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Math literacy project Math literacy project Document Transcript

  • Harriet hit the jack pot this Halloween. When she gets home she decides to sort her candy into different categories. She then starts to eat all of her delicious candy when, uh-oh her tummy beings to hurt. Harriet then realized that she should have shared her candy instead of eating it all herself.<br />Grade Level: Kindergarten or first<br />GPS: First grade:<br />M1D1. Students will create simple tables and graphs and interpret them. <br />Interpret tally marks, picture graphs, and bar graphs. <br />Kindergarten:<br />MKD1. Students will pose information questions, collect data, organize, and display results using objects, pictures, and picture graphs.<br />Harriet sorts her candy into different categories, now it is your turn to sort your candy. Take the bag of candy that you have been given to you and determine how you want to sort your candy. Then, graph your candy. You can either use a bar graph or picture graph. After, analyze your findings.<br />Bar Graph<br />Amount of Candy<br />Categories<br />Picture Graph<br />Categories<br />Amount of candy<br />Answer these questions to analyze your data.<br />
    • Which one had the most?
    • Which one had the least?
    • Which one had the second to most?
    • If you add the most and least, what will be your sum?
    • If you take away the second most from the second least, what will be the difference?
    Assessment<br />Rubric: Name:___________________Date:__________________<br />Points123InformationStudents graph did not show category or amount.Students graph showed category and amount.Students graph properly represented the category and amount.Placement of informationStudent did not place correct information on correct line or column.Student was able to place some information in the correct area.Student was able to place all information in the correct area.Data AnalysisStudent was not able to answer all of the questions.Student was able to answer some of the questions.Student was able to answer all of the questions.<br />Total: __________/9<br />