Playground's A to Z: For a Fun and Safe Playtime in the Playground


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Don't be starry-eyed to the idea of playground and forsake your kids’ safety. Learn the ABCs of playground terminologies that you'll surely find useful.

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Playground's A to Z: For a Fun and Safe Playtime in the Playground

  1. 1. Simple Things to Remember for a Fun and Safe Play Time in the Playground with pictures!
  2. 2. Area This list doesn’t necessarily come in order but checking out the playground’s area is of outmost importance. Make a quick check of the area for any potential danger to prevent accidents from occurring.
  3. 3. Border Borders not just define the edges of the playground but also provide the perimeters of safe playing area.
  4. 4. Color Playground equipment comes in a wide range of colors. Colors play a vital role in setting the mood and milieu of the playground area.
  5. 5. Design From simple and traditional types of playground equipment, to themed playground, it’s all about the design that makes a playground more engaging and enjoyable even by just looking at it.
  6. 6. Elevation Be mindful and check out those elevated areas as the most common form of mishap for children in playground is – falling.
  7. 7. Fences Fences help provide precautions and frontier especially for public playgrounds located near other establishment or roads.
  8. 8. Ground Laying the ground work for playground requires planning and careful attention as bumps and unevenness of the surface can cause accidents.
  9. 9. Height Some playground equipment have height requirements. Pay attentions to signs and other precautions before letting your children play.
  10. 10. Intact May sure all the playground equipment is assembled and built securely. There shouldn’t be any waggle!
  11. 11. Junction Several junction cubes are placed with tubes. These let the children get inside the tunnels and crawl through different playground holes.
  12. 12. Kids! Playground without kids is a plain ‘ol piece of land with tedious tackles. Watch your kids play, enjoy the treat. Keep calm and have a seat.
  13. 13. Lighting Lighting in play areas makes it easier to keep in track what the kids are doing. It can also help prevent accidents on hanging bars and field edges.
  14. 14. Material Playground equipment comes with different types of materials like metals, plastic and wood. Each material has different arrays of durability and purpose.
  15. 15. Navigate Areas are built with obstacles for kids to play around. Each obstacle course should be mind-taxing and at the same time trouble-free to let the kids further develop brain and body.
  16. 16. Organize Playground equipment are organized and constructed with age-appropriate kids to accommodate. The play areas should be structured into different age sections to avoid possible injuries.
  17. 17. Padding Safety is as important, if not more important than play itself. Putting proper padding and other infill materials are imperative to ensure kids’ safeguard.
  18. 18. Quality Quality means the manufacturers follow the standards set by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA), Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
  19. 19. Rules Take time to read the playground rules and regulations to make yourself in the know of what to and what not to do. Learn the rules and let your kids gain knowledge of it too.
  20. 20. Shade Playground sun safety and weather protection has been one of the forefront issues of playground equipment manufacturers and designers to address kids who are susceptible to sun’s damaging effects to the skin and in general health.
  21. 21. Time Set a limit about your kid’s of daily playground play. You have to slowly structure their play with reasonable rules and limits so as to imposed discipline, competency and unbolt them for other growth opportunities.
  22. 22. Usage Each playground equipment and courses has different usage and treatment. Erroneous use in one of these equipment might cause your kids injuries. Be familiar with each playing courses available.
  23. 23. Visuals Kids have naturally keen-eyes for what is attractive and not. They tend to get fascinated with colors and explicit designs. Thus, adding colors and creative designs to the play field makes it more enjoyable for kids.
  24. 24. Water Playing is tiring. Remember to keep your kids hydrated. Water is essential to your child’s health to keep all body parts functioning properly.
  25. 25. Xenia Xenia is an ancient Greek word for generosity and courtesy shown to others. It is important to render your kid to play and let them develop relationship with their playmates.
  26. 26. You You are your kids’ best playmate bounded by blood. It is not just your kid who’ll get to learn oodles of life lessons but also you. You will get to see a greater story behind the play story of your kids. Let yourself unravel what play all meant after all the years.
  27. 27. Zone Playground zones should be one of the major considerations for parents and installers. Make sure all signs and precautions are placed properly.
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