You Matter: Embracing Opportunities


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Practical ways to transform your now moments into wow moments.

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You Matter: Embracing Opportunities

  1. 1. YOU MATTER Issue 1: Embracing Opportunities
  2. 2. Make It Personal. If we could choose between a custom-made gift or a generic gift, most of us would select the custom-made gift. Why? Because it’s more personal. It reflects a level of thought and in essence is the gift giver’s way of saying to the receiver, “You Matter.”
  3. 3. L Linkedin. If you are interested in connecting with someone via Linkedin, take the extra few seconds to add a personal note. The default “I’d like to add you to my professional network” is easy...and boring. The personal note is classy...and brilliant. The difference: a matter of a few seconds
  4. 4. Meaningful Giving leads to Meaningful Living. When surveyed on gratitude, a large percentage of individuals associate gratitude with doing something nice for others. Gratitude comes from the word Grateful which in the dictionary of Connoisseurs of Life means GREAT-FILLED. By doing something nice for others, we are not only bringing meaning to the lives of others but also to the one we lead. Grateful Giving=Great-filled Living
  5. 5. G (Meaningful) Giving. We all have the capacity to give. It’s a form of sharing-something we learned as wee tots. The truth is, there is an ABUNDANCE of opportunities for us to give. My challenge to you: if you’re going to give, make it meaningful. Choose a cause/organization that you have a special connection with-don’t just settle on the most popular, most advertised, or the most marathoned. Consider all of the ways you may be able to give: time, talent, resources, connections. Out with “Giving just cause” and In with “Giving because....”
  6. 6. Everyday Celebrations. Celebrations are fun. They bring people together, they evoke gratitude and joy, love and laughter. So, why not make celebration a part of your everyday? Celebrations are not defined by size, they are defined by you. What are we celebrating today?
  7. 7. T hanksliving Thanksliving is a celebration of being grateful for living. Say good bye to living out of obligation and welcome living out of privilege. Two perspectives, same topic. One will leave you feeling bitter, resentful, and that you “have to....” The other will infuse you with gratitude, awareness, and an “I get to...” attitude. Thanksliving...a 365 day/year celebration.
  8. 8. Add to your resume: Professional Learner. Learning stops when we decide we know more than we can learn. The truth is, there is always something more that we can learn. Personally, the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know anything. Commit to being a Professional Learner and you will never experience a dull day again.
  9. 9. L Learn for Life. Want to know one of the BEST things in life that is completely FREE? A library card. Yup. With it, you have access to geniuses of all disciplines. Hardcopy books, ebooks, cds, dvds, they have it all. Did I mention that a library card is absolutely FREE? Don’t delay, get yourself a library card today (if you don’t already have one).
  10. 10. Let Go. We live in a society that is addicted to holding on to stuff: the sweater from way back when, a past relationship that is now over, a friend’s mistake, and the list can go on. Don’t get me wrong, there are somethings that are essential to hold on to: our values, our dreams, amazing memories. The question is, is the thing you are holding on to allowing you to move forward in life or is it holding you back? If the latter, consider that whatever you are holding on to is occupying space in your life. It’s almost like a tenant who doesn’t pay rent but instead takes rent money from you. You are paying to keep it around. As such you get nothing more than something that is constantly robbing you of your joy. The answer: LOVE it or let it go.
  11. 11. F For Now vs. Forever. Decluttering is one of the most effective ways of ridding ourselves of space stealers and creating room for greatness (people/experiences/things) that we do want. Start small like your sock drawer and gradually move to tackling things like your email inbox. When it comes to getting rid of the space stealers, ask yourself, will I let it be a “For Now thought/experience or a Forever thought/experience?”
  12. 12. For more Connoisseur of Life Goodness, please visit our playground at and join us @PlayBigPlayNow