Ponencia de Angelica Mkok de Amadeus durante #OMTtech


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Ponencia de Angelica Mkok, de AMADEUS; sobre las omportancia de la innovación en la distribución turística, como elemento de apoyo a la sostenibilidad . Presentación realizada el 20 de Enero de 2011 durante el evento #OMTTech, presentación de la plataforma www.platma.org

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Ponencia de Angelica Mkok de Amadeus durante #OMTtech

  1. 1. “Travel Further” Travel Technology in Social Development Angelica Mkok Amadeus IT Group UNWTO Affiliate Members Seminar, Madrid 20 January, 2011 © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA1
  2. 2. Promote sustainable development Promote sustainable development for underprivileged segments for underprivileged segments through tourism, distribution and technology, through tourism, distribution and technology, in the markets where Amadeus is present in the markets where Amadeus is present Economic use of value chain surpluses © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA Sustainable social development rather than charity2
  3. 3. Tapping into Amadeus’ value chain surpluses high value assets for the CSR beneficiary © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA3
  4. 4. Project Type Goal Cases: 2010 Alliances Resources & project - South Africa: National Dept management Tourism - Croatia: Ministry of Education - Spain: General Secretariat for Tourism - Egypt: Egyptian Technical Colleges - Buenos Aires, Ente de Turismo TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL * SMALL HOTELS TRANSFER DEVELOPMENT AT DISTRIBUTION GRASSROOTS Consejo Centroamericano de Turismo - Costa Rica, Nicaragua South Africa National Dept for Tourism Andean Region: CODESPA - Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador PC Bank Computer donations South Africa, Ivory Coast, Chile, Cuba Training Professional skills in - Egypt © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA travel reservation - South Africa - Saudi Arabia - Colombia - Philippines - Czech Republic Volunteer Work Employee IT development, donation participation in project and training development4
  5. 5. The under-resourced hotels access the travel agency network = points of sale Travel buyers Consumers/ General public Local corporate travel buyers Travel agencies Leisure travel agencies CSR hotel beneficiaries Business travel agencies Online travel agencies Single-site agency DISTRIBUTION © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA BUSINESS Provision of indirect distribution services5
  6. 6. A network of partners to develop projects Technology Volunteer Alliances PC Bank Training transfer Work Customers  Beneficiaries  Donors:  Education  Amadeus’ Amadeus ACOs, centres employees Government  IT providers TAs… bodies  Government  External  Government  Government bodies volunteers Financial bodies bodies institutions  Infrastructure  Funding  Transport & providers International organisations logistics organisations providers © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA Providers6
  7. 7. Project selection criteria  Description of the project  Social and economic impact at local level  Impact on Amadeus value chain  Involved partners  Additional resources required  Strategic value for Amadeus at local and global level © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA travel.further@amadeus.com7
  8. 8. Amadeus CSR in figures  + 90 people directly involved in the development of CSR projects  + 20 CSR alliances signed in 2 years of work  16 ongoing Technology Transfer projects  51 ongoing PC Donation and Education projects  Amadeus Tourism Observatories in 12 © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA countries8
  9. 9. 9 Thank you! © 2008 Amadeus IT Group SA