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    Hb 956 Hb 956 Document Transcript

    • Why We Oppose HB 956 House Bill 634, the “Anti-Discrimination Act” 1. HB 956 has only one new law in it: the refusal to “deny an application for a license, clearance, certification or any other document issued by governmental authorities…on the basis of the applicant’s sexual orientation or gender identity; as provided by existing laws.” This opens the window for SAME-SEX UNIONS being granted licenses and/or legal recognition. We object to legalization of SAME-SEX UNIONS for the following reasons: a. The continuity of marriage and survival of society are at stake. With same-sex unions, marriage becomes just one possible form of relationship, one which does not need its essential gift and responsibility of bearing and raising children. Society would not survive if procreation is eliminated from the essence of marital rights. b. The structure of society is at stake. With same sex unions, society would be restructured into man-woman marriages and same-sex unions, children from traditional marriages and children raised in same-sex unions. c. Same-sex parenting is not best for children. If biological reasons prohibit homosexuals from having children, sociological reasons should also prohibit them from raising children. Homosexual parenting was not granted by nature to same- sex couples; neither should the law. d. Complementary aspects of parenting by father and mother. There are vast sociological studies that mothers and fathers fulfill different roles in their children's lives because of the complementary aspects of parenting. Even single parents will validate that the best parental environment includes both mother and father. e. There is no discrimination when there is no injustice. f. The adverse economic and tax impact of same-sex unions is uncertain. 2. All other provisions in Section 4, “Discriminatory practices” are already covered by the Civil Code. The State already has the constitutional obligation not to deny anyone the equal protection of the laws (Section 1, Article III). - Article 32 of the Civil Code renders the offender liable for damages for violation of equal protection of the laws, or for violation of the right to form part of lawful associations. - Article 26 of the Civil Code renders the offender liable for damages for vexing or humiliating another on account of, among others, the person’s physical condition – akin to harassment on the basis of homosexual inclinations. 3. If passed despite its flaws, HB 634 would grant persons with a homosexual orientation additional legal rights, thereby allowing them to compose a protected class. ,..