Fascination of Plants Day 2013 Success Story Greece


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The Fascination of Plants Day 2013 events were met with great success at all sites in Greece.

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Fascination of Plants Day 2013 Success Story Greece

  1. 1. Fascination of Plants Day 2013 Success stories - Greece The Fascination of Plants Day 2013 events were met with great success at all sites in Greece. At the Agricultural University of Athens, hundreds of pupils and young students had the opportunity to have a lively 'encounter' with the world of plants by visiting several fields and greenhouses and by learning how to develope a garden. A hilarious theatrical comedy, based on Greek mythology, helped children grasp the value of friendship, love, loyalty through flower's stories and strengthen their understanding the respect and care nature deserve. As for the older, a symposium with excellent culturally- oriented presentations emphasized the role of plants in our everyday life. At AUA also, Greek bonsai enthusiasts of this most refined form of horticulture, run a show of bonsai techniques and creation. Visitors were informed about bonsai art, care and maintenance of a bonsai plant. Participants, and specially kids, were really fascinated and with the guidance and help of bonsai friends of bonsai forum pruned, repotted and created their first bonsai tree. At the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania -Crete, the groups of visitors of an open day had the opportunity to learn about the various activities of the Institute that are related to plant sciences and were guided to various installations such as at the Botanic Garden of endemic and rare plants of Crete, the Seed Bank of MAICh etc. Three different short films concerning the natural environment and the flora of Crete were displayed at regular intervals in the Information Centre of the Botanic Garden. Younger guests had the opportunity to express their impressions with drawing materials in an area specially reserved for the children. At the Forest Botanical Garden of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, pupils and young students were guided in a tour through the Forest Botanical Garden, while in a Science Day event, lectures dealt with the “magical” notions of Hellenic biodiversity and “magic” of Hellenic forests in antiquity and at present. The presentation of the Botanical Garden, focused on the high number of species of the Greek flora that are included. About 100 persons, who then participated in a very interesting tour of the Botanical Garden, attended the event. The Science day ended with a warm reception featuring a very interesting plant product, wine, that became the main highlight!
  2. 2. At the village of Kerasia, residents welcomed the public who care, love and respect the world of plants.Η αυλή του σχολείου στολίστηκε από πολύχρωμα λουλούδια καθώς και από όμορφες φωτογραφίες με τα πολυάριθμα είδη των αυτοφυών ορχιδέων του Βορείου Πηλίου. The school yard was decorated with colorful flowers and beautiful photos of the numerous species of native orchids of North Pelion. Το Κέντρο Έρευνας & Προστασίας της Αυτοφυούς Ορχιδέας Βορείου Πηλίου άνοιξε τις πύλες του και υποδέχθηκε όλους όσους νοιάζονται για τον περίεργο και μυστηριώδη κόσμο των ορχεοειδών. The Centre for Research and Protection of North Pelion Native Orchids opened its doors and welcomed the people to the strange and mysterious world of orchids. Amazing video and photos of the numerous plants of Pelion caused favorable comments and excellent presentations dealt with "The Magic of Wild Orchids of North Pelion", "Flowering plants and herbs of Pelion", "Endemic and protected plants"