Top 5 Must Visit Tourist Spots in Toronto


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For those planning a first trip to Toronto, there are several must-see sights and experiences on the list. Here are five of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Toronto.
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Top 5 Must Visit Tourist Spots in Toronto

  1. 1. Top 5 Must Visit Tourist Spots in Toronto No visit to the beautiful country of Canada is complete without stopping at the largest city in the nation: Toronto. Toronto is the province capital of Ontario, and it is a bustling metropolis filled with five-star eating establishments, incredible shopping opportunities, museums and galleries, sightseeing, tourist attractions, and other amenities. The city is massive, and the latest census data reveals a population of over six million people. While Toronto has a thriving business and financial community, it is also a center for cultural and artistic experiences. Tourists can spend weeks in the city, staying at hotels near the Toronto airport or beautiful hotel accommodations in downtown Toronto, and still find undiscovered gems like unique eateries, boutique shopping centers, and hidden art sectors. For those planning a first trip to Toronto, there are several must-see sights and experiences on the list. Here are five of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Toronto. It’s easy to find Toronto accommodations that will provide immediate and easy access to these exciting sights. The Eaton Centre Visitors to the city of Toronto flock to the Eaton Centre, a massive shopping mall that features thrifty buys, high end department stores, delicious eateries and restaurants, art, and unique architecture. There are nearly 300 different stores in this indoor shopping mall, but the establishment never feels cluttered or oppressive due to its spacious layout and stunning glass ceiling. Easily accessible by subway or other public transit options, visitors can opt for Toronto airport accommodation and quickly take a taxi, bus, or train to the heart of the Eaton Centre. Upon arrival, guests will be stunned by the artistic Canada goose mobile, designed by famed Canadian artist Michael Snow. Using public transportation to access the Eaton Centre is the best way to save money while enjoying this Toronto attraction. GO Busses, a fast and efficient form of travel, have free parking lots for driving tourists. The Eaton Centre is located between Dundas Street and Queen Street. Most Toronto accommodations provide shuttle services or detailed travel instructions to help tourists find this bright and beautiful shopping mall. The CN Tower For architectural enthusiasts, the CN Tower is the beacon of Toronto. The CN Tower is the tallest structure of its kind in the whole world, and one look at the city skyline will reveal the impressive scope of this structure. The tower is over 1800 feet tall, and lies directly between the downtown sporting arena and the city convention center. This is a great attraction for those wanting to experience the very basic sights of Toronto. Not only does the tower lift visitors more than a quarter of a mile into the air for impressive vistas of the city, but because of its downtown location, it is a great day trip that will allow tourists to walk the beautiful streets of Toronto and take in the big city sights. The CN Tower is wheelchair and stroller accessible, so tourists of all ages and families of all sizes can easily access this impressive structure. Guided tours are available, and the lobby of the tower contains information about its design and construction. Because the tower is located downtown, it’s easy to find hotel accommodation in Toronto that will provide immediate access to this attraction. Chinatown
  2. 2. Chinatown in New York City may be the region of Asian life that gets all of the media attention, but the Chinatown district in Toronto is second to none. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Asian immigrants have made Chinatown their home away from home, transforming this region of Toronto into a mini-Asia. Guests who visit the area can dine at one of hundreds of fine Asian restaurants, sampling authentic cuisine from the other side of the world. Chinatown in Toronto is filled with ample shopping opportunities, and guests can pick up beautiful textiles, clothing, pottery, art, and Asian artifact reproductions to give as gifts. This is the second largest Asian community in the Western Hemisphere, and there are plenty of affordable Toronto hotel accommodation options in this region of the city. Because Chinatown is such a popular attraction, though, visitors should expect massive crowds of people. Those wanting a quieter experience may wish to book hotels near the Toronto airport and take public transit to Chinatown. The Distillery District The Gooderham & Worts Distillery, one of the oldest establishments of its kind in the world, is located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District. This is a fantastic tourist area for individuals who want to experience something a little more unique than the traditional city sights. This “village” is completely pedestrian, which means there are no cars, taxis, or buses vying for street space. Additionally, no chain restaurants or franchised establishments are allowed within the village, so every store, shop, eatery, and cafe is unique to this area. The Royal Ontario Museum Tourists who have booked hotel accommodations near the Toronto airport can easily hop on a bus that will take them directly to the Royal Ontario Museum, one of the jewels of this beautiful city. Even if tourists don’t want to spend hours in the museum, it is worth visiting simply because of its stunning, abstract architecture. Ticket prices for adults at the Royal Ontario Museum were just recently lowered to $16, and the rates drop even further on Friday evenings. Special discounts are offered for large parties or small children, making this an affordable and entertaining tourist attraction, and the Royal Ontario Museum features Canada’s largest collection of dinosaur bones, fossils, and recreated skeletons. Kids and grownups alike will enjoy the guided or self-guided museum tours, the eery bat exhibit featuring bats from around the world, the impressive preservation of Chinese temple art, and many more exhibits, which are changing constantly. Toronto is truly a city of magic, beauty, and entertainment. These five tourist attractions are just a small sampling of the many sights and experiences available for first-time visitors. Securing accommodation in Toronto is a breeze, and top-notch public transportation options can easily direct tourists to these engaging locales.