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Do You Know?
We all know “knowledge is power.” And knowledge can easily be gleaned by reading real scientific data. But
IvY Rose
                                                           We built a spacious and cozy outdoor/indoor pen
what a DIffeRence a DaY MaKes
Here are a few ways you can make a huge difference             bound. She has at least two l...
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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report


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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

  1. 1. News Honoring the Earth and all its Creatures…… Spring 2008 PO BOX 905 • RYE, NEW YORK 10580 • W W W. A N I M A L N A T I O N . O R G Dialogues Wild Westchester’s 911 The Wildlife Line is the brain child of Animal Just as babies have different cries and people Nation’s founder, Jill Doornick and Chantel Detlefs, speak different languages with different inflections for formerly of the Rye Nature Center. A central line was different needs, so do birds and other animals. Most needed that could direct the caller to the licensed of us have heard baby birds cry for food; ducklings rehabber best equipped to deal with that particular call for their mom, swans discipline their cygnets, but animal. do we translate that into a real understanding of their If you find a squirrel, a duck, a song bird, a turtle, feelings? We at Animal Nation would like to help you whatever, even a raptor, you can call 914-967-0511. to do just that. You will be directed to the right person and given Animal Nation is a Rye, NY based non-profit specific “what to do” instructions immediately. It’s organization dedicated to building awareness about great! This single element has saved thousands of the feelings and needs of wildlife; rescuing them little wildlife souls. and, when possible, returning them safely to the Here’s another way you can make a difference: You wild. Animal Nation desires to establish a wildlife can choose to become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator sanctuary in Westchester County (where by the way, and assist Animal Nation in the care of these helpless there is none) and is dedicated to eliminating cruelty little wild orphaned babies. Please contact us at to animals by promoting respect and kindness for all and we will connect you with creatures. the right people. Another way to support the Wildlife You can make a big difference by using only Line is to send your donation to Animal Nation. It is organic products on your lawn and organic sprays 100% tax deductible. on your trees.. Or, you can be a bit more active. Join our rescue team and learn how to care for a “little one” until it’s ready for release. Or, of course, make a direct donation and become a “member.” $50 can save 10 animals and/or birds. Help us and help the environment by helping wildlife. Remember we are all connected and that really works when YOU make the difference. If it is good for wildlife, it’s good for you and the environment.
  2. 2. Do You Know? We all know “knowledge is power.” And knowledge can easily be gleaned by reading real scientific data. But do you know what power really is? We would like to suggest that power is the strength and security to be caring, compassionate, understanding and willing to act on it so let’s start with; Facts: Twelve years of research with dolphins, chimps,  orangutans, dogs, parrots, octopus and others prove that animals, birds, even some fish share with humans a completely evolved brain that processes information and gives rise to experience in much the same way as the human cerebral cortex. In other words, they have a self image. They experience joy, happiness, fear, anger, pain, sorrow, and loss. They are all real beings. Yes, Darwin was right all along (see National Geographic, March 2008). Both humans, animals and birds share many behaviors and needs. All  nurture and protect their young. All do not want to be alone nor confined to a cage/crate/pen. All love fresh air, clean water and sunshine. All like to be clean and sleep in a clean place/bed/cave/tree. None of us like to be kicked, maimed, hit, abused in any way. Our children…. all children love animals. Unfortunately many children  learn, perhaps by accident, that wild or domestic animals are dumb, unfeeling, a nuisance, dirty. In fact, none of that is correct. Animals think and feel much the same way we do. Perhaps we should follow the lead of our children.  you have an all organic lawn and beds, feed the birds, have a bird bath and If a bird feeder, absolutely you will have a yard full of the joyful sound of birds. You will also have fewer mosquitoes and bugs in general. By nurturing wildlife, you also have a win/win/win, endless music, a healthy yard. We need to work with nature to see how we really are all connected. 2 Honoring the Earth and all its Creatures…
  3. 3. IvY Rose We built a spacious and cozy outdoor/indoor pen for her with lots of hay for bedding. For exercise, she frolicked with the dogs at Rye Town Park. One day I counted 15 dogs fighting over the right to sniff her and be with her. We all had so much fun watching families and their dogs trying to figure out what breed of canine they were seeing. Ivy, of course, ate up the attention. Our little piglet was now growing so rapidly and we knew that one day she would have to leave Rye and move to a farm sanctuary. We had her spade to ensure an adoption and tried to keep her weight Ivy Rose was 3 months old when we adopted down so the transport would be easier (no donuts!). her from the Elmsford Animal Shelter. A fraternity As most pigs do, she always wanted to eat. I believe had decided that it would be fun to have a pigs do that because of their need for affection. little pig as a mascot. They picked out the She was still growing and growing and smallest piglet, took her home and called her growing. The letter came from the “Dinner.” Although they did not intend to City of Rye and it was time for eat her, “Dinner” was not cooperating with Ivy to go. their brotherhood antics (or maybe she Ivy Rose is over 5 years just didn’t like her name). They decided to old now, over 800 lbs and “get rid of her” and give her to the shelter. living happily with her Piglets are not supposed to be taken away friend Cheryl and other pigs at from mom at such an early age. the End of the Rainbow Sanctuary for pigs. I visit Ivy Rose was just as I had imagined a pig would once a year and she still remembers me. Because of be; so much like a dog only smarter, stronger and care and unconditional love, Ivy Rose and I remain certainly more stubborn. But, just as loving and connected. always wanting to be with us, whether you rubbed her tummy or not. You could talk to her and her eyes – Jill Doornick sparkled with understanding. She trusted me and I was able to put my hand in her mouth and massage her gums and teeth and touch her dainty little Miss Piggy feet. An expert, Cheryl Dumas, who runs a pig sanctuary in Northern Connecticut, coached me and told me that Ivy would have to get used to being touched everywhere so we could file her teeth and trim her feet when she grew over 250 lbs. By the way, standard Yorkshires like Ivy never stop growing. If they happen to enjoy life past the usual slaughter age of 6 months (250 lbs.), they will continue to geometrically enlarge up to 850 lbs. Honoring the Earth and all its Creatures… 3
  4. 4. what a DIffeRence a DaY MaKes Here are a few ways you can make a huge difference bound. She has at least two litters a year starting the day you read this. Do it with your children until she becomes ill and dies. The puppies and watch them beam in delight. are taken very early from the mother in order to speed up the breeding time for the female. Put a solar operated water bath in your yard. Literally, thousands of puppies suffer and die  With little effort on your part, you will see in shipping because of crowding, filth, heat birds come to bathe or drink by the hundreds and cold. Please, do not buy a puppy or any everyday. All birds love to be clean, just as other animal from a pet store. All shelters have purebreds. Please adopt. we do.  Re-tree your yard. A 100 yard by You 100 yard can easily really can accommodate two hardwoods, one make evergreen and three to four Dogwoods or a difference! Cherries or Crabapples. Why do this? Trees reduce air and heat pollution. Trees add oxygen to the air. They are certainly good for you and great for wildlife, all life really. You’ve also provided homes and food for the birds. Every time you help wildlife, you help the environment and you make your life literally healthier. Carry the wildlife hotline number with you,  914-967-0511. If you are not prepared to help a downed bird, hurt squirrel, baby opossum, you can call right on the spot. Plant everything with berries. Birds need a  balanced diet, just like you. Strawberries make a great and beautiful ground cover. Blueberries mix well in perimeter plantings, and they are delicious. Winterberry is beautiful. Most Vibernums make berries. They are lovely and hardy. Above all, do not buy a puppy from a pet  store. The majority of puppies in a pet store come from puppy mills. Do you know what that means? The female is completely crate 4 Honoring the Earth and all its Creatures…
  5. 5. calenDaR hIghlIghts Animal Nation 2008 Calendar of Events March 22 – Living Animals – a children’s program – go to nd 29th – Become a Wildlife Rehabilitator – Tea Town Lake, Ossining - 914-762-2912 April Wags and Whiskers Dinner to benefit Cat Assistance and Pet Adoption League 4– th Coveleigh Club, Rye, NY 914-937-PURR 13 – Family Hike and Learn – Wainwright House and Marshlands Conservancy, Rye th 19th – Earth Day – Rye Nature Center, Rye 914-967- 5150 12th to 18th – Green Week in Larchmont / Mamaroneck Mark the Date August 14 -18 – Animal Rights 2008 National Conference in Washington D.C. th th September 20th – Westchester Pet Adoption Fair and Expo, County Center WP, NY October 5th – Blessing of the Animals - Wainwright House, Rye Everybody Loves Spring Everybody loves spring, especially wildlife. But, tree is pumping food through the heartwood. Large spring is not always so good for wildlife. Many folks cuts will cause the tree to bleed. Birds, squirrels and buy chicks, baby ducks and bunnies for their children raccoons may well be nesting. Cutting down the tree destroys the family. Do tree work in late summer or for Easter. This almost never goes well because the fall. It’s better for everyone and every tree. babies grow up to be chickens, ducks and rabbits – not ideal house pets. They have not learned survival Keep your eyes and ears open for sights and skills as do wild animals. What to do? The best sounds of baby animals possibly sick, injured, or in harms way. Before you take them from their natural solution is not to buy the babies from the get go. If home, call our hotline 967-0511 for help! Please no that is not possible, when they grow, call the Wild Life Line so the animals can be placed safely. unnecessary ‘kidnapping’ this spring! Spring is also not the time to do tree work. The Honoring the Earth and all its Creatures… 5
  6. 6. NON-PROFIT ORG. US POSTAGE News PAID PERMIT NO. 768 WHITE PLAINS, NY 10610 Honoring the Earth and all its Creatures…… Spring 2008 P.O. BOx 905 • Rye, New yORkW10580M A L N A T I O N . O R G PO BOX 905 • RYE, NEW YORK 10580 • W W. A N I You can make a difference. Join Animal Nation and help us help you! o Yes, I would like to join Animal Nation for 12 months – My check is enclosed o $50 Spirit o $125 Elf o $225 Angel o $500 Arc Angel o $1000 Saint o Other ____ o Yes, I want you to send me organic lawn instructions o Yes, I want the telephone number for organic lawn and tree sprays o Yes, I am interested in learning about how to care for a baby bird, squirrel, etc. Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ Telephone Number: _________________________________________________________________________