey services aimed at the operation of We undertake project management functions and industrial processes. the development of assembly plans which integrate all installations. We also plan the provision of different teams and establish the initial definition of empty spaces and technical rooms. M 30 tunnels / Madrid A-70 Highway / Alicante Airbus factory / Toledo Las Rozas Toxicological institute / Spain _ Installations / Spain _ Installations / Spain _ Maintenance / Madrid / Spain _ Mechanical Installations
  14. 14. 15Airbus / Spain_ Installations
  15. 15. International Presence16 As a result of its growth and expansion, AUDITEL has established several companies, allowing it to successfully operate within new markets. A large part of this growth has been undertaken internationally with significant projects in South America and Africa.OficinasTrabajos / Proyectos Offices Works / Projects Offices: Madrid / Barcelona / Seville / Canaries / Germany / Portugal / Argentina / Panama / Equatorial Guinea / Morocco AUDPORT AUDITEL Portugal AUDITEL GE Equatorial Guinea AUDITEL Central America AUDITEL-ECSA Argentina AUDITEL Germany
  16. 16. AUDPORT AUDITEL Portugal 17A company situated inthe Portuguese capitalof Lisbon that providescoverage for the wholePortuguese territory.It has a commercial and engineeringdepartment in order to develop personalisedprojects for its clients and focuses on theaudiovisual, telecommunication and securitysectors in any field.PORTUGAL-
  17. 17. AUDITEL GE Equatorial Guinea18 A company with the headquarters in the capital of Malabo and a project office in Bata. With a commercial, an engineering and production department. It focuses on the audiovisual, telecommunication and security sectors and has designed large scope telecommunications and municipal security projects. The most important reference we can outline is the turnkey and integral project regarding the design, supply and installation of security and audiovisual systems in the stadiums and its respective IBCs ( International Broadcasting Center ) where the Africa Cup 2012 will be held. Equatorial Guinea -
  18. 18. AUDITEL Central America 19Situated in the strategicand prosperous PanamaCity, it covers the CentralAmerican area.It has been set up in order to undertake largescale and technically complex projects.It combines the solutions provided by thetwo AUDITEL divisions:Technological Systems (ST):Audiovisual, Telecommunications and Security.Installations and Maintenance (IM):Energy and industrial construction installations.CENTRAL AMERICA-
  19. 19. AUDITEL-ECSA Argentina20 A company with an office in the city of Buenos Aires and strong local establishment. It covers the entire Argentinean territory and offers coverage to the bordering countries. It focuses on the security, telecommunication and audiovisual sectors and has carried out large projects in sports infrastructures, such as security systems for 1st and 2nd division stadiums which include the River Plate and the Boca Juniors Stadiums. ARGENTINA -
  20. 20. AUDITEL Germany 21Established in the Germancity of Stade (Hamburg),it focuses on the industrialsector, electrical andmechanical installations.Amongst the main references we can highlightthe turnkey Project and Construction of the“Clean room Cabins Workstations SHIMMING& FINAL OPERATIONS AIRBUS A350”, at theAIRBUS factories in Stade (Germany).GERMANY-
  21. 21. References22 AUDITEL positions itself as the company with the largest number of Integral Security Systems references in sports infrastructures, with over
  22. 22. Sport 23SPAIN All the 1 and 2 division Football Stadiums. Over 60 Stadiums. st ndVENEZUELA America Cup 2007. 9 Stadiums.ARGENTINA 1 Law of Adaptation. 4 Stadiums. stEQUATORIAL GUINEA Africa Cup 2012. 4 Stadiums.OTHER COUNTRIES Over 30 Projects and/or Installations. Chile, Peru, Brazil, Portugal, Gabon, etc.Real Madrid / Spain 2007 Americas Cup / VenezuelaSupply, Installation and Commisioning of CCTV Integrated security systems were implemented forConcentrators and Maintenance Service of CCTV the 9 stadiums where the Championship was heldSystems and P Systems in Santiago Bernabéu .A. during the summer.and the Real Madrid Sports City, as well as theexpansion of the UCI installations of the Santiago 2012 Africa Cup of NationsBernabéu Stadium. / Equatorial Guinea _Gabón AUDITEL has been chosen by the Equatorial GuineaMálaga C.F. / Spain Government as the successful bidder to carryThe professional spectacular sound system of out the design, supply and installation of thethe La Rosaleda Stadium and the Audiovisuals security and sales and ticket management systemsof the Press Room in 2010. for the 4 stadiums where the Cup will take place. Accreditation management for the Cup at allSports Palace / Madrid / Spain locations in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.Four LED Billboards.Sports Palace / Santanderand Almería / SpainAudiovisual and security systems.Santiago Bernabeu Stadium America’s Cup 2007 / Caracas Sports Palace / Madrid 2012 Africa Cup / Equatorial/ Madrid / Spain / Venezuela / Spain Guinea_Gabon
  23. 23. Audiovisuals24 Spanish Senate / Chamber and Room Europe Information and Tourism centre / Madrid / Spain in Plaza Colón / Madrid / Spain Supply and installation of a Conference System LED screens for municipal information and with Audiovisual, Videoconference and advertising. Simultaneous Translation Equipment. Hospital of Santa Creu i Sant Pau Spanish Senate / Madrid / Spain / Barcelona / Spain LED screens for the presentation of voting Supply and installation of audiovisual systems for results, video and information in the Chamber. the assembly room and adjoining rooms. Madrid City Council / New Sections Cibeles Hospital of Cartagena / Spain Building / Madrid / Spain Audio, video, control and data equipment in the Audiovisual, audio and video systems for the assembly room, operating theatres, classrooms and New Sections Cibeles Building: Council Chamber, chapel. Patient – nurse call system, P television .A. Auditorium, Villa Hall, Parliamentary Groups and audiovisuals. Meeting Rooms, Shorthand writers and Library, Museum, Meeting Room, Central Communications University of Cádiz / Spain Control Room, Videoma Room, Set, Multiuse Press Supply and installation of three Teleteaching Room, Structured Cabling. classrooms: Audiovisual, surveillance and access control equipment, management of Teleteaching Oran Conference Palace / Algeria classrooms based on AccesGrid technology. Supply of Conference and Simultaneous Translation Systems. Callao Cinema / Madrid / Spain Giant LED screens for information and advertising in the façade. Madrid City Council Callao Cinema / Madrid Galapagar / Madrid Airbus / Spain _ Telecom / Spain _ Audiovisuals / Spain _ Audiovisuals / Spain _ Security
  24. 24. Security 25B.O.E. / Madrid / Spain Rivas - Vaciamadrid / SpainFire detection system in the central office The centralised video surveillance system fromin Manoteras. the Local Police building for traffic control in the town and safety through the CCTV of several localAlicante Airport / Spain installations, police and sports areas.Supply and installation of Public Address Systemin the new terminal. EADS Group / Spain Design, Supply and Installation of an EvacuationVillaviciosa de Odón Council Public Address System in several factories./ Madrid / SpainThe modern system of video surveillance andnumber plate recognition with communication viaWiMax and integration with the LocalPolice’s software.Galapagar / SpainSupply and Installation of Security Camerasfor Traffic Regulation and Projection of PublicBuildings in Town integrated with the Local PoliceManagement Software. Setting up of police patrolGPS, PDA devices and Alarms and ControlCentre Reception Systems.TelecomCastilla y León Council / Spain AIRBUS / Illescas y Getafe / SpainSupply and installation of 64 digital languages Performances and expansion of the networkslaboratories aimed at different public centres factories.managed with bilingual departments.Galapagar Council / SpainPre-Wimax corporate network and IP telephony.
  25. 25. Installations26 CASA-EADS / San Pablo / Seville / Spain M 30 tunnels / Madrid / Spain Installations of the production buildings, Cabling installation of the ventilation system. engineering and R+D for the factory of the A400M military plane. A-70 Highway / Alicante / Spain Lighting on the A-70 Highway. Linking the N-338 Isofotón / Málaga / Spain Campello. Electrical installations for the new factory in Malaga. AENA / Minorca and Almería / Spain Installation of two data processing centres in History of the City Museum the airports. / Barcelona Council / Spain Reform of the air conditioning installation in the Airport of Bilbao / Spain Llibreteria Building. Runway lighting beacon. AIRBUS / Illescas / Toledo / Spain Hospital of Móstoles / Madrid / Spain The Turnkey electric and mechanical installations, Electrical installations. of the WLC A350 Ship. AIRBUS / Illescas / Toledo / Spain Construction and installations of a 132-15 KV Substation for the Airbus A350 ship. Airbus / Seville / Spain Airbus / Illescas-Toledo / Spain Telephone booths Airbus / Illescas-Toledo _ Installations / Electric Substration / 13 provinces / Spain / Spain / Clean room Cabins _ Installations _ Maintenance _ Industrial Construction
  26. 26. Maintenance 27Jerez de la Frontera / Cádiz / Spain Hospital General de LanzaroteConservation and maintenance of street lighting. / Canary Islands / Spain Integral maintenance of the Power Station.AIRBUS / Illescas / Toledo / SpainMaintenance of the A350 ship installation in the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos / Madrid / SpainAirbus factory Integral maintenance service of the Móstoles, Fuenlabrada, Vicálvaro and Alcorcón Campus andAirport of Lanzarote / Canary Islands / Spain the Manuel Becerra Centre.Maintenance and conservation service of fireprotection installations. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía / Madrid / SpainTELEFÓNICA / Spain Maintenance of security systems and installations.Maintenance, cleaning and collection of telephonebooths in 13 Spanish provinces, which include Spanish Congress of DeputiesMadrid and Barcelona. / Madrid / Spain Technical management implementation, conductionHospital General de la Palma and maintenance service and repairing of fire/ Canary Islands / Spain detection, prevention and extinction systems,Integral maintenance. and of surveillance, security and intrusion, walkthrough detector and supply of consumablesHospital San Roque Maspalomas in all the Lower House buildings, as well as/ Gran Canaria / Spain maintenance of electricity, sound, image and voteIntegral maintenance. control installations.Industrial ConstructionAirbus / Spain and Germany Airbus / Getafe / SpainTurnkey Project and Construction of the “Clean Turnkey Project and Construction, cabins androom Cabins Workstations SHIMMING & FINAL soundproofing means within productive process.OPERATIONS AIRBUS A350” in the factories ofIllescas (Toledo, Spain) and Stade (Germany). Airbus / Illescas / Spain Turnkey Project and Construction, recycling of rainAirbus / Madrid / Spain to water green areas, new AIRBUS A350 factory.Turnkey Project and Construction of “WaterRepellent AIRBUS A-19 A380” cabin in the factoryof Getafe.
  27. 27. Quality and Environment28 Our main objective is to offer a high quality personalised service which ensures environmental protection. To achieve this, we work as a team to provide clients with the best solutions. Other objectives held by AUDITEL: Identify the client’s real needs. Offer a flexible service that allows maximum adaptation of projects to the identified needs. Solve problems and requests that may arise during the execution of projects in a quick and ISO 9001: 2008 ISO 14001: 2004 efficient way. The protection of the environment, developing work and service according to environmental criteria: Prevent contamination derived from the different processes of its work; Introduce a continuous improvement in environmental performance; Comply with current environment legislation and other voluntarily accepted requirements.
  28. 28. 29AUDITEL has implemented a Quality andEnvironment Management System based onthe guidelines in the Standards for QualityManagement UNE-EN-ISO 9000 and EnvironmentManagement UNE-EN-ISO 14000, certified by anaccredited and independent organisation.In this system the establishment of continuousimprovement initiatives based on suggestionsoffered by our clients is an essential pillar andthey are based on the ongoing development ofour professionals.
  29. 29. Contact30 Spain Spain Delegations Avda. del Partenón, 10. Campo de las Naciones Center - Madrid 28042. Madrid / Spain Avda. del Partenón, 10. Campo de las Naciones Tel.: +34 91 721 18 48 / Fax: +34 91 721 16 34 28042. Madrid / Spain email: Tel.: +34 91 721 18 48 Catalonia - Barcelona Argentina Passeig de Sant Joan, 50 AUDITEL - ECSA 08010. Barcelona / Spain El Salvador 3921 (C1175ACC) / Ciudad Autónoma Tel.: +34 93 246 03 75 de Buenos Aires / República Argentina Andalusia Tel.: +54 (11) 4824 8826 Torneo Parque Empresarial Edificio Vilamar, 1 Central America Planta 1ª. Módulos 22-24, Panama City / Panama C / Tecnología, 26 41015. Seville / Spain Tel.: (+507) 656 17 016 Tel.: +34 954 961 702 Equatorial Guinea - Malabo AUDITEL G.E. Canary Islands C/ Mar de Siberia, 1 Carretera de Luba, s/n (Barrio de Banapa Malabo) 35100. Meloneras (Maspalomas) Apdo. 971 / Republic of Equatorial Guinea Gran Canaria / Spain Tel.: +240 333 091 311 Tel.: +34 928 14 68 80 Germany Airbus-Strasse 3 / 21684. Stade / Germany Tel.: +49 176 60942099 Portugal AUDPORT, Lda. Estrada da Luz, 90, 5º H. Edifício Atlanta Park I, 1600-160 Lisboa / Portugal Tel.: +351 21 154 22 26 Principal headquarters of Auditel Engineering and Services / Madrid / Spain
  30. 30.
  31. 31.