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  • 1. STRONG WINDS BLOWING Strategies of the Population Control Agenda by Atty. Jo M. Imbong Copyright 2004, Manila
  • 2. NSSM 200 The National Security Study Memo 200 1974 Washington, D.C.
  • 3. Rapid growth internal migration high percentages of young people urban concentrations -- are damaging to the internal stability of countries in whose advancement the United States is interested, --thus creating political or even national security problems for the United States. NSSM200
  • 4. High Priority for Population Control: India Bangladesh Pakistan Nigeria Mexico Indonesia Brazil PHILIPPINES Thailand Egypt Turkey Ethiopia Columbia
  • 5. How does NSSM200 make Family Planning more acceptable?
    • Always done in the context of Maternal and Child Care/Reduction of
    • Infant Mortality
    • 2. Done in the context of the entire Health infrastructure, and
    • with “ Safe Motherhood”
  • 6. Strategy 1: ABUSE OF LANGUAGE HUMAN VICTIMS OF WAR are Collateral damage Surgical air attacks Ethnic cleansing
  • 7. ABORTION can be in so many words— Menstrual regulation Termination of pregnancy Unwanted pregnancy Access to new technology Surgical procedures needed only by women MVA—Manual Vacuum Aspiration for “Teaching Purposes” Control of one’s fertility
  • 8. ABORTION Inducing a late period Procedure to safe the woman’s life Reproductive health services Right to privacy Right to abortion “ Right to life” !
  • 9. Strategy 2: TECHNOLOGY and RESEARCH “ U.S. strategy should support in LDC’s biomedical research on Fertility Control Methods” NSSM200
  • 10. The vision of NSSM200— The IUD in different sizes, shapes and action Improved ovulation prediction Reversible male/female sterilization Injectibles thru para-professionals Field studies and trials A safe male contraceptive injection
  • 11. University Researches LDC learning institutions to serve as Major Centers for research in fertility reduction
  • 12. Strategy 3: Courting the Gatekeepers Using the Political Leadership— So that policies pushed by the rich countries, Will be acceptable within the LDC’s
  • 13. Pressure and Advocacy “ Equally important is pressure on local political leaders To push local initiatives In support of the population programs.” NSSM200
  • 15. Program Implementors Regional Economic Commissions UNICEF ILO FAO WHO UNESCO WORLD BANK World Food Programs International NGO’s
  • 16. Strategy 5: Country Programs P H I L I P P I N E S FY 1998 FY 1999 FY 2000 Actual Estimate Request Development Assistance $39,000,000 $22,750,000 $31,500,000 Economic Support Funds None None $ 5,000,000 P.L. 480 Title II $46,833,000 $11,563,000 None
  • 17. Strategy 6: PRIORITY ENTRY POINTS FOR 2003-06
    • Strengthen the distribution system
    • Market / client / geographic segmentation
    • Expanded private sector participation
    • Develop financing schemes for contraception
    • Strengthening LGU capacity
    • Increased dialogue on Family Planning
    • Integrating FP into routine health services
    • of Business Groups
  • 18. Strategy 7: The USAID-RP M O U Objective: Promoting “ Desired Family Size ” Timeframe: 2002-2006
  • 19. MOU strategies:
    • Financial capacity building to reduce family size
    • Greater social acceptance
    • Targeting public sector services to the poor
    • Surveillance of health information systems
    • Fortification of SALT, SUGAR, OIL, FLOUR
    • and iodization of salt
  • 20. Strategy 8: RIDING ON THE RADICAL FEMINIST AGENDA Winning women away from the home: “ Female wage employment outside the home is related to fertility reduction.” NSSM200
  • 21. Strategy 9: BEHAVIOR CHANGE through MEDIA Thru: Radio & Television Soap Opera DBS/Direct Broadcast Satellite ATS/Application Technical Satellite Special Events TV Talk Shows
    • Mold public opinion
    • Shape people’s perceptions
    • Behavioral change
    • Position FP as a mainstream health service
    • Create a bandwagon effect , especially in young adults
  • 23. Strategy 10: Make communication distribution EASY
    • Through existing social structures
    • Utilizing commercial channels
    • (which have distribution systems in place)
    • DEVOLUTION: The power of
    • Local Governement
  • 24. A report on “Population Communication Programs” Some communication activities involve— Intensive mind-guilding operations Creating favorable impressions False attribution of messages Infiltration of public entertainment Creation of “fronts” for public advocacy Sophisticated behavior control techniques
  • 25. Strategy 11: The Technique of “ FOOD DIPLOMACY” “ Allocation of scarce food programs (PL 480) Should take into account of What steps a country is taking In population control.” NSSM200
  • 26. “ In the conduct of FOOD DIPLOMACY— It is important IN STYLE and well as SUBSTANCE to avoid the appearance of Coercion.” NSSM200
  • 27. Strategy 12: MANIPULATING Social Security in Old Age
    • Employing:
    • 1. Deferred payment of retirement benefits
    • where
    • payment is tied to family size
    • Insurance for sons—if parents have
    • no more than 3 children
    • NSSM200
  • 28. Strategy 13 Herding civil society into the Contraceptive Agenda Using— Women’s groups , business community Entertainment and advertising industries Training of FP advocates Creating FP champions and “role models”
  • 30. Strategy 14 TARGETTING the CONSUMER By: Reclassifying oral contraceptives as OTC drugs Market SEGMENTATION TAX EXEMPTIONS , Zero import duties Advertising contraceptives STI services for people below 18 yrs. Recruitment & training of volunteers
  • 31. Strategy 15 MIND-MAPPING the Next Generation NSSM200 says: “ Educate the next generation of parents starting in elementary school towards a 2-child policy ideal.” “ Change the attitudes of the next generation.” “ UNESCO should take the lead through formal and informal education.”
  • 32. Strategy 16 A “HUMAN RIGHTS” Approach Is ABORTION a human right? Is choosing promiscuity a human right? Is degeneration of the body a human right?
  • 33. Funding for ABORTION in NSSM200? A loophole? “ USAID will continue to finance training of doctors in the latest techniques in OB-Gynecology practice, and will not disqualify such training programs if they include pregnancy termination within the over-all curriculum.” - NSSM200
  • 34. Strategy 19 The masquerade of “Sustainable Development” Admissions in NSSM200— “ It is vital that: the effort to develop and strengthen a commitment on the part of LDC leaders not be seen by them as an industrialized country policy to keep their strength down or to reserve resources for the ‘rich’ countries .”
  • 35. More damning ADMISSIONS— “ Minimize charges of imperialist motivation . . . by repeatedly asserting that such support (for FP) is out of concern for the right of individual couples to determine freely and responsibly the number and spacing of children, and to have Information, education, and means to do so .” NSSM200
  • 36. NSSM200: A persistent and enduring agenda lurking in: The MILLENIUM DECLARATION of September 2000 The United Nations MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS
  • 37. The Philippines signs the document. Ms. Deborah Landey UNDP Representative in RP congratulates H.E. Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo
  • 38. Some of the MILLENIUM GOALS: Goal 3 Promote “Gender Equality” ? Goal 4 “ Maternal Health” ?
  • 39. STRONG WINDS BLOWING A Look at the Strategies of the Population Control Agenda
  • 40. Having seen the context and meanings in NSSM200— What do You think?
  • 41. Having seen the context and meanings in NSSM200— What do You think?
  • 42. Before you go, TO YOU ALL— A Ho HO Ho Ho Ho ly C H R I S T M A S ! FROM J O