Evaluation of the grudge


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Evaluation of the grudge

  1. 1. The Music videoGrudge.. ..evalua
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Consideration of codes and conventions is veryimportant whilst creating a product for the musicindustry. Starting this project, I have made a cleardecision that I would follow something that I amfamiliar with, just to make my life easier for me.However, lacking for unique ideas has made thinkagain and change my decision. This decision wasa very challenging one as I have decided to go forsomething which I am not familiar with what soever. So, from hip-hop to experimental music wasa very huge step. The challenge has begun forme when I had to make my own brief as I knewnothing about experimental music. Researchinginto unfamiliar artists was not very easy as mostof them are not that famous, however as I havebegun to find some interesting artists I knew thatthis challenge should be a very interesting one.Just before looking for ideas and inspiration Ihave came across to an amazing artist Soap &Skin, aka Anja Plaschg. Her music has seemedvery unusual but also beautiful which has drawnmy attention to straight away. After a longconsideration I have chosen my song, ‘FallFoliage’. As I have started to think of ideas for myproduct I have decided to avoid contact with the
  3. 3. As I have began my idea overflow I have wantedfor my music video to come out very unique. Thismeant using unusual techniques, locations andprops. My overall idea was to get the messageacross that the artist is trying to get away fromherself as she is unhappy about herself, like seenin her lyrics ‘We have nothing more to share, onlyair, that old breath’. My most obvious idea was touse a mirror, however to make it interesting myideas were to use a few mirrors, different sizerange too. To let the audience know what the ideaof my music video is I have came across to anidea of a scruffy drawing of the artist in a mirror,this is to show he the artist sees herself whilstlooking in the mirror. I then wanted the artist tosing some of the lyrics showing who this song isabout. The beginning lyrics are ‘You made mesmile with my heart; you made me, bag foradmission cards. You will never stay, in my home,on my way’. This introduction is very simple butaffective too, as the audience should by now knowthat the artist is singing about herself. One of myunique ideas which put the genre of experimentalacross would be using projections of the lyrics.The body language of the artist fits in with thelyrics, which once again, lets the audience knowhow the artist feels. Due to me being the creatorof the video as well as the artist herself, I believethat it was much easier to get the message acrosshow wanted it to. This is because I knew thecharacter inside out and for that reason I could getinto that character. Also, if any of the body
  4. 4. Overall I feel that I havefollowed the codes andconventions thoroughlyas my understanding ofexperimental genre hasbeen put across within
  5. 5. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Making my digipack I have wanted to put the genre of the artists’ music across, which meant uniqueness. I have also wanted to let the audience know what the album is all about and this meant me making the digipac a reflective of the songs within the album. So, to do that I have used all of the images from the video, as ‘Fall foliage’ is the main song of the album. Making it unique I have been inspired by Sagmeister. I have cut out the pieces of the face from the front cover, making it look like a broken mirror. The front of the digipack is the most important feature within the digipac as it is an introduction to the audience. This means that it has to be very attractive to draw people’s attention.
  6. 6. The same story goes tomaking a promotional poster,for the album to sell. Theposter has to be extraattractive due to only oneimage being used. I haveused a photo from my musicvideo once again, because ofthe same reasons. However,I did not use the same frontimage. This time I have useda photo of the artist lying onthe mirror, as this lets theaudience know hat the albummay be about. I could notuse the same image as thedigipack front cover, due to itbeing too simple. If I haveused the same technique ofthe cut outs on the poster itwould have not worked thatwell, as the poster is nothand held. Due to the digipac
  7. 7. I believe that the combination ofmy main product and ancillarytexts is very effective as all ofthe images used for my ancillarytexts have been taken from themusic video. I also find effectivedue to ‘Fall Foliage’ being themain song of the album. Thismeans that it not only itintroduces the album but themain song also. I am alsopleased with the fact of givingaway the experimental genre,for people who are interested inthis type of genre both myposter and my digipac would befamiliar, and easy to spot.Overall all three tie in togetherextremely well.
  8. 8. Through the process of making I have constantly been reflecting, revising and adapting the feedback received from the audience. There is no doubt about audience being in control of my music video constantly, due to me having to appeal to them. Due to me constantly thinking about the audience I have not received as much feedback for improvement. However, the feedback which I have received I have always taken into consideration.Some of my most memorable feedback would be from the older generation as they are more experienced and would not be scared to criticize my ideas. However, due to my music video appealing to a wide range age group I have tried my hardestto get as much feedback as I could from all the age generations. My very first way of achieving feedback would have beenby me making a questionnaire to give out to everyone. The feedback received has mostly been good feedback, which I was very pleased with.The audience have taught me a lot, such as reducing the length of some shots as viewing long shots can get boring. Also, I have re-shot quite a lot of shots to make them fit in perfectly with my video. My most successful change has been addingthe suicide bath scene which was recommended by one of the students in my class. I believe that it fits in perfectly and that the story line has extended in a more interesting way. I have also taken into consideration the fact that the very first shot of the artist singing as way too long, looking back at the feedback it has also improved my video due to me adding shots of the artist going all over the place between the singing shots. This has made it clearer that the artist does not know where she stands with herself and that she is all over the place. Things that have also been improved by the influence of the audience were changing the order of some shots due to minor confusion.
  9. 9. To gain constant feedback from all different age groups I have used a networking website facebook.This has let lots of different people feedback their thoughts and changes that could be made freely.More than half of the comments were positive, and no changes have been made after the facebook feedback has been received. I have learned that feedback from the audience is one of the main things that could improve things in the line of everything not just a music video. I believe that feedback from others is a way to perfection and it has helped me get to where I am now, and that is a thoroughly good music video which I personally am pleased with, thanks to others opinions.
  10. 10. In terms of construction I have used Final Cut pro for editing my music video. This new technology was quite hard to get the hang of, but once I’ve got used to it I have managed to successfully create my music video. I have had previous experience with this program from year 12, however I have managed to forget a few thingsduring the summer holidays, which has made me think back. Apart from that, I have learnt many new things, which were very useful within my music video. Speaking of construction, I have also used other technologies which have helped me to get everything the way I have wanted it to. One of these things were to get the lip singing right, for this achievement I have used my phone to play the track whilst filming. Using my mobile phone was a very good idea as I have managed to get the lip singing right the first time which I was rather proud of. This has also made my lifemuch easier as I could get it done quickly and out of the way, letting me move on to the making of the rest of the video. To create my digipac and poster I have also used the help of new technologies. The main program which I have used is Photoshop. Due to me doing two art subjects I know how to use it quite easily. However there is always a lot more to find out
  11. 11. Research and planning wise I have mostly used the internet, this is because it holds a lot of information about anything andeverything. Also, it is easy to use and takes less time than books, meaning that I couldget much more research done in less time. I have used google.com for most of my written research and Youtube.com for all of the moving research, such as examples of music videos. Looking at other music videos has helped me gain more initiative and greater ideas towards my creation. Tocollect research on what the audience have thought of my music video, also known asfeedback I have used a Networking website ‘Facebook’, I believe that this way manypeople would view it due to Facebook being a very popular networking website which gets used by every day.