Crowdfunding SnapshotCompany Name&WebsiteType Focus How it Works To-Date Statistics(if/as available)The Awesome Foundation...
Lendio( FundingUniverse)LendingMatchQualified smallbusinessesMatch small businesses with lendingsources (...
Kickstarter( Rewards Charitable causes,startups, creativeprojects“P2P Rewards Model” : fund seekerscrea...
AngelList( Equity / VCPlatformStartups CF for equity open only to AIs for now;anyone can browse companies,...
Also:Company FocusQuirky( Site to submit inventions; receive crowd-sourced input on various aspects (or influen...
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Crowdfunding Entities Chart


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Nicole Moss is an attorney with the law firm of Campbell & Riggs, P.C., where she focuses on taking startup companies from inception to liquidity, as well as other corporate matters including mergers and acquisitions and private securities transactions. Previous experience includes: serving as General Counsel to a small investment fund in Houston; advising private equity and venture capital clients in fund formation and M&A activities as an attorney in the Boston office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP; and serving as marketing and programs manager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship Center. Prior to that, Nicole founded and ran BluePrint, a provider of non-core services to startups in and around Boston and also recruited founding team and advisory board members for startups at Cambridge Incubator. Nicole is a guest lecturer for the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston. She is licensed in Texas and Massachusetts.

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Crowdfunding Entities Chart

  1. 1. Crowdfunding SnapshotCompany Name&WebsiteType Focus How it Works To-Date Statistics(if/as available)The Awesome Foundation( “Forwarding the interestof awesomeness in theuniverse.”$1000 grants to award-winningapplicants; no strings, winners submitan approvable application67 Chapters, 12 Countries$497,000 Granted497 Projects FundedPledgie( DonationMostly nonprofits,including open-sourceprojects, but for-profitscan seek moneyFree to start, anyone can create acampaign, Pledgie keeps 3% of anythingraised; no pre-screening, relies oncommunity to flag bad actorsSocial Venture Partners( Nonprofits Set up like a venture fund but nomonetary returns2500 partners, 29 cities, 4countriesSoMoLend( Debt Small businesses Portal between prospective lenders andstartups; startups apply & lenders(including AIs) accept/rejectProsper( Debt Anyone Borrowers can get unsecured loansfrom $2k - $25k at rates from 6.5%; sitecharges 0.5% - 5% of loan in fees.Borrowers post information (less than“campaign”) & investors selectborrowers.1.6M members$400M+ in funded loansMosaic( Debt Solar-Powered Projects Connects investors to solar projects; AIsonly$1.1M invested100% on time repaymentKiva( DebtEntrepreneurs inunderservedcommunities worldwideInstitutional lenders (“Field Partners”)lend money on a microfinance basis,then flip loans up to individuals whocan lend (or donate) – either way, noreturns on loan2005 launch1M+ borrowers915k+ lenders$418M+ in loans99.0% repayment rateLendingClub( Debt Agnostic, but strict –approve only 10% of allapplicantsMore for investment-grade lendingthan for entrepreneurial borrowing, butif you can get it, rates are pretty low;registered with SEC, restricted to AIs2006 launch$1.5B lent
  2. 2. Lendio( FundingUniverse)LendingMatchQualified smallbusinessesMatch small businesses with lendingsources (banks, credit unions, notindividuals). Like forsmall business.$240M+ entrepreneursthrough the fundraisingprocessMaintains a database of capital sourcesaccessible for a fee; advises on strategyfor engagement fees; provides freeinformationCofolio( smallbusinesses with localinvestors (AI & qualifiednon-AI)Small businesses create a profile;investors submit indications of interest;once target reach, funding closes. Inbeta – free for now; will be $50/monthlisting fee, no % of amounts Issues-focused non-profitsProvides platform & tools to raisefunds, but also awareness and actionsother than donations (petition, boycott,etc.)153M users1B actions taken (self-reported)142 countriesCrowdrise( Cause-based Free to use; transaction fee coversadministrative costs of running siteFirstGiving( Empower passionatenonprofit supporters toraise more money fortheir causesPartner with nonprofits to executecampaigns, allow for individualfundraisers to contribute through theirown unique pagesOver 10 years old8,000+ nonprofit users13M+ online donors$1B+ raised to dateGoFundMe( Platform includesvolunteering, super-micro (birthday party)Razoo( Cause-based; includesancillary fundraising toolsStartSomeGood( good projects Social change projects (non- and for-profits) raise fundsPeerbackers( individual need,educational, non-profits;seeks to fundentrepreneursDonation or P2P Rewards Model withsocial component. If funding goal isn’tmet, but enterprise goal can still bemet, funds can be retained.5% fee on funds; 2.9% feefor transactions, whichgoes to PayPal
  3. 3. Kickstarter( Rewards Charitable causes,startups, creativeprojects“P2P Rewards Model” : fund seekerscreate a page explaining their need,target, closing date; rewards to fundersat various contribution levels includingin some cases the finished product(advance viewing of film, downloadalbum, widget…)91K+ campaigns38K+ successful ones$533M+ raised$443M+ collectedAll or nothing model5% fee on successIndieGoGo( Rewards Charitable causes,startups, creativeprojectsP2P Rewards Model 100,000+ campaigns4% fee on success8% fee on funds if missgoal & collectRocketHub( Rewards Art, science, business,social good projectsP2P Rewards Model Lower fees than most: 4%of amount funded ifcampaign succeeds, 8% ifnot; 4% credit card feesStartup Addict( Rewards Any, mostly creative P2P Rewards Model Launched 2007;floundering: <15 projectsNew Jelly( Rewards Creative projects P2P Rewards ModelFundable( Rewards& EquityStartups P2P Rewards Model or receive equity(available to AIs only, disclosuresrequired). Monthly charge of $99 forthe duration of the campaign.Launched P2P Rewards& CF EquityStartups Expanded from P2P Rewards; CF forEquity open only to AIs for now.Christie Street P2P Rewards Startups – products,inventor-focusedP2P Rewards with additional supportfor investors including patent filing;offers product validation andinvestment “insurance”; post-campaignpurchases supportedCrowdfunder( Rewards& CF Equity(pending)Startups Small-time P2P (only 9 campaigns, 5 ofwhich are funded and closed); CF Equity(and maybe debt) not available, even toAIs
  4. 4. AngelList( Equity / VCPlatformStartups CF for equity open only to AIs for now;anyone can browse companies, learnabout the team, previous fundingrounds& job openingsFundersClub( Equity / VCPlatformStartups CF for equity open only to AIs for now Almost $4M investedCircleUp( Equity Later stage startups:$1M+ revenue, consumerproductsCF for equity open only to AIs for nowWeFunder( Equity Startups CF for equity open only to AIs for nowInvested.In( Equity(with someP2P)Startups Platform built, awaiting SEC rules toopen CF Equity aspect; current projectsare all under 5% funded)EarlyShares( Equity Startups CF for equity open only to AIs for nowIRAVest( Equity(pending)Uses IRA funds forcrowdfund investingIt’s unclear how this works, site is shutdown after announcement ofpartnership with Crowdfund CapitalAdvisors & GATE Global Impact. Willthis connect to other crowdfund sitesor will it be limited to issuers hosted byCCA? Stay tuned…Launched 2009CrowdIt( Equity Startups CF for equity, seeks to be a “virtualincubator”, launches 6/4/13SeedInvest( Equity Connects AIs to startups,small businessesNow: highly curated investment brokerComing: CF ->IncubatorStartups, mostlyconsumer-focusedinternet & mobileBroke off from Invested.In (originalpartner) to be an incubator/acceleratorReturn on Change( Equity Startups CF for equity, launch pending
  5. 5. Also:Company FocusQuirky( Site to submit inventions; receive crowd-sourced input on various aspects (or influencenew products); sell/buy new productsCrowdTilt( Very micro: P2P contributions to co-fund event or raise money to benefit a single memberInternational:FundedByMe( & rewards-basedStartups – creative,lotech & hitech locatedanywhere in the worldActual equity crowdfunding, in Sweden, because it is legalthere. Vetted companies go through “pre-round” to establishinterest then “open round” where investors actually investCrowdCube( Equity Actual equity crowdfunding in UK; companies are vetted thenopen to investmentFunding Circle( Debt Actual debt crowdfunding in UKAncillary Services:Company FocusCrowdfund Capital Advisors( & advisory firm: works with government & ancillary to create crowdfunding-friendly environment; works with funds to join ecosystemCrowdCheck( Due diligence for investors; disclosures for companies; compliance for portalsSecondMarket( Portal for secondary market for private securitiesArctic Island( Crowdfunding softwareCrowdnetic( Develops & integrates funding portal platform technology; founded 2011CrowdSourcing( Aggregates information on crowdsourcing & crowdfunding; founded 2010Crowdfunding Roadmap( startups on crowdfunding; advocate of crowdfundingMassolution( Research, advisory & implementation services – develop & build crowdfunding platformsLauncht( Crowdfunding software
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